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Zulily is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by zulily. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - zulily, with the latest current version being 5.52 which was officially released on 2021-04-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 612,502 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.84134 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Zulily offers you thousands of new arrivals every day. Shop favorite brands and boutique labels - up to 70% off! There’s always something exciting and inspiring to discover, including family finds, unique picks and the lowest prices. Download the Zulily app for fresh finds and daily deals on the go. Top 5 reasons users love the Zulily app: SAVE ON FAVORITE BRANDS: - Get popular brands at affordable prices. Discover deals on Dooney & Bourke, Le Creuset, Martha Stewart, Melissa & Doug, Ann Taylor, Carter’s and more. LIMITED-TIME OFFERS: - Daily sales begin at 6am PT and usually last up to 72 hours. BE IN THE KNOW - Tap the clock icon to be notified whenever a sale has begun. SMART-PAY - Buy what you love with two interest-free payments on $35+ orders. BEST PRICE PROMISE - Our goal is to offer the best deal on everything. If you find the same item at Amazon.com or Walmart.com, we'll match or even beat their price. Additional features: 18-HOUR DEALS - Grab our newest arrivals and super exclusive offers at the steepest discounts. SAVVY SHOPPING - Instead of housing inventory, we order from our brand partners when sales end. This is how we offer such incredible deals that are worth the wait. SAVE ON SHIPPING - Maximize your savings by ordering several items. Place an order and receive FREE shipping on additional orders for the rest of that day. Friday and Saturday orders unlock FREE shipping through that entire weekend! ZULILY CREDIT CARD - Open an account to enjoy $15 off your first order and select Smart-pay to split your purchase into three easy charges. MY FAVORITES - Tap the heart icon to receive alerts on products you love. EASY & SECURE - Check out faster with our convenient payment options. TRACKING - Easily keep track of your purchases through the “My Orders” tab. Enjoy huge savings on kids’ apparel, maternity clothing, women’s shoes, home essentials, men’s clothing and so much more. Explore ultra-low prices on all your favorite styles, including graphic tees, holiday dresses, tunics and loungewear.

Top Reviews

  • You gotta understand the process- and speak up when something’s wrong

    By AnesiaEstrada
    When I first ordered from Zulily I was frustrated because it felt like my items took a year to get to me. Finally in the app they have listed a “ship by” date section and when tracking packages (after they’ve shipped) it’s so easy to see where things are. I’ve ordered the majority of my Christmas presents from this site but also knew it would take a couple weeks to get to me. So I planned ahead so I would have them in time for Christmas. There are tons of great items but if you are last minute shopping this is not the site. I’ve got SO many great deals from Zulily and have always been satisfied with the products. I recently bought a coat off of them and immediately unpacked it, took the tags off and hung it up. Fast forward a few days and I go to wear it. I noticed two of the buttons were defective. Saddened, I emailed Zulily and sent pictures of the product and explained I had already thrown away the packaging and tags. I received a response in less than 12 hours on a Saturday! They treated me right and corrected the issue. I am beyond pleased with this site, app and customer service. 5 stars all the way!
  • Love zulily. Hate their shipping.

    By hezhaa
    I look on Zulily every single day. I’ve bought many things, from clothes and shoes to kitchen stuff. I’ve never had a problem with any of the physical stuff I’ve purchased. However, there seems to always be a problem when it comes to shipping. Most of the things I have bought ship through OnTrac. OnTrac is horrible. They have flat out LOST my package 3 times. Had to contact the seller for a refund. This time, my stuff was shipped through UPS and then transferred to the local post office for delivery. I’m currently tracking 2 of the same items, which I would think should have shipped together since they’re the same thing. One was supposed to be delivered yesterday and hasn’t showed up. The other is supposed to be delivered today, and the tracking hasn’t even moved. I love shopping through Zulily but they really need to dial in their shipping carriers. These shipping issues alone make me want to delete this app. Ive never had issues with my local post office or the UPS guy(I even bought them Christmas gifts) but for some reason when the items are ordered through Zulily, there’s an issue. Also... it’s beyond frustrating that there’s almost never an option to filter/sort the sizes in the bedding sales. That option is always grayed out. There’s rarely ever any Cal King sizes... but when there are, I have to click on every single item to see what sizes it comes in.
  • App works...company? Not so much.

    By MrsTomsko
    I am very disappointed. As this was my first order from Zulily, I was a bit skeptical of the lack of communication regarding my order status - every time I checked the status each item remained en route to Zulily (the windmill wall decor has remained there for many days) or preparing to ship. So I was sad to hear the nightstands had “missed their shipping send date”. When I just checked the status, they are marked as canceled without further information sent to me - the delayed email stated “If it turns out we're not able to ship out your goodies within the next 10 days, we'll cancel the items we’re unable to ship and issue you an automatic refund”. Well as of today they are canceled and, surprise!, no refund to my account. So now I’m left with no items and no refund. I ordered something else a few days ago while I was waiting and that has shipped, how is it that you could mess up one order so unbelievably bad, yet fulfill another so easily? Zulily has left a bitter taste in my mouth and I am regretting how much praise I gave your website to my friends and family. This is a poor way to do business and based off the amount of advertising I see for your company, you obviously have enough foolish customers like me to supplement your marketing funds. I will never shop with your “middle-man” company again, instead I will work directly with a manufacturer. At least they will follow through and stand behind what they type in an email.
  • Never boring!

