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  • New version: 5.166.0
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myQ Garage & Access Control

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myQ Garage & Access Control is an iPhone and Android Lifestyle App, made by The Chamberlain Group, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - The Chamberlain Group, Inc., with the latest current version being 5.166.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 616,249 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.75056 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The myQ smart access app allows you to easily open, close or check the status of your garage door, commercial door, gate or myQ home lighting from anywhere using your mobile device. The myQ app supports myQ-enabled products from Chamberlain, LiftMaster. Additional Features: • Set up smart access alerts that notify you when there’s garage door activity • Set schedules to close your garage doors or gates or to have your lights turn on/off • Grant access with myQ Guests For myQ smartphone control you need one of the following products: • A Wi-Fi garage door opener enabled with myQ technology • A myQ smart home accessory to upgrade a non-Wi-Fi garage door opener Find more smart access products compatible with myQ: • Yale | LiftMaster Smart Locks • LiftMaster Smart Garage Camera™ • Amazon Key for Garage To upgrade your existing garage opener with smartphone control, visit for smart technology accessory options.

Top Reviews

  • It’s great as an additional remote but...

    By Bk Sloper
    The MyQ smart system is very helpful because I only have the two keychain remotes that came with Chamberlin’s kit. I had no physical switch outside the garage door to open it and I have no doorway access from inside the house. That meant some unneeded exercise if I forgot to hit the remote inside my house (the other one of course, is in the car). I would have to climb back up two flights to hit the button. So it’s handy as an additional remote by using the MyQ app on my phone. But I found out the hard way that the app sometimes freezes once it leaves your home wifi and before it picks up your cell network. In one case, I was riding in my wife’s car and when we drove away, the app indicated that the garage door was open. However, the app was frozen and I couldn’t close the garage from 3 blocks away (and even the physical remote wouldn’t have worked that far away). We had to circle back(and it turned out the door was open). I got out and hit the button inside the garage. When I got back in the car I looked at the app. It was working again since my phone was picking up my home WiFi. This is something that needs to be addressed in a future software update. The app will be useless if it only operates in the same proximity as a push button remote. I do appreciate that it indicated that the door was open so I could return to close it. But, I shouldn’t have had to do that, right?
  • You must start over if you change your password - app needs better instructions

    By NoahL75
    My initial installation worked just fine so I know I have everything set up correctly. However, after I changed my wifi password and tried to update my app to the new password, it would never connect. I expected the app to find my wifi signals because I have 4 strong signals. In fact, there are dozens of wifi signals in my neighborhood, and none of them were visible in this application, except the My Q wifi signal, during the connect phase of the installation process. 19 Feb 20 update: I have discovered that whenever you change your wifi password, you must use the Black Adjustment Button on the motor housing to erase your wifi network and start over as if it is a brand new installation. In other words, once you connect to a wifi network for the first time, you will never see any other wifi networks in the app. The application should include a note with this key piece of information for people who routinely change their wifi passwords for security reasons. It probably also applies if they upgrade their routers. The instruction manual should also be updated to inform customers that you must erase your wifi network from the garage door opener and start over if you change your password or router. I thought you could just enter ‘learn’ mode, re-select your wifi network and update the password. You can’t.
  • when it works, it's good - just don't ever change anything with it afterword - EVER!

    By JeWT
    Had to replace the garage door opener last year. Bought a Liftmaster with this wifi control through MyQ. It set up easy and worked well. Then, had to change our router. The support was awful, finally figured out on my own how to change it the new router. They've updated (changed) the app since then. I again had to change routers (ISP issues) and now the stupid thing won't connect to the new router. The developer changed the app to make it easier (apparently) to change the wifi settings, and it goes through the motions but still fails to register with their server. It does connect to the router, but just gets stuck after that. It is NOT a firewall issue - while trying to set this up I have defaulted the router to factory settings, and ensured it is completely open, nothing blocked, and no password or VPN. (It is a plain-jane Belkin.)This product is just garbage. Update: the very latest app update from yesterday worked. I hope I don't have to change routers again... Update2: So much for that - one day later (a little less actually) it has now not been able to connect to MyQ's server. The garagedoor opener's LED is flashing green, which means that it is connected to the router, but is still trying to connect to their server. It worked for a while, but then stopped. Fail.
  • Not always reliable

    By Angel-iq
    I own the LiftMaster garage door opener for approximately 8 months, and it works fine. However, the App is the problem. In theory, the concept is amazing — to open your garage door remotely. However, if it would be more reliable, then it would be worthy of more stars. There is a glitch that doesn’t always alert you when the door has either opened or closed, causing you to panic if you are away from your home and see one alert without the other. The second glitch causes an error message that doesn’t allow you to close the door and forces you to “reset” it by manually pushing the Liftmaster button. Well, if you are remote, there is no way to manually reset it, so your garage door remains open while you are not home. The third glitch keeps you waiting in permanent hourglass mode until the app times out so you are unable to open or close the door. Please update the app to fix these bugs. It needs to be more reliable > 60% of the time. The 40% of the failures can be detrimental if you are not home to do the fixes that are required.
  • Does what it's supposed to. App could use some feature enhancements

