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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-16
  • New version: 5.8.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

AfterShip Package Tracker

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AfterShip Package Tracker is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by AfterShip Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - AfterShip Limited, with the latest current version being 5.8.3 which was officially released on 2021-04-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 77,595 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.66794 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Download AfterShip package tracker app to track all your online orders and shipments! You can use our shipment tracker for all deliveries with every local carrier - the Post, DHL, UPS, FedEx, DPD, USPS, etc. Tracking packages and deliveries of online shopping orders can't get easier than this. AfterShip is an easy to use package tracker with which you will know when your parcel will arrive. Check the delivery status of your parcels from Amazon shipping, eBay, AliExpress and others only with a few clicks. With our package tracker, you can check the delivery status of your shipping order at any point in its route - FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Post, DPD, Hermes, TNT & 700+ others in different countries. Features: • Free shipment tracking with our order tracker • Free push notifications for 8 major order delivery statuses • No ads in our package tracking app • Auto-detect courier with the shipping label •Track your packages and deliveries by scanning the barcode in our shipment tracker • Auto-detect carrier based on tracking number format of the package delivery • Easily copy/paste tracking number of orders • Easy-to-share tracking links with our order tracker • Auto-Import Amazon shipping, Etsy, and Walmart orders • Gmail sync / forward: shipment tracker that gets everything from your Gmail Push notifications with the updated order delivery status: • Info Received - Courier has received a shipping request from the shipper • In-Transit - Shipment on the way • Out for Delivery - Order is out for delivery • Delivered - Shipment is delivered • Failed Attempt - Courier tried to deliver the package but failed • Exception - Package delivery failed due to some shipping exception Track your packages and deliveries in our order tracker with 700+ carriers for FREE! We will auto-detect the courier for you - FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Post, DPD, Hermes, TNT, etc. Check where your parcel from Amazon shipping, eBay, AliExpress, and others is at any time. Receive notifications for every shipping label you enter in the AfterShip package tracker. Tracking packages for every shipping delivery you are expecting from the Post, DHL, USPS, DPD, FedEx, UPS is easy with the AfterShip package tracker. AfterShip package tracker currently supports 700+ carriers in our order tracker app (find the full list below). - FedEx - UPS - USPS - DHL - China EMS (ePacket) - China Post - Canada Post - Aramex - Australia Post - An Post - Bpost - Belpost - Bluedart - BRT Bartolini - Chronopost - CityLink Express - Correos (Chile, Mexico, Spain) - DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Benelux, DHL Poland, DHL Netherlands - Delhivery - DPD, DPD Germany, DPD UK, DPD Ireland, DPD Poland - ELTA Hellenic Post - Estafeta - Fastway New Zealand, Fastway Ireland, Fastway South Africa - FedEx UK - Flyt Express - GLS, GLS Italy, GLS Netherlands - Hermes, Hermes Germany - India Post - La Poste, Colissimo - LaserShip - LBC Express - New Zealand Post - OnTrac - ParcelForce - PostNL Domestic, PostNL International, PostNL International 3S - Purolator - UPS Freight, UPS Mail Innovations - UK Mail - SEUR - SF Express, SF Express International - Singapore Post - SkyNet Worldwide Express - TNT - Yanwen - Yodel Enter in our package tracker the tracking number you received from Amazon shipping, eBay AliExpress and others for your parcel and track your packages and deliveries at any time. Know when your parcel will arrive and with which carrier - it is easy to check the delivery status with AfterShip package delivery tracker at any point in its route. Find the carrier you need with the autodetect feature of our package tracker and know when your parcel will arrive with the Post, DHL, UPS, FedEx, DPD, etc. Tracking packages is easy with AfterShip! Help us to improve. Please leave us a positive review if you have a great experience using our package tracker.

Top Reviews

  • Loving it!!!!! UPDATE: Still loving it!!!!

