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  • New version: 2021.3.0
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Overstock — Furniture & Decor

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Overstock — Furniture & Decor is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Overstock.com. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Overstock.com, with the latest current version being 2021.3.0 which was officially released on 2021-03-31. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 111,918 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.86313 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Why you need the Overstock App: - Get app-exclusive coupons and daily deals on quality furniture and home decor - Receive notifications for order updates and deals on products you love - Checkout quickly and securely with PayPal and Apple Pay - Receive personalized shopping recommendations - Shop with your Club O account and earn 5% rewards on every purchase - Save your faves and create lists to personalize your shopping experience - Log in with Touch ID The Overstock shopping app makes it quick and easy to transform the look of your home for less. Explore our huge selection of the hottest furniture, home decor, and lifestyle essentials including sofas, area rugs, mattresses, beds, bedding, jewelry, clothing, and more. Find just what you want at prices you'll love, when you shop on the app. You'll find clearance shopping, huge deals on the latest styles, plus Free Shipping on Everything!* Sign up for an account today to get 12% off your first purchase!

Top Reviews

  • Who is that guy?

    By Genesiz
    I love Overstock! Customer Service is wonderful, and I’ve had no problem with returns or exchanges. (I purchased a fire table that we weren’t able to use because of the height of our upstairs patio. It wasn’t high enough for safety requirements. Also, it was a gas fire table and we repurchased a propane table which was better for us). Long story short. We were end over our heads, and because I purchased it in The Fall, we did attempt to set it up until it was colder. Therefore we were about 2 months *past* the return date. Overstock allowed us to return the table & they gave us a full refund. Furthermore, the reps are great at helping me shop when I feel stuck. I had a gentlemen help me. We were going back and forth on “chair ideas” for a dining table I was purchasing. My husband could hear him on speaker phone. He asked, “Who is that guy? Is he a design dude?” The rep laughed and said no, but he loved helping and gets lucky. I eventually had to leave for dinner, so the rep took some notes on what I was looking for. He placed 4 styles of chairs in my cart to check out later. Great service!
  • Great looking mirrors

    By Mama Kansas
    We did a total remodel of our master bathroom. We removed one full six foot bathroom wall mirror. We decided to replace it with two Rayne Brazilian walnut vanity wall mirrors. We were delighted with the fast delivery for our mirrors. When they came, we were impressed with how they were packed to protect the mirrors. The Mirrors were constructed with a high grade of materials and good workmanship. The wall mirrors were made just as stated in the Overstock information. These mirrors completely upgraded and modernized our master bathroom. They are very well made. The beveled edge of the mirror really adds a upgrade to the look of the mirrors. The frames have a wonderful depth of color. The walnut color of the mirror frames is very dark, almost black. We highly recommend these mirrors not only for bathrooms but any room that you need a mirror. We liked the vanity wall mirrors so much we purchased another one of the vanity wall mirrors to be shipped as a gift to our son. He was also impressed with the workmanship. A true value for the price.
  • Beware of the Buy Now option

    By Zombiegopher
    Most of the functionality of this app is pretty good. I can’t tell if the Buy Now option was created to be more efficient or to cause people to buy things they didn’t actually want. It looks exactly like the “Add to Cart” burton and is only on some items. I accidentally bought two rugs when I meant to add them to my cart to choose from later. I had thought I had cancelled them but found pending charges for them on my credit card a few hours later. Customer service told me they couldn’t do anything about it because the items had already shipped (solid BS in my opinion, this was hours later, not days), and I had the option to pay $20 to sign up for their rewards club which would have enabled me to return them free of charge or pay $25 a rug to return them via their shipping label. Overall I am pretty upset about this whole thing. It feels like I was scammed. Customer service told me I could refuse the packages when they arrive. I have done so but both are marked as delivered and not refused. I’m going to be extremely angry if they don’t ultimately get returned with my money back like customer service said would happen. So basically, be very careful or just use their website to avoid the Buy Now scam.
  • Variety! Value! Validity!

