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ZARA is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by INDITEX. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - INDITEX, with the latest current version being 9.8.6 which was officially released on 2020-11-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9,045 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.95876 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Latest trends in clothing for women, men & kids at ZARA online. Find new arrivals, fashion catalogs, collections & lookbooks every week.

Top Reviews

  • The best most stylist clothing for everyone

    By LYNJU27
    My go-to for office, evening. Lazy days, gifts for family and my husband, all under one roof!! Be a little different, change it up with a funky jacket that makes a great piece from computer work to computing the tip at your favorite after work watering hole!! Delicious fabrics, standout tops and bottoms for all ages and the absolute best accessories at great prices so your outfit is a stand out in any crowd in any City. Be aware, there’s gonna be big compliments, envy at your stylish choices and no age agenda!! I’ve been the recipient for years without fail, even in the courtroom (my professional career lands me there) and I’m always in proper but attractively outfits! It doesn’t take a personal shopper, it doesn’t take a huge bank account and it almost doesn’t take a fashionista eye to make you look fabulous!! It just takes some trying on for a good fit, some professional assistance, if needed, from Zara’s well trained and highly competent , not pushy, sales staff and you’re out the door with NOT a ‘whole NEW you’ but a well clothed person who’s got great style!!! I am a major clothes horse who’s budget is working class caliber but Zara makes you look runway ready for any occasion from the tips of your toes with great shoes to the top of your head with accessories!! Who said designer chic has to break the bank, not with a Zaraein your side!!🥰🥰

    By Wolfie25242
    I put in a large order and needed to change the shipping address so I called Zara. The representative told me that my order had been cancelled and that I would need to wait 24 hours and then put everything back in my shopping cart as a new order. What an inconvenience. I asked her if there was any way they could just put the order through again and she said they could not because they wanted to keep my cc info private. In the meantime, she manually changed my shipping address to the correct one. I waited 24 hours and put in a new order. I saw other things I liked, so I modified the order. Upon submitting it, I saw that the shipping info was still incorrect. I called again. I spoke to a different rep who confirmed that the first order had been cancelled and that my shipping info would be updated. That evening I got an email saying the wrong order (first order) was being sent to the wrong address!! How can this be? This time I contacted them via chat. The rep tells me there is nothing they can do and apologized for the misguided info. Now I have to pay for 2 orders. One is being shipped to the wrong address so I will have to find a way to retrieve it and then pay to have it shipped back and hope for a refund. When I asked for contact info of management, we conveniently were disconnected. Such horrible service!! Buyer beware! I will never order online from Zara again and have to pay for there mistakes in time and money.
  • Otita

    By otita $
    I had a bittersweet experience with your customer service over the phone, my husband bought me a pair of pants and they did not fit me so he returned them and then he went on a business trip, he asked me to call and make sure that the package was received by your company, I called between 3 to 5 times to ask if you guys received the package, and every single time the customer service agent told me that they cannot give me any information about the package because my husband bought it not me, even though I gave them my husband‘s email address full name phone number and we have the same address, it did not matter, they refused to give me any information about that package because it was purchased by my husband. I have to tell you it made me extremely happy that my information and my husbands information is so protected by your company, thank you so much for protecting our identity our personal information ,specially in times like this!!!!! Great job great company amazing customer service great quality of clothing and most important ,thank you for protecting our personal information!!!!! Otita
  • Worst customer service.

    By SSMT6
    I tried to return a pair of shoes that my daughter didn’t wear for a second because they were too small. They emailed me saying they weren’t in good condition to return. I was so confused because I sent them back in the same condition they were delivered to me! The customer service people gave me a run around and then I spoke to supposedly “the highest manager there is (her name is Tumerick N)” and she was completely unhelpful and rude. I spend a LOT of money at Zara on my kids, myself and my husband every year and it makes me not want to shop at the store anymore. I am so frustrated at the way they’ve treated me. To top it off... when I did receive my item back in the mail it was NOT the item I had sent in. The shoes I tried to return were brand new and never worn. These shoes were very worn and it bad condition. When I called to tell them this they pretty much said I was lying about the whole thing. Isn’t supposed to be the costumer is always right?? I was going to just take the hit and maybe give these shoes to a friend who has a little girl but these are not the shoes I had originally. I have told several friends about this incident and they don’t want to shop at Zara anymore either. Terrible, horrible costumer service.
  • Worst customer service

    By JanRCtz
    I’ve been a loyal customer of Zara since 2008. I love their style and clothes. But lately, their service became so crappy. I ordered last December some stuff for my New Years event. I’ve waited for more than 10 days for my order to arrive. But I didn’t unfortunately I didn’t get it. I tried calling their customer service and they just told me that I’ll be getting a response or call back from them to resolve the issue. But no reply from them. I still tried contacting them with patience but I just get the same spiels that I think they practiced. After several weeks of trying and nagging them, they finally processed a refund. But I had to wait for another 14 days. After resolving the issue, since I love Zara so much, I tried to order again but I sent to the store to make sure that I’m actually getting my stuff. They sent me an email that it was sent out To the store already. After more than 10 days, they said that my order was affected by slight delay. I tried to be patience and called the customer service again. And all I got from them was the same spiels and dialogue. And luckily, after almost a month, i still don’t have my order.
  • Dear Zara, Do Better!!

