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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-07
  • New version: 1.22
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Push'em all

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Push'em all is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.22 which was officially released on 2020-09-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 214,299 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.58922 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Trace your way to the end of the level and push the enemies with your stick on the way! Move your character and make all the ennemies fall down (and maybe you will learn how to use traps?!) Be careful with giant ennemies and the fast ones, It's their turn to try to take you down! One-tap easy-to-learn controls with stunning visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics!

Top Reviews


    By lissaseven
    This is one of the best games I’ve ever played and I play it almost everyday multiple times a day. The game has always been fun for me since it has a simple structure of just moving your character around and trying to stay on the board while pushing everything else off, and getting box’s to enlarge your size. The new update was great since it introduced new pushers to use with unique abilities and features (my favorites the bazooka) that introduce a new way of pushing off your enmities in easy and addictive ways that will leave you playing nonstop! This is the easiest game and the best game, and I don’t usually review or recommend games! I also love there’s a seemingly endless amount of levels and challenges that introduce new gameplay the further you go! It just seems to me like it’s the best! Though I do wish there wasn’t as many ads, even though I understand they still have make money someway it’s just a thought.
  • Very Fun, but Most Invasive Ads Mongering

    By dchudoff
    So I played this game probably every other day to pass the time. It’s fun. Something in it are annoying, like the candy cane weapon, which is stupid and barely dumps any enemies. And when you fall twice in one map, you don’t repeat the levels. They change the entire map so you don’t get any closure to learn from your mistakes. Those are all subjective, and I can see the good that comes from both. It helps that if you seemed to have issues on a level, they switch it out so that some won’t get frustrated with the game. And the candy cane, because it’s a crappy weapon, makes the game harder to play. But the worst of all is the Ads they shove down your throat. I got to level 210 when they started doing them like crazy. Before the ads got crazy, at the end of every level and if you revive yourself in the middle of a level, you would see an Advertisement. That’s it. And to every level, there are three “sections” to a map. Now, when you pass ONE SECTION, they hit you with an ad. This is ridiculous. It’s not even worth playing a game that I grew fond of. I refuse to pay, which is why this game is going to be deleted once I grow weary of the amount of ads. But until then, this is a warning to the rest. Don’t fall in love, because deep in, they will break your heart.
  • To many adds

    By nickname1345678964
    From the title I think that explains why I’m complaining you fill your game with to many adds and when you press the x to not watch it, it just forces you to get the game because it doesn’t work unless you get out of the game and then play it again which is sooo annoying also this game isn’t even fun I just play it because it’s not the most boring game in the world if you remove most of the adds and somehow make the game more fun,I promise you’ll get tons of people playing I think you should add that when a zombie touches you character you die and that you have 3 lives and the lives are at the top of the screen so you can see how many hearts/lives you have anything to make the game more interest it’s fine if you don’t but what you really need to do is remove as much adds as you can once you beat 4 levels there will then be an add and make it that you can actually press the x to close the add. Also I’m sorry if I make grammar mistakes or miss spell something I’m typing on a phone and I usually type with an iPad but I cant because it’s broken and the “key board” is very very small.
  • Interference

    By Grandpa's Memories
    This was a fun game in the beginning, so much so that I paid the 2.99 to eliminate ads. After playing for awhile I started getting ads again. The creators of this game decided to place two buttons on the screen and if you died, and accidentally hit the wrong button, the ad would pop up for over 30 seconds. ANNOYING!! Then I figured out that you had to make sure you pressed “No Thanks” button in order to not get ads. I played for awhile and decided to turn off data sharing, which was just a way for them to sell my info to other game makers. When I did this, messages would keep popping up in the middle of my game telling me I needed to turn on data sharing. There is one message that blocks the top part of the screen, and another that blocks the entire screen. When you try to push the close button, it won’t close until four or five pushes and by then, you’re dead. This almost always results in your guy being pushed off the edge. This strong arm tactic is low life, especially for us that buy the game. I got to level 1400 and way before that there were no extra rewards, or weapons. I have removed the game and will look elsewhere to spend my money.
  • Update now tries to trap you into playing ads