    By melanie rocks!
    I love my shopping experience here on Overstock! The experience is exceptional for several reasons. The variety in each of Overstocks catagories is outstanding. The buyers here know that their customers have an entire ranch of budgets. I am impressed that the buyers want to include everyone! I believe without a doubt that they work hard to find unique items and this proves they value every customer and their experience here on Overstock. They care about their reputation or they never would have made it this long online. I trust their judgement based on customers ratings, products with accurate detailed descriptions, and price points on products. This trust provides me the confidence I need in order to be a return customer over and over again! Overstock ( employees) thank you for providing me with an excellent customer care experience!
  • Love this app and company

    By sew right
    Love this app makes it easy to shop and check on your orders to see where they are and when they’ll be at your home ! You can also write reviews and earn cash back haven’t had any glitches so far like in other apps it even shows you how much you can save before ordering and if you don’t have the club o rewards and order it latter after buying and then order it it’ll give you the amount back on previous orders I ordered it after 3 purchases and received money back on all which in return almost paid for the club o it’s just a wounderful company looking out for there customers and a great app I’d recommend it to anyone !!
  • Doc Will

    By Wills toy
    I never give anything five stars because I always felt that this always a little bit of room for improvement I would say you’re more closer to 4 1/2 rather, but all in all I can say that it’s easy to get around easy to look at things you have also to different things which is amazing it’s like walking into I don’t know where his nose door that describes it but I think all in all I give it you know a great time for looking at different things unique things for the house for the outside etc. not the standard everybody’s got the same luck with you go to Macy’s or you go to target so you go to Walmart and you go to whatever and your prices very good I haven’t done a lot of shopping with you yet but I plan to, your buyers do a great job yeah there are standard things obviously but there are unique things that you can find that you don’t find it the standard store’s I am fat pretty well covers it
  • Everything was late, annoying customer service.

    By Elsie Robertson
    I ordered a desk and an entertainment center for my new apartment before I ever moved in to be sure the furniture would arrive in a timely manner; they would arrive only a couple days after moving in. My entertainment center is now a week late, and my desk has been pushed back several days, maybe even a week itself. We had a minor error when we initially ordered as well, and while it was rectified, the woman on the phone held me hostage for well over an hour attempting to sell me cards, deals, etc. She struggled for 45 minutes just to correct the price of the items because they were no longer on the sale I had purchased them for. She kept asking, “Is this close enough?” as though anything other than the price I paid for it was acceptable. This is absolutely NOT the place to order from if you are really busy moving, have tons of items that have nowhere to go because your furniture isn’t there, and have to put other projects on hold because you’re waiting for them.
  • Why I like Overstock and how it can be better

    By Sky 'n Shore
    Overstock keeps up! O has the latest tech, easy tap access to its online departments, and lots of views for each product. I like the honest reviews too. What’s an issue for one customer may not be one for me, for example. And when there is a problem, O, customers report, fixes it. (I hope that continues to be true!😇 Response time and shipping info comes to my email in a timely manner too! What could be better? Well, when I scroll product info sites, there are many repeats! Very annoying. Just show us the product once as I scroll though a site. Thanks. ‘Hope you make that improvement. Overall tip of the hat to the tech crew and the crew that chooses the variety of goods on the Overstock site. I hope they give you a good salary with great benefits. Oh, and stretch breaks too! 🎩 👑 🍀!
  • Poor Communication, delivery information!

    By CMacRufus
    This is the first app/company I have had issues with. First off when I put in my order everything seemed great. When I would check on my delivery time it took nearly 2 to 3 days to find out that it shipped. I tried to track the delivery through the app and it would freeze up and show me nothing other than just a white blank screen. Unbeknownst to me the delivery came without my knowledge. I had to get off of work to go home and receive the delivery. Upon receiving the delivery I went back to work came back home again to begin opening up my delivery. Not even a quarter of the way through opening the package I realized that the furniture was damaged. Are used the app to ask for a replacement. It is now the 11th day from my time of ordering it is truly disappointing that I may have to potentially wait another 10 to 14 days to get my replacement. Not happy with the service.
  • Overall app is quite good but it needs...

    By MTblueslover
    I got a generated notice from Overstock that I have a long favorites list. Ok, I figure I’d clean it up. When removing items, as I scroll to the bottom where the aged out options are and swipe to ‘remove’, it removes the item fine but always puts the focus at the top. That makes for a lot of repetitive scrolling to find where I left off each time I remove an item. It should keep focus. Returning to the top used to be a common and problematic issue people experienced when they reviewed an item in a search hit return list. Developers fixed that years ago. After reviewing an item, focus returns to where the user was at when they clicked to look at an item. It should be fixed in cleaning up saved lists as well. Just a thought.

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