    By Jesus' Own
    No matter when I get on, or how short a time since browsing last - even when looking for something specific, there’s always something that catches my attention, something different, new and creative. The only downside I have found is that the products offered change often, great sales are here 2-3 days and gone again. But I found a way past even that. Dont wait to show it to your family or friend. If you want it, the color is perfect, the style is perfect, the price and quality are perfect, get it while the gettins’ good! You’ve heard of buyer’s remorse? - you get something and regret it? Zulily has taught me non-buyer remorse. They know what they’ve done. They give you a second chance! You can have them save a list of the stuff you wanted to buy, but blew the timing and missed out. These nice people notify you when its available again! I just got a notice of availability of an item I wanted as a Christas gift, but lost my chance. The birthday is next month....see how things work out?
  • Terrible return policy and Zulily monitors negative reviews and often takes them down

    By Kenyaflier
    are no one star ratings. Zulily is a very difficult company to order from. They were horrible ordering Christmas items from. Several reviews coincided with my review. However I see those reviews have been deleted and all of the good reviews are still up. Pretty shady On the App Store's part or Zulily's part. I'm not sure which. I did all of my Christmas shopping through Zulily. I have a large family and I am now still trying to track down 20 Christmas items. This was not a shipping issue. This was Zulily's issue. They often under stock their items. And that's what happen with my items. they just weren't available. Zulily ran a promotion of guaranteed Christmas delivery. However if you didn't get your items by Christmas all you received from customer service was an apology. They did not compensate their customers appropriately. I have several items that I have not been refunded on. Buyer beware when ordering from this online company. The average wait time to receive a package is three weeks. I have waited up to six weeks. If you want to trust Zulily reviews you need to look at another website. Or search Zulily reviews and you will be able to pull up information very similar to my experience. Obviously this App Store is deleting negative comments.
  • Love the concept, hate no returns

    By MB CT
    I love/hate relationship shopping on Zulily. I like that the merchandise is slightly discounted and it's all right there in different categories and things that you love to shop for and some things you didn't even know you wanted. That being said I only gave it one star because the fact that you CANNOT RETURN ANYTHING and you are stuck with a wrong size is terrible. From now on I can only buy clothes and shoes from vendors that I recognize the names of, otherwise chances are you are getting something that is nowhere near the size that you ordered and you are stuck with it! After having to eat the cost of many dresses, pants and shirts, I finally learned my lesson and I'm not going to spend money on clothes and shoes from Zulily unless I recognize the brand and know what size I am in those brands. Even then, if you look at other sites for those brand name items, chances are you can find them for same price or less and you CAN return them on those sites if they don't fit correctly.
  • No complaints at all!!!

    By Thecheesylittlerat
    I live in a big city and it’s still hard to find a good selection of anything, especially clothing at affordable prices. I can always count on Zulily for whatever I’m looking for. With 2 small kids and a busy job, it’s a pain to visit multiple stores to find what I want. With Zuliliy, I can shop whenever I’d like. I’m always surprised to see the deals of the day are brands I buy and love... like Fiestaware, Marika, and Hanna Anderson. I often buy from Zulily when I find they’re cheaper than anyplace else I’ve been looking. The deals have been Their customer service is awesome. If I’ve ever had a problem with any item I’ve bought, they’ve been more than accommodating and solved my issue quickly. What’s also awesome is the free shipping they give you for a time after each purchase. If you’ve forgotten to add something to your cart, you can buy it without any additional shipping charge. I love Zulily and will continue to shop with them for many years to come.
  • Love Zulily

    By J.W.J.
    Have ordered so many products from Zulily for myself and as gifts. Love the selection of unique items. My only complaint is that more care is not taken when mailing jewelry. If the seller does not include a box with the purchase, the item is mailed in a small plastic bag and shipped in a large, thin, non-padded plastic bag. This small delicate item is sliding around the bag amongst other items being shipped. I have received either damaged or broken pieces of jewelry or they break after being worn, eg.a stone falls off. I did call once on a piece I believed to be defective and received a prompt refund. I was able to repair the other pieces. I am now reluctant to order jewelry from Zulily. Can’t understand why these pieces cannot be mailed in a small box in a smaller envelope. Otherwise, I love Zulily, am pleased with the ease of ordering, customer service and returning items (though I find the return fee a little on the high side). The delivery of other items I have not had a problem with.
  • Started great, but now incredibly disappointing

    By Tsumiyori
    No more Zulily for me. When they first launched, the brands and prices were actual deals. They had more payment options available. Sadly, now many of the name brands can be found cheaper elsewhere, with much MUCH faster shipping times. Items take far too long to arrive. Shipping times on my last few orders have taken nearly a month. Many items carried now are filler brands that no one has ever heard of, and sadly are just as sketchy as purchasing a “bargain” item from a China-based seller on ebay. Pictures do not always accurately reflect items for sale- colors and textures on items at arrival look much different than advertised. Size guides are not reliable at all. They didn’t used to charge for return shipping. They no longer accept Paypal. My last contact with Customer Service was frustrating and did not resolve my issue- after a few emails exchanged I expressed my frustration, which the the rep chose to ignore entirely and reply back with an email that did not match my concern nor address my previous email. Every order and interaction becomes more and more disappointing. I will no longer purchase through them and will be closing my account.
  • Over all I love it.

    By Leo Wolfe
    I ordered clothes for my toddler off Zulily and they all shipped within a week or so of ordering. Very good prices. Very good quality clothes for sure. All the same fits on her as well which I was concerned they would fit differently from each other but I’m relieved they don’t. My only concern is one of the items I order took over 2 months to ship out. When I emailed support they said to check my orders through my app account. For 2 months it showed the order hadn’t even shipped to the Zulily warehouse. No later than a few days after emailing support did the order begin it’s transit and is finally en route for delivery. I was expecting a more helpful response from support since I had to contact them just to find out what’s up with this one item not being processed, but as long as I receive my order and it’s just as great as the rest of the order I’m very happy. I’ve recommended this app to other mothers I know and they have also had great shopping experiences and quality of their orders is just as great too.

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