    By Ellaaa29
    I am so appalled and disappointed by this company. As a long time loyal customer who orders religiously in store and online, I am now reconsidering my feelings and future purchases towards this company after my experience today. For some reason, on my last order they did not include my street number in the shipping info resulting in the courier returning the package back to the company. Not only did the courier confirm they reached out to Zara in a total span of 5 days asking them to update my address so that they can try to redeliver but they never bothered contacting me or even sending an email saying my order was canceled. They just went ahead and did it. Therefore, I called their customer service only to be consistently hung up on and for them to rudely tell me that they could not resend or reroute my package back to me and that if I still wanted the items in my order I would have to place the order again. Meanwhile EVERY SINGLE item in my package is now SOLD OUT or no longer on the website. This is so upsetting. A monkey can do a better job than Zara’s customer service reps.
  • Sonirresponsible

    By MitaAldana
    An update of this app was made, erasing part of my address. I have had a real battle between couriers and Zara to rescue my orders (I would have canceled them, but Zara takes a month to return money). Before the update my orders had no problem been delivered, that is because since I opened my account I provided the right address in my profile info. But because of the error due to the update, it has been a nightmare trying to get my orders placed after the update!! Zara has a terrible online service to costumer if they have to deal with more than one order. I placed a total of 6. Si funny that I just got an email from the service to costumer telling me to update my address and also tells me how... I am a professional in technologies for 25 years, and know when errors emerge, but never did I, or my team throw the blame to the user. Zara didn’t recognize a bit of their mistake. Their personnel online is rude. They should at least hire adults to deal with costumer, seems lime your dealing with teenagers,poorly trained, and seems like only programmers do the technology work.
  • Terrible online return policy, useless customer service.

    By ariana28
    The 24/7 chat is COMPLETELY USELESS! It says “wait until we contact an agent for you”, 2 minutes later is closed due to “inactivity”, so you never get to speak with anyone. Also if you get out of the chat, everything gets deleted so you have to write everything all over. The 30 day return policy is not the same as in stores, if you pass the 30 days you are stuck with your item because they wont even give you a store credit. This sounded reasonable at first until my order actually arrived 2 weeks after it was shipped (when it was supposed to be 5 days) and they told me that the 30 days started the moment the item was shipped. I went 2 weeks after it was delivered to return it but for them it was too late. They get to be late and punish the customer by keeping their money. So you can come to stores with an item from 5 years ago and, as long as you have the receipt they will give you at least a store credit, but not for an online order that was 2 weeks late (for them). Nonsense!
  • OMG luv item it's available! Next click sorry gone!

    By Ggggggggggghhhhhhh
    I was shopping online, as I always do . After putting several items in my cart , totaling over 600$ usd . I'm ready to check out and half the items I put in my cart less than 15 min ago were now out of stock! What is this like something you see on a game show ! you have to throw everything you can in the cart & check out real fast ! Before someone else gets it. Not my style , I enjoy shopping, I don't want to get nervous & feel if I don't check out fast it may be gone. Maybe for others but can be very frustrating. I'm sure ZARA can give their clients some time without being afraid the client that has a item in the basket mite change there mind. It's supposed to be a fun shopping experience not made to have a consumer's blood pressure blow through the roof! It givedcit that Marshalls , TJMax feel . Don't blink a eye or it's in someone else's cart. I thought Zara was a few steps above. Don't get me wrong I love the those others stores, but I expect a good grab & get!! I get my war paint on and I'm ready for action'!!
  • Shipping service

    By marsballs
    Zara a few years ago was an amazing store to shop from. Particularly from online you would get your items super fast and the customer services was great too. Now they take more than 8 days to send any information on your order. I order June 24 it’s July 2 and still no information. My order, just says being prepared on the app. On the order confirmation it said Expected by July 3rd. I have come to realize it most certainly won’t since that’s tomorrow and I still have no information on it. When I called customer service the poor guy thought I had just order it yesterday, even they don’t have there information right. He then told me that my item had been sold out but they had found one “just for me” and that maybe that’s why it was taking longer.. well hopefully it isn’t a crappy one since it’s “the last one”. So Beware buying online, Zara is not that store we used to love shopping online from. You are better of just going to the store.

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