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ASOS is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by ASOS. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - ASOS, with the latest current version being 4.51.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 381,871 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.86487 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The ASOS app is home to more than 850 brands, over 85,000 products, free shipping and return options. We empower fashion-loving 20-somethings all over the world to be whoever they want to be. More ASOS app perks: • Apple Pay for easy, speedy checkout • Style Match – just take a picture, or upload one, and we’ll find similar products for you • My Recommendations, AKA a tailor-made edit personalised for you • A seamless experience between devices (synced Saved Items and shopping bag) • Sale alerts and promotional nudges, so you’ll always stay up to date • Handy catwalk videos and 360-degree views of products • Delivery to 242 countries worldwide

Top Reviews

  • Soo customer friendly!!

    By XxcollinsxX
    I love shopping on this app! To begin, I love their products and brand in general. They have a large range of sizing, including a petite section that has a wide variety of products and styles. I find this cool as it is hard to picture myself wearing some things when I know the model wearing it is nearly a foot taller than me. Also it is rare to find a store that has a petite section with common styles and variety. But the app in specific is super user friendly! Online shopping can be hard due to different brands sizing but their size guide is more helpful and advanced than any other website/store I’ve ever seen. You can choose your size in certain brands and it helps you figure out your right size for their products! And it works because I’ve ordered from both petites and general sizing and loved everything. Also their shipping is amazing!!! So fast and easily trackable! I had express shipping on my last order for only $7. I never use express shipping because normally its ridiculous! The only thing I would suggest to improve the store and make the experience even better is to create some kind of rewards program! Urban outfitters has a decent one and since I’m a frequent buyer from ASOS it would serve me well! :)
  • My new favorite shop

    By Zia1234567
    I LOVE ASOS!! I used to shop at brands like f21 and others but the quality of those clothes were always poor and they never fit me properly. However ASOS is just my go to for absolutely anything and everything. Their shoes, clothes, jewelry and even makeup are exceptional quality and price range is reasonable and worth it! I FINALLY found clothes that fit me well, especially because I’m an average height, skinny girl. Every single item I got from here became my favorite and I get so many compliments. Quality is just perfect. They even ship so fast! Best part, free returns and student discounts. I’ve never discovered a shop that is my one stop for all my fashion cravings. I recommended this app to all my friends and even my boyfriend approves of my purchases! I’m so happy! Thank you ASOS! Forever your customer. Please keep up the amazing quality and sizing!!
  • Terrible customer service

    By Ema____
    They have the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. I bought a some items that ended being to big, after I returned it, I didn’t even get half of the refund I was supposed to get. There is no number to call on their website so I had to chat. The person I chatted with was horrible, telling me that I didn’t all my refund because I got a discount. For example, If an item originally cost $40 and I get it at a discounted rate of $21, if I return the item, I should the $21 I paid but I didn’t. I’m not sure how they explained it but they stripped the discount off the other items and deducted it from my refund like they were punishing me for returning items. They don’t even do exchanges so I couldn’t replace the items with the right size or even just the items back that I returned. I was extremely dissatisfied and the person I was chatting with absolutely didn’t care. I have chatted with multiple people from their service area and got the terrible service every time. I will be honest, their clothes are nice but make sure you buy the right size because I would not recommend that you return anything. If it doesn’t fit it right, you are better off keeping it or giving it away.

    By KayMack3098
    Love the clothes that are on here and have bought a few items. My main concern is the customer service aspect. I recently bought a few items and before purchased I was told that I would receive the items on the estimated date of the 26th of July which is perfect because I need them before the 28th and once I purchased, after a few minutes it tells me that the estimated date is Monday, July 29th. I try to cancel but there was no option for me to do so even though it was in the 15 time limit you have to cancel for the two day delivery option. I attempted to try and find a help option but it was way too difficult to find one and there are no customer service lines; there is only a chat option (which takes forever for them to respond) and an email option. The representative that assisted me through email completely disregarded my message and proceeded to tell me “double check” before I purchase next time. If there is a way to have more personable customer service experiences than having to deal with bots most of the time, it would make everything much better.
  • Make returns more visible and clear

    By jzpay
    You seriously need to do something about the returns status on your app. If you received a return from us then it should say “return received” or “return refunded” something so it is clear the return has been processed. All it says right now is return sent which clearly doesn’t help me after the fact I sent it in the first place. Especially since we can combine shipments now I’m so confused on what was returned and what was received, I shop a lot with this company and I get so frustrated when I have to return something because it’s easy to get lost in the mix when you’re returning multiple items. Also you need to do better on processing returns faster and with more attention. My last return I shipped 7 items back in one box and only got 4 items actually refunded. So what happened to the rest of my stuff?? Also Most of my returns are processed after the 10 day period you claim to process it by. I think I will scale back shopping with you guys until you resolve all that. I shouldn’t have to follow up with your customer care every time I return something.
  • Talk about worst Christmas