    By mikamo [mike neyers]
    Used to be if you got pushed off, you’d get a “continue” button and a “no thanks” button. Now when you die, the “continue” button shows up immediately, and when pressed, an ad plays. The “no thanks” button now will not show up unless you wait 5-10 seconds. Worse yet, thanks to the mechanics of this game, your finger is on the screen 99% of the time. And the “continue” button doesn’t require you to lift your finger and press again. If your finger is anywhere near the hit box of that button (which is 70% of the screen), then you’re watching an ad. Even worse yet, they’ve made it easier to die. When you’re pushed, you now fly about twice as far as you used to. Making you die exponentially more often than before. Worse still, there are two weapons that make it easier to be killed, the water cannon and the air cannon. All the weapons used to have an equal likelihood of showing up, now it gives you one of the cannons 75% of the time. So in the end, even for those of us who supported the devs in the beginning, this app is nothing more than a delivery vehicle for ads.
  • Great game

    By ertwueie
    I love this game and give it five stars because it’s easy but not too easy. The first time I fell off because I did not know that your bar could fit over the edge of the bridges. I have played this game for three years now it is very useful has enough ads where I am going to buy one if I see one good, but if there’s a ton of ads (like a few times I have played) l just go to a new app because you never know when an ad is going to pop up sometimes after you play every single time there’s an ad but sometimes you can go a few turns without having to watch an ad I will keep this game for the rest of my life and show it to my children because it is the best app I’ve ever purchased, not purchased because I did not buy it technically I got this app because I thought it looked really really really really really really really fun!!!
  • Addicting... 😳

    By Your Favorite Regret
    I got this game to play while listening to audiobooks. I was immediately hooked! 🎣The game is easy enough to play mindlessly, but enough challenge to get miffed 😤when you fall off. A lot of people have complained about the tap and release for the weapon to work. K, it’s trial and error, it’s not like you’re going to know how to run 🏃‍♀️before you walk🚶‍♂️. I got to level 30 within a few hours. The next day I was past 100. I started getting concerned🤔 because I was creeping into the 100s and wasn’t sure if the game was just repeating itself. 🥳Really glad that there has been an update. I’m not up to level 520 and I’m glad to see these small changes that have made the game more fun!
  • Avoid the game and avoid being exploited!!!

    By Discrete_Pixels
    Non-stop prompting you steal your personal information. They want you to pay for no ads, and then hand over your data for free. Changed my rate to one star. STOP asking me to give you data you have no right. I paid to remove the ads since the game has replay value. I would NO LONGER recommend giving the developer one cent. They are data thieves ( why do you think your battery drains? Constant streaming of your private personal data. They have started placing on overlay at the top of the game stating “support us again by allowing data sharing”. It shows up again and again with a short interval between dismisses. It feels a lot like an ad that is stating “Want us to stop harassing you in the game? Then let us share your personal data!” The overlay obstructs the top portion of the game. Clearly, they care not if you can’t see the game without dismissing. Feels like extortion in someway as well. If it keeps up, the rating is going to zero and it will be time to send a complaint and possibly refund request to Apple. Instead of harassing users with ads or data requests you should add other in-app purchases that act like expansions ( like new maps or game modes ). Skins, not so much but maybe. This is a dishonest, foreign game company stealing your data while extorting you to pay for that privilege. Avoid the game, avoid being exploited.
  • New update killed it for me.

    By koda_13_10
    I loved this game and it’s satisfying quality of just running around and pushing things off the edges. I would sit and play for hours to just relax my mind. I now hate this game and even after paying the $2.99 for no adds am going to uninstall this stupid game. They added a random bumper spinner that now changes the bumper you use to push the people off with and it’s awful. The whole point of this game was to use the bumper and now you get stuck with a cane, or a bazooka (that’s ridiculously inaccurate), or a boomerang that curved so all the guys can go around it and bump you off the edge. And the best part of all of that is that even after paying the $2.99 to get rid of the adds the first time I now have to sit and watch more adds if I want to spin the wheel to get a new bumper which defeated the whole point of paying for no adds in the first place. That feature RUINED the whole game for me and makes me not want to even play it again.
  • To many ads.

    By KBlanchett
    Fun but there’s more time watching ads then playing the game. I played, actually played for mayb 15 secs to complete the level but had to watch 1.5 minutes of ads to play for 5sec 30 ad, play 5 secs, 30 sec ad, 3 areas to clear u have 30 sec video between areas which take 5secs per area in ONE level total play time 15sec. They don’t even have the decency to wait between levels like most annoying games & I understand the reason for them but to have minimum of 2 videos during active game play time is going to far. To much sitting waiting, waiting to play, waiting to finish a level, waiting to level up cuz yes they still have those ads too. It could’ve been fun but I played, no I waited to play several levels & now I’m deleting I have better things then watching ads. Let me if u change this I might reinstall.

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