    By Robny2336555
    App does what it's designed to do. Opens and closes doors and provides a visual status when the app is open. Nothing more useful than that. Currently you can send an alert based on time only. ... (I.e. if door is opened or closed for x time send an alert). There is no way to send an alert based on a condition... (when the door is open send an alert every hour...IMO it would be significantly more useful). If you want to be notified every hour the door is open, you need to create one rule for every hour, for each door. (No way to copy rules from one door to another). If you want to be notified every hour the door is opened for the next 8 hours you'll need 8 rules for each door, and have to manually create all 24 rules, One at a time. There is also guest access that allows you to provide a limited number of guest users access to the app. Currently, there is no way to receive an alert if one of the guests opens or closes a door. I don't need an alert every time I open a door, but it would be nice if I were notified that someone with guest access opened the door. Even the history does not indicate how (or who) opened the door. It just indicates "opened."
  • Won’t stay connected

    By Stick Williams
    Didn’t buy the unit because of the wireless ability, but after the unit was installed I figured the connection would be handy. Installed a router extension device to insure good signal strength. Confirmed wireless signal was good, with both my iPhone as well as an Alexa unit; both indicate strong signal. So I follow the menu instructions, get the garage door opener connected to the wireless and everything looks fine. Open the garage door from the smart phone app and thought, yeah this is pretty cool. Then suddenly the signal on the app shows no connection to the wireless and the garage door no longer responds. I repeat the install procedure several more times, each time with the same result;the wireless will stay connected for maybe up to one minute and then disconnects. So I call the garage door company that installed the LiftMaster unit and they have a technician come out. After he tries and gets the same result several times he tells me that, “the wireless devices in these openers really aren’t very good, the technology is way behind the times, and you’re just not gonna be able to use the wireless feature”. End of story. WTH?? I needed a garage door opener capability for my H-D bike, so spent another 40 bucks and bought a small profile remote opener. While I don’t really absolutely need this MyQ feature, it still pisses me off that it doesn’t work.
  • Works 98% of the time!

    By elle-jb
    I really like it since I live in a town home and the neighbors garage is under no bedroom and so it sometimes makes it hard to decipher whose garage it is so it gives me the ease of mind that it’s not my house and I have been able to open it from work one day when someone was dropping stuff off at the house and that was awesome! I love that it was a timer and everything, there have been a few times now that forever reason it had to think about whether or not there was an internet connection with it and it couldn’t connect so I had to unplug it and reply it back I and that worked, I also reset my one garage opener for my parents house for it to do my house and their house and so now I have that as a back up, next I just need to find something similar for the front door lock with being that I like to go on walks and my car doesn’t take a key I don’t always think about my keys and I’m soon going to be a first time mom and I’m sure there will be many times that I run out the garage to walk the baby and it will be super nice to not have to worry about anything other then my phone, definitely would recommend it!
  • Remote Access Very Useful

    By Timbers2
    We have 2 garage door openers and a gate opener. When we first installed these about 6 months ago I was just looking for reliable equipment and thought the remote control through the AP feature was a joke. I was thinking “come on, does your garage opener really need to be hooked up to the internet “. What will they think of next - a toilet you can flush from a 1,000 miles away. Well, was I wrong. About a month after installing this equipment I decided to get the AP going. It turns out to be a very useful feature. We travel a lot and for the last 3 months we have been doing a lot of remodeling at that house. I can’t tell you how many times I have opened the gate and garage doors for workmen from 300 miles away. Every night I can check to see if everything has been closed and locked up. The AP also alerts me if I forget to close the gate or garage doors at night. A really nice safety feature. Bottom line is that it works reliably and has turned out to be one of the most useful pieces of home automation that we have.
  • The app is broken..

    By UMAppleMan
    Every time I try to connect the MyQ device, the app keeps wanting to create a network using MyQ then because the network IS NOT MyQ but the network here is MY Network. The app keeps disconnecting my iPhone from my home network so it cannot link to the internet which is the ONLY network available here. There is NO cellular service so this phone ONLY works when connected to my network. I could not be connected to the App Store without my network. Your app needs to be fixed. Update: apparently the app and its setup components cannot be used when the business is closed, ie. “after their business hours”. This morning everything worked. The only difference was the time of day that I tried to set this system up. Read above for my opinions of late night installs. It was like their network was down because nothing worked. Today, everything worked perfectly. I have Gigabit Fiber so it was not my network, and never was.
  • Saved me at my Apartment!!!

    By Jason Lanier Brown
    Every month somebody new moves into the apartment complex and they seem to always get a garage door remote that has the same frequency as mine. I store valuables in my garage and Many times I Have returned home only to see that my garage door has opened and been like that all day long. I bought this device and it is wonderful because it tells me on my phone as soon as my garage door is opened or closed. At least three times a week my garage door will open without me being home and I have the ability to now close the garage from my phone. I have also Lost my garage remote and or the battery has died on me. This is the only way I can get into my apartment, through the garage. My apartment complex people charge a $50 fee to let me in and now I can open the garage door from my phone if my battery dies or I lose the remote. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Simply an amazing device!!!

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