    By dlaurenn
    **UPDATE: I’ve now had this app for a very long time. I use it not just for medical supplies but for everything since COVID-19. And I am beyond pleased with this app! You will not regret using it!** I haven’t had this app long. But I receive packages from multiple carriers due to medical supplies. And this truly eliminates the need for all the carrier apps, and allows me to track all in one. Sometimes I can get more info off the carrier app or website, but mostly I get more info off of THIS app! I’m loving it so far and recommend at least trying it out. If you get a lot of deliveries, it will absolutely help out a lot! Thank you AfterShip! You save me so much time and hassle! And your app is very user friendly :-) Just an updated after having after a few shipments. This is been amazing! I get to see some of the smaller stops that USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc... do not show me. And it’s nice to know when I haven’t had an updated from the carrier, that package is still moving. I guess it depends on your need for this. With medical supplies always coming, me ordering everything online right now (constant shopping 🛍 in quarantine lol 😂🤦🏻‍♀️) for me and my family... we have a lot of packages. So this is extremely helpful. If you don’t get packages often I guess you wouldn’t really need this all that much. But either way it’s free and it’s helpful!!
  • I wish I knew how to make apps

    By TracyTrudgin
    This is a brilliant app that I wish I had created when I thought if it several years ago. I am a business owner and we receive packages from all courier services. I love the idea of a one stop shop. What’s really nice is it takes about 30 seconds to enter the tracking number and the app does the rest. The only thing I wish they would fix and it is probably an entry thing, but I wish for international shipping, when the package reaches customers in the US, the tracking information is automatically entered with all of the tracking information. It’s hard to track an international package in this case. They offer will have another tracking number associated with the package from the initial courier but the switch to domestic tracking number once the package reaches the US often doesn’t automatically populate. Still 5-stars. That one thing is more of a human entry thing I believe.
  • Great app! A few hiccups

    By hermiee
    This is probably my favorite tracking app that I've tried so far, and I've downloaded nearly a dozen. It has pretty good UI, an extensive carrier list, and tracking updates that are always on time. However, tracking for Korea Post doesn't work - it's always stuck on "waiting for updates," even for parcels that I know have already been delivered. I order and ship a lot within Korea, so this has forced me to find alternative apps instead. This is the only thing that keeps me from switching over to Aftership completely. Until this is patched, I'll be using competitor apps. Devs, please look into it as I love this app and want to make it my main tracking app! Edit: carrier problem is fixed! However one more thing prevents me from giving 5 stars. I wish there was a way to set your time zone. I don't know what time zone aftership uses, but some of my shipments will have really random timestamps (for example saying something was delivered at 3am) and the like. I've also stopped receiving push notifications despite having them turned on in Settings. Any future updates addressing these issues would make the app near perfect!
  • No pertinent info, may I suggest...?

    By chefmcclelland
    I will update this rating within 30 minutes after receipt of my purchases. I’m aware of the extenuating circumstances that hobbled every delivery company across the globe. That said, I’ve developed a habit of tracking my parcels with extreme diligence and unusually high frequency. I would be less inclined to do this if this tracking app was more detailed about where my parcels are (which is far more important than when they arrived at who-knows-where). The addition of a day-tallying program would be equally impressive and useful for knowing how long each parcel sits in one place. These factors are important for maintaining contractual agreements, often vital to future business relations and overseas partnerships. Obvious as that is, theories are multiplying that someone is benefiting from that omission and might pay shippers to withhold useful information. I don’t subscribe to gossip, but if this was my startup, I would want to be aware of such damaging remarks and have the opportunity to put a stop to that immediately. Update: it’s six weeks later and my package is finally in my State, should arrive within the next two days. I’m disappointed with how long it took to ship, but not as disappointed with the app’s complete lack of shipping data the entire way. It was updated twice, last time was 3 weeks ago. Horrible app!
  • Peace of mind

    By mlj92108
    I used to love the SHOP package tracking app, but it is terrible now and misses more than tracks! So far AfterShip has been good and very simple to use, there’s just a few things that would need to change for it to be #1 and 5 stars again. When I first switched from the SHOP tracker (which I still use when I get frustrated here) I was so happy...... then they did an update that really mucked up the simplicity of this tracker, therefore forcing me to swap between the 2 trackers. I may be suffering from a severe mental dumb down moment and just need easier more clear user interface with instructions or it has gotten a little more complex, for what I can see thus far, very dumb updates. I don’t need all the fluff of package info, really less is more, just shipping label created, package with carrier, package in transit, package delivery, and of course any fail info. Everything else can go bye bye. The biggest thing I miss about the SHOP tracker is the map real map package tracking. Get rid of the fluff add some user control instructions as well as a tracking map and I WILL PAY FOR THIS APP because it would be perfect!!!!! 🥰
  • Best in Class

