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Lose It! – Calorie Counter

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Lose It! – Calorie Counter is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by FitNow. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - FitNow, with the latest current version being 12.3.301 which was officially released on 2020-05-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 402,374 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.73803 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Lose It! is a calorie counting app that helps you reach your weight loss goal. Simply download the app, set your goals, and track your foods and exercises to lose weight. Since our launch in 2008 we have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, CNET, Buzzfeed, CNN, Shape, Good Morning America, and more. • 80+ million pounds of weight lost by our members (and counting) • 27+ million searchable items in our comprehensive international food library database • 40+ million users who have started their weight loss journey with Lose It! • 25+ macronutrient and health goals to choose from • 3 days of tracking is all it takes before a user starts to see a result in weight loss • Lose It! is Weight Loss That Fits! HOW LOSE IT! WORKS Lose It! uses the proven principles of calorie tracking to educate and help you succeed. To get started just input your profile details with your goal weight and we’ll calculate the daily calorie budget best for you. Next, easily track your food, weight, and activity and get ready to celebrate your weight loss victories. There’s no easier way to change your habits and learn about your nutrition needs. LOSE IT! FEATURES • Barcode Scanner – quickly scan food barcodes or search our database to track foods you’ve eaten. • Snap It – log food by simply taking a photo of your food. Just tap the camera icon for food tracking as easy as taking a picture. (2016 CES Innovation Award Winner). • Track Nutrients – track more than just calories including macros, proteins, water, carbs, sugars, body measurements, sleep cycles, and more. • Fitness App Syncs – connect trackers, apps, and devices like Fitbit trackers, Misfit trackers, Fitbit scales, Garmin trackers, Withings scales, Google Fit, Healthkit, and more. • Biggest Food Library Database – 27+ million searchable foods in our international library. • Challenges – step up your game with fun weight loss, fruit/veggie, and exercise challenges by yourself or with your friends. That’s some serious motivation! • Meal Planning & Targets – meal targets helps you calculate suggested calories per meal based on your goal while meal planning allows you to customize your meal names and snacks for more accurate records. • Patterns – learn about your habits with our exclusive personal insights and patterns to identify what is hindering or helping your progress. • Themes – personalize the look and feel of Lose It! with themes that speak to your personality. • Recipes – customize your weight loss journey with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals you create yourself. • Workout Guides - library of workouts to help guide you to success. Download Lose It! today and join our community of members helping us reach our mission to mobilize the world to achieve a healthy weight. Get started today with Lose It! - Weight Loss That Fits! Lose It! basic is free, but you can upgrade to Premium to unlock awesome additional features. Premium members report 3x the weight loss of free members. http://loseit.com/terms/ Should you choose to purchase a Premium subscription, subscription purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The yearly subscription will automatically renew unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the period subscription ends. Renewal price will be $39.99, unless a discount is specified at time of original purchase. Your premium subscription auto-renew can be turned off or managed in your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of the free trial is forfeited after purchase.

Top Reviews

  • Great!!!

    By Jei G
    I’ve been using Lose It! for about 3 weeks now and have already lost about 6 pounds. The idea of just having to scan a barcode is super easy and it’s hard to forget to log your meal because you always gotta eat! Plus, being a student on the go all of the time and having sports makes it difficult to actually use workout apps but this app is so simple and easy to use. And, if you’re in a hurry and couldn’t log a meal the day before you can always go back and edit your past days if you left something out and it will still process the info. One thing to be careful of however is not eating. There was one time where I knew I was going out and knew I was going to be over my calories and was tempted to skip breakfast but skipping meals is not a good thing to do!!! It’s okay to be over your calorie budget a little, never feel inclined to always meet the goal. Having this app made me realize what I was putting into my body(I have the free version but it still displays macros which is super helpful.) This app combined with the app ActivityTracker is the perfect duo! Enter in the distance you walked at the end of the day from ActivityTracker on Lose It! and you’ll get calories added onto your calorie budget! I DEFINITELY recommend this app as I recommend it to all of my friends and anyone I know who is looking to lose weight and I hope you become as satisfied with Lose It! as I am! :)
  • So helpful & easy

    By happyhealthymamaof2
    After my second child my weight just stayed. I was told by my OB that at my sons one year birthday the weight that you have then tends to become your new average. My son was six months old and my weight was not budging, I knew I had to do something but didn’t know how or have the energy to do something complicated. I found out about loose it through reading a blog about calorie deficiency. I knew this seemed like the most logical & healthy way to loose weight and start a better lifestyle but the idea of tracking everything was off putting and seemed to hard. This app (I’m using the free version) is amazing! I’m down approx 3lbs in a week and a half and I’m not hungry. I’m not eating in a way that is not sustainable and the tracker makes it so easy to log and to see what is cased my day to be a success or a failure. I might also add that I started the week of vacation over 4th of July & I still saw success even with going over a few days. Because the tracker makes you aware of what you’re eating even when you “cheat” you’re aware of when and by how much. If you’re thinking about trying to loose weight & are not sure how to start I would highly recommend trying this app. It holds your hand, steps you through & links you to community for support. Good luck to anyone starting- here’s to a healthy, happy lifestyle & leaving Fad diets in the dirt!
  • Best Kept Secret Weight Loss Program

