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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-08
  • New version: 1.6.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Crash Landing 3D

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Crash Landing 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.6.2 which was officially released on 2020-09-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 32,309 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.39379 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Anyone can fly, but it takes skill to land?! Keep on tapping to keep the plane in the air. Can you slowly bring the plane down for a safe landing… or will you end up as a ball of flames?!

Top Reviews

  • Terrible update

    By Apb2676
    You should get rid of the pay for fuel and the insurance fine. The reason you should get rid of the insurance fine is because it’s sometimes fun to crash your plane on purpose like trying to land on top of the volcano or something, but now we don’t wanna crash because otherwise we lose money. You should also get rid of the pay for fuel because, one of the things that’s most fun in this game is trying to get fuel before you run out but now it just drains you money/coins and if you run out of coins how are you supposed to play without fuel and get more coins for fuel. You should also add a plane customizing feature, it would be fun to make a plane with the coins instead of having to pay for fuel.
  • Meh could be better

    By wowsomanyads
    There’s absolutely no point for the coins the you earn, except to buy more fuel for the level. And you only get one plane, except in the special levels. Maybe you could use the coins that you’re saving up to buy more planes? That would make it more exciting. And on top of that, there’s always this little pop up at the top of the screen that says to support data sharing, but what if I don’t want to? Besides, it’s annoying, and it interferes with how well I play the game. The things that I have mentioned above should probably be fixed, and I also suggest to listen to other reviews.
  • Just another ad facilitator

    By DR. H
    While the game appears to be interesting at the start, you quickly realize after a few levels the only way you can complete the challenges is to watch ads to get points to buy fuel, or speed. While it doesn’t seem that much of a hassle at first the challenges become so impossible you have no way to succeed and repeatedly fail each time, forcing you again to watch ad after ad. At one point the level was impossible to pass without failing 10 times. Each tune having to watch a video add that eats your battery life. After this time I will now play anymore games by this company. They are quite simply bate and switch ad merchants. Not game makers.
  • New Update was great... now not so much

    By OneBigJay1985
    I love the update to buying fuel and income increase, speed increase literally doesn’t help at all. I crash in the same spot no matter how much I increase my speed. Having to buy 30,000 coins in fuel every level is ridicules. They fuel I the legal before works and then the next level doesn’t even get me close... level 50 fuel should get you pretty far at least give us 10 levels reachable per fuel increase. Having to crash 30 times claiming 1050 insurance (the max) is insane. But you probably do it to force us to watch the 30 second ads. Great idea on the update but poorly executed.
  • Wow.

    By ]-rugby-[
    Ive never minded voodoo games (besides all the ads), but this is too far. I’ve never given my information to voodoo and when I downloaded the game I never allowed them to access my info and yet they want to share my info for “data sharing to improve the game”. Companies are going too far lately. I turned off celular data for the game in order to avoid ads and turn off my WiFi and as soon as I did I got an alert that said “Support us again by allowing data sharing” the issue with that is that I didn’t support that in the first place. It’s an ok game, but the company is overstepping by using personal info (email and other info) without consent.

    By Official_mark51
    I think this must be one of the worst games ever made before the update it was a challenging game and was a pretty game to play and I like challenges and it really helps my. Mind and the update makes it so u basically have to spend all ur money on fuel and have no money left and try to make sure u can get a higher pay I thought it would be enough to get the gas from in the air but u guy decided that since all the other games are using those tools that we should do it to I will be deleting the app for that cause and I think you should change it back to the old update if u want me and a ton of my freinds to play this game again
  • Awful Update

    By Donald everton
    The concept of this game is good, but poorly executed. Before the update there was absolutely no use for the coins other than buying extra fuel. In the new update the coins are used for fuel and speed upgrades. The problem is that often when you start a level you physically don’t have enough fuel to complete it. This angers me because I find my self crashing on purpose just to get enough coins to upgrade fuel so I can complete the level. There also should be more plane choices, there’s only one sadly. The developers need to fix this game because it’s a good idea and “was” fun to play before the update.
  • What in the world?!

    By Therobinator31
    First off I just want to say just wow,I think that this game is just weird because first off when you land and you drop off the people ,when you tap they just go flying off with luggage like you’re throwing them off,another thing that’s annoying is the insurance payment, I say that because sometimes it’s fun to crash or land somewhere your not supposed to,I also hate how you have to pay for fuel because it’s also sometimes fun to just go straight up, if you want to make the game good get rid of all those things and maybe it would be fun to add being able to customize your plane.
  • Needs different levels and more new planes

    By aarondthecaptain
    i like the game overall, but the amount of time they give you to fly isn’t enough, and also the plane is to sensitive if we land and go a bit far over the runway the plane just explodes just because we are not on the runway and also there should be different levels, not just obstacles and the fuel should last a little bit more.
  • Pointless, but a way to pass time

    By I'm awesome Kimchee
    Honestly I actually play this game a lot, but it’s more as a way to pass time. What I don’t like is that there’s no way to advance in the game, it’s like the levels keep going up (I’m on 144) but they just repeat and aren’t more difficult or anything. Also, whenever you spend coins to buy more fuel for example, it only stays for that level and obviously goes back to the same way it was back before for the next levels.

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