    By Deca Man
    This is a new class of live service and so useful to me. I’m living overseas so I can really monitor the long and winding road to my deliveries. I started out with another app that would tell me when my package would “arrive”. That app was snappy and had a cool animation of the transit route. But it often lost track of my packages. It was also inaccurate many times. I’ve been using AfterShip side by side for five months now. AfterShip is no-nonsense accurate and simple to use. The other app morphed into more than a transit app and allows more functionality but it does that poorly. I’ve stopped using the former app and now dutifully use AfterShip for every purchase. I do wish I could get more detail on the locations of “partner facilities” and that the app would stop asking me to monitor my gmail account for shipping notifications. I would never let Google monitor my purchasing habits so I never use gmail as a customer email. Privacy is king!

    By 919MoonShine
    After ship is a great app to find out about your package. After ship let’s you know when the shipping label is created and will also inform you if your package has been shipped. Just because the label has been created and the sender says it’s been shipped after ship will alert you that package has not been shipped just label was created. Then once the sender does ship package After Ship will then start tracking your package. Also if carrier does not scan package After Ship will alert you that no update has been made on your package in however long in has been since last update from USPS or whoever your carrier may be. After Ship will also track foreign Postal Services. So if you have a package coming from Canada After Ship will track the Canadian postal service and once your package enters the USA After Ship will pick it up from that min until it’s delivered at your home. I highly recommend After Ship
  • All In One Tracking Service

    By GenoStars
    This app is outstanding! I admit, it’s a little nerve wracking to import orders as I don’t share my login information with anyone. Thankfully, if you are a worrywart like me, 2FA can remove any chance of foul play. If that’s still too much, you can both scan and manually enter tracking numbers. It comes at no cost and is also AD-FREE as of this review date. AfterShip obsoletes Fedex, UPS, and USPS tracking apps. Somehow, it also seems to run WAY better than all of them too! Give it a try, I am sure you’ll come to the same conclusion I have. NOTE: They ask you to write a review so they can keep the app free. I have no clue how that works, but it is completely optional to do so. I chose to simply because I genuinely like the app. It’s a great concept and executed very well. No offers, no fluff, no nonsense. Straight to the point with organizing all of your shipments in one place!
  • Preferable Parcel Tracking App

    By Nicholas Sleeis
    This app is extremely useful and the interface is simple and to the point. Once a parcel has been delivered the app will automatically transfer that to the “delivered” section within the app, and you will receive a notification— if you choose to enable notifications. If you simply need a great tool for tracking your parcels without the burden of needing to enter the tracking information each time you want an update, then this is the app that can save you time, end your frustrations, and provide accurate, real-time tracking information directly to you via notification or by simply opening the app; your choice. It has a small lag time, but it seems to only lag during the delivery update and updates around the same time of the carrier update. Because I don’t care about the delivery lag, 5 stars.
  • This is a review for the after ship app

    By Brothaman71
    I decided to give this review because it forced me to use it to have some idea when my package is being moved for one place to the next. Nevertheless it gave me no kind of comfort where being able to watch and understand where my package is and how it has moved from one shipping partner to the next. It’s a big waste of time. Never have I been so dissatisfied with any app. I plan to never use it again, as well as purchase from this company again. If you intend to track your package with any type of confidence this app is defy NOT for you! It has never been my intention to downplay anything that I may not quite understand it’s nice when you can be found not to understand how things may work. But that’s even a waste of time. It showed that my package sat in one place from May 25, to June 1, and the it showed me no activity until June 6, whereas it did not move one bit. And there’s no one you can call about your package. You can get more help from those tracking programs that are presently in place. And they to are a waste of time most of the time.

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