    By kaymoney111
    I have ordered from ASOS for a long time. I’m 6’6, 250lbs and they have big and tall. I told my girlfriend to order everything off there for Christmas. She did and only received two things in the order. She messaged them about the missing items. They said wait 8-10 business days and they would look into it. She waited. Then emailed them again and they said wait again. Finally, she then talked to someone and they said you’ll get an email in 24 hours. Instead of resending the products she ordered they emailed back saying that never happens and that she won’t be getting any of the missing items or she will not be able to order again. Also that she will never be able to order again from them and If she sent a email to them it would be automatically deleted. Honestly I was so taken back by all of this. Thanks ASOS. Not only did you rip my girlfriend off, but my Christmas was a huge hassle because of you. I will never order from you again and I tell all of my friends not to order from you either. If you want to order clothes go somewhere else these guys are an awful company.
  • Few missing key features would make this app 5 stars

    By GISuser
    Love the app overall, especially the easy and quick buying process. I’ve bought a lot since I discovered Asos a few weeks ago, but I would certainly buy more if it had these features: 1. Add notifications for when a “saved” item (with a specific size), that was out of stock, becomes available again (otherwise I have to remember to go in the app and check my saved list) 2. Show me if a saved item (that is out of stock in the size I saved it in) has a size higher or lower available (I would definitely buy it to see if it would fit) 3. Add ability to see if an item is available in other colors!!! There is a color picker, but there is always only ONE color in the list. Yet I know that that item exists in multiple colors. Why does the color picker not work? 4. While searching, would be helpful to have an icon or similar to indicate: a) I’ve looked at this item already, and b) I’ve bought this item already to make my buying experience even more efficient. 5. Sometimes I use Saved items to check for price drops or tracking if different sizes become available, which means my Saved items list is LONG. The sort function recently added was very helpful. Give us the ability to organize/categorize our saved items — this will be a game changer. Thank you anyway for an app that has revolutionized my shopping experience (goodbye Zara, Mango, etc...hello Asos)!
  • New customer

    By ILoveMy_Jennay
    I just bought my first outfit from here. I had heard about this store through other people but never committed. I love that they are US based and now that I’ve bought something I can see that they also have quality clothes. They have a help find your size thing that you can do and it’s way better then the other ones that always ask for a brand. I don’t wear name brand things most the time so I can never finish those ones in particular. Which frustrates me more since I don’t want to have to send anything back and pay any restock fees or extra shipping fees. Best of all their size me calculator was right! I didn’t see reviews on clothes so I was a tad hesitant to buy but it all worked out. Everything fits me perfectly, they are now going to be my go to place to shop online! Thank you ASOS.
  • Love hate

    By Hanko808
    Pay the $20/year for 2day shipping fee or suffer the consequences of long shipping or lost items. I live in Hawaii in shipping always takes longer but I get my things here within 3 working days👍🏾 Note that their shoes/heels etc never seemed to fit right I ordered a hand full of times changing the size and I still never get a Perfect fit. Darn it!! Jewelry is nice but you MUST check sizes. Customer service is horrible! They really don’t give a shhh! I have been a customer for a several years now and they still haven’t offered me any valued customer discounts. If they muck up your order the representative will flip it on you somehow. I would say they have one good representative out of three! I have premier shipping (2-day) why in the world would I still have to choose an option of standard or two days? I talked to a representative and she slipped by saying they were unusually busy so they changed their shipping options... it’s so shady! Basically, I feel they give a “choice” knowing Premier holders would never check because they “pay” for the faster shipment. Underhanded. As for the clothes, it’s true to size However, you must do your research by blowing up the pic to see how the material looks like and the fit on model closely. Sometimes I order stuff and 1 out of 5 times it looks horrible on me lol I keep coming back because there aren’t many options for big girls that have good quality. Love the clothing options hate everything else!
  • Disgusting

    By gridbdk
    I literally don’t know who is running the customer service or the Order and delivery team but they need to fire who ever it is because they are just going around closing accounts and canceling ASOS orders and definitely making asos lose money, it was my first time shopping here because I came across it and liked the site so I ordered 2 items and a couple hours later I get an email saying “Your order was unsuccessful.... Your order has been canceled because it didn’t pass our validation checks. Customer security is really important to us at ASOS, and in order to protect our customers, all orders are subject to security checks to verify the information provided.” Like what!!!? And didn’t even mention that the payment was declined or anything because the payment definitely went through and surprisingly after talking to a stranger they also mentioned when they first came across Asos and ordered something Asos canceled their order and closed their account out of nowhere..... way to give a first impression to new customers...

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