    By Lose It Lady
    The Lose It program has been one of the best and easiest ways for me to stay consistent on a weight loss program. I have tried others including Weight Watchers which is also great, but I like “Lose It” because you are your own best enabler of choosing what to eat and how much. Even the basic program has enabled me to stick to the plan for recording what I eat and seeing progress towards a goal. It is realistic and gives encouragement even if you go over your daily allotment and the end of the day report helps you to see that sticking to good eating habits results in better success. It is so helpful to have the exercise portion to enable you to add calories if you want. I have lost 15 pounds thus far and have told both my Primary Care Physician and Cardiologist about your program. They are both pleased and have encouraged me to stick to it! I feel I am in control of my success and can continue for a lifetime - thank you to whoever created it. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which number of calories to choose with combination foods especially but I guess no matter what choice you write down it is better than not doing it at all. Slow and steady has been my pace for almost 4 months including a major emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix. My daughter who also uses your program actually tracked for me those days!! So thanks again and I will keep on tracking!
  • Loseit! + discipline = weight loss

    By Ms.Kitkat
    For 3/5 of my life, due to severe injuries and illness, I've been waffling the border of overweight and obesity. For the first time in almost a decade, my health was stable, so I figured I'd make dedicated effort over the summer of losing weight (I was 220lbs/100kg). Loseit! was an app recommended by my pedometer app, and I kind of got it on a whim. 😅 I love to eat, have my Dad's sweet tooth, and am (more than) a bit lazy (ok, just highly unmotivated)... none of that is good for weight loss, so every bit helps, right? Well, I got a scale, started counting calories with the app (the free one, not premium), and went walking or biking depending on weather. It is a bit over 100 days later, and I've lost 50lbs/23kg. I'm going to keep going another 20-30lbs/9-14kg, though at a slower rate for the holidays. 😉 Self discipline is really important to how successful you'll be, though. If you don't log everything (I know it is inconvenient/a pain/insert opinion here), but not doing so is pretty much setting yourself up for failure. I'm not saying 'don't eat sugary foods/that one food that's bad for you that is a guilty pleasure', that would be hypocritical of me (again: I love food & have a huge sweet tooth. There is no way I'm ever not going to eat what I want). I'm saying that if weight loss is important to you, you won't cheat yourself by fudging your log. Be brutally honest with yourself. It helps put what you're eating into perspective. 😁
  • WoW! I am a happy Loser! Are You?

    By ebear37
    Best app I ever used for steady weight loss!!!... it’s very encouraging to see that even when I feel like I dropped the ball and had a bad day, as far as having eaten to much, that the app doesn’t give up on me but rather motivates me to keep going and not give up on myself! This App TRULY gives me hope and a practical game plan daily. It divides my calories up per meal (4 meals) and suggest the allotted calories it recommends.... and hey! I know this thing is just an app/calculator but if you let it it can be so much more. Lastly, this app Allows you to take pics of your food daily/each meal, scan bar codes (way easier logging on the run and jetting out the door!). It’s not crazy complicated either. I love it! Honestly, when I can afford premium I am all about it!!! It teases you a bit and gives you examples of premium App privileges but it’s not to pushy either. From what I can see, premium offers dietitian planned meal plans, recipes, GROCERY LISTS & SUGGESTIONS ON WHERE TO SHOP!!! (Yes!!!... so much easier while raising a family) Ok, so enough said! This app speaks for itself. Try it! Work It! Love it! & Lose it! P.S. if I created this App I would have called it My Body Accountant or My Personal Body Life Coach! or how about My Bestie? 😄 (seri doesn’t hold a candle to this app) ....That is how good it is! 👍🏻😊🍇🥂Cheers!!!...all ya happy Losers out there 😜 (lol)
  • Great for weight loss but lately has been buggy

    By Shellycris
    First off I wanna say I love this app it has really helped me lose weight by tracking and being aware of what I eat and how active I am! That being said lately it’s been kind of buggy. Not sure how to explain what happens but will try and hope it makes sense, but when I click on something say to enter my food it will pop up and then go away before I have the chance to write anything so I’ll have to click the plus sign again. Also, I used to be able to keep adding my food to my meal and then when I was finished hit done on the top right side. But as of today, 1/16,19, I’ll add a food and then the search menu will close. So now I have to open it again to add the next thing and it closes and I have to keep doing that Over and over until I’m done and it’s really inconvenient. I really believe it’s just a bug that should be looked into, I use this all day long so please please look into it. Not sure if anyone else has complained about this so just wanted to make you guys aware. Besides that I love how easy this app makes it to track my food. I was this close👌🏼 to downloading and paying for weightwatchers right when I found this and I’m so glad i did. So thanks to the people who made this app possible and made my life and weight loss journey that much easier! But please fix the bugs 😅😅😅
  • i find it useful

    By pre-diabe
    I don't use any social bits, but appreciate the ability to create my own foods data, & retrieve & copy (& adjust) previous meals for quick adds; and adjust quickly-added My Foods w/ more refined data later if I want. Having a spot for brand name is very helpful in identifying foods. As is the barcode scanner. Also like the nutrition graph & macro chart for the day & week-to-date. And having a spot to put Exercise data. In addition to walking, I have been swimming, so in logging in swim distances, I just use a separate calculator and yards/1760 gives me miles swam to enter into Lose It, and get an estimate of calories' worth. Being able to tell friends at work that a certain cookie I am turning down is worth "5 laps at pool" has made the peer pressure to indulge back off. (Most friends don't swim, so 5 laps sounds like a fairly big deal of effort to them. And to me also! ;-) A few months ago I started getting Days Streaks of logging in. I guess I didn't realize you needed to mark each day as 'Done logging in' for that to kick in. Now however, I am motivated to do that! Having 125 days streak - I don't want to lose that and start over, being told I am on a '1 day streak' because I missed. I use the alert setting to remind me at end of day. Lost 52 lbs in seven months, so far. 30 or so to go.
  • Great app, too many ads

    By Bammble Bee
    This is a great food and weight tracker. I am especially pleased with the extensiveness of the food index, the ability to add personal recipes, and the app’s recommendations based on eating history. I also like that you can enter a goal weight and the app calculates the approximate date of achieving that goal, based on your calorie intake and activity levels. The only thing I don’t like is the constant barrage of “buy our plus features subscription” ads. Every time I open the app, a pop up appears telling me that it’s my “last chance” to get the extra features at 25% off. It’s been my “last chance” for over three months. I understand that I’m using the free version, and developers have to pay rent the same as me. But I get this pop up ad each and every time I open the app. Every. Single. Time. Which means I have taken to keeping a sticky note of my meals so I only need to open the app once a day, or every couple of days. (This is why I only gave it two stars. It’s super annoying.) I would love it if the developers could please give an option to pay a one-time fee to never see that pop up again. Or at the very least if they could decrease the frequency it appears. Because I would absolutely pay a one time fee for the basic tracking part without the extra features of the subscription. But I have no need of a subscription, and I really don’t need constant reminders of my apparently eternal “last chance” pricing.
  • I never thought I’d say this about a calorie tracker but...

    By anna10121
    This is one of the best apps I’ve ever found. It’s one of the easiest to use calorie tracker apps I’ve ever tried (and the only one I’ve been able to stick to using!). I use the free version, and even though I can’t track my macros or water (you need premium for that), it is so easy to see what I’m really eating compared to what my goals are. For the first few days, i didnt try to limit myself at all, just ate what i would normally eat in the amounts i would normally have and saw just how much i was eating compared to what it said i should be for my goals (i was eating about an extra 400 cals a day) and then slowly lowered my calories per day to what the app suggested for my goals. It even lets you know if it finds patterns in what you’re eating that are helpful to your goals (it pointed out that on days i eat chicken, i eat fewer calories overall). It’s super user friendly, and you can either look up brands of your foods or use the barcode scanner to find them more quickly. Only issue I’ve found is that sometimes it measures portions in different amounts than the box says (like I’ll say I’m eating mac and cheese and it’ll ask me how many grams of food instead of cups or w/e). Overall, highly recommended!
  • Disappointing

    By Katwomanje
    I’m really disappointed in this app and I would not recommend at this point in doing anything more than the free version. I liked the ease of that how there were so many different things in their food database that you could log as well as scan anything with the scan bar. It was fun doing that and seeing if I stayed within or how much below my recommended calorie levels were. HOWEVER.... I stay below and most days quite a bit below the calorie allotment I was given. Since I was not losing weight I actually changed it to lose more weight and eat less calories. Not losing anything I fluctuate up to 3 pounds either way and again eating below the new goal.. fun to track your food and calories and macronutrients but that’s about it. They come up with these “positive food patterns” which are really unrelated they will just say if you have coffee every day and then you lose a pound that it’s a positive pattern that when you drink coffee you consume less calories. Sometimes I have lower calories and will have butter with truffle oil popcorn. I will be near or below my calorie count for that day and I always weigh more the next day. but it will come up as a positive pattern that when I have popcorn I consume less calories! If you want to watch your habits for fun do the free version but sadly that is all I can recommend. I regret paying for the annual fee, and will not renew.

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