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  • Last Updated: 2020-06-30
  • New version: 1.14.1
  • File size: 193.08 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Tower Run - Grow Your Tower

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Tower Run - Grow Your Tower is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.14.1 which was officially released on 2020-06-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 34,268 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.25122 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Tap at the right time to make a tower of humans.

Top Reviews

  • NOPE

    By 4 Stars nice game
    Read the reviews ok. It isn’t really finished I have coins but I can’t spend them there no point make a store. The game is so glitchy I don’t know if it’s just me but it always kicks me out of the game for no reason. It’s so hard I do it perfectly every time and still only gives me 1 person on a 4 person jump. The holes I jump over and some how hit a person off for no reason again. The adds are ridiculous I understand if you win after every few rounds but EVERY time come on 30 seconds each plus adding an extra 3 to begin, and each round if I lose 5 times add the extra and win that’s 7 30 second adds and if I add the extra every time that’s about 12 30 second adds that don’t let you skip for like 20 seconds about if you don’t skip each add that’s about 360 seconds about 6 minutes with out skipping, so dieing 5 times in game, adding the extra 3 each time, winning, without skipping that’s 6 minutes of ads. 6! I used calculator and asked Siri to get the final number I’m not crazy or maybe just a little DONT DOWNLOAD
  • It’s pretty good

    By Favorite App Right Now👌🏼
    I like this game a lot! It’s really fun and addicting! The only reason I gave it 4 ⭐️s is because it has a few flaws. For one it is OUTRAGEOUSLY glitchy! Whenever I want to jump on the red dot to jump it just freezes and ( I know this is really random) but it takes me to App Store on PapaJohns pizza app! Like seriously?! What the heck!? The other thing is the Ads! The ads are so annoying! Every time I want to redo a level it takes me to a ad! Honestly it’s a ripoff! Other than that it’s a pretty fun game and would be even better if you can fix those things! 🤪 Update- This game has gotten even worse! The ads are starting to look up but the bugs are most defiantly still there! I can’t even jump sometimes! It takes me straight into a hole and then boom another ad after that! These levels are pretty much the EXACT same and I’m starting to hate this game! I know I said before it was pretty good but now it’s AWFUL! Ugh right after this I might even delete it! If there were a zero star rating that’s what I would pick! 😡
  • Good

    By Bored College Quaran-Teen
    This has been my favorite game to play while in quarantine. I downloaded it yesterday from Facebook because it looked decent. It’s really easy but also challenging. It has a lot of potential to improve. A few things that I noticed were that 1. there’s no store to spend the coins that have been collected, that would be cool to use as an incentive to continue playing. As of right now, the coins are just being collected for nothing. 2. Other than the change in scenery, the levels seem to be almost the exact same; running/jumping on the same course with about the same amount of characters added in as the last few levels. Overall, it’s a great game that has a lot of potential!
  • Almost perfect!!

    By _xxaryxx_
    I love this game. It is very and amazing. One thing I’ve Noticed though is that the levels change depending on how many people I start with. Example: When I only start with one person, the jump blocks are one high. But when I start with 2 people, they are two high. I think this is unfair because it’s very hard to get extra people in the first place, so why make it to where we can’t have them. I understand why you might not want us to start with to many, but the limit should be 5. It’s just really annoying how I know for a fact the level would be impossible if I only had one person, so that could only mean they are changing.
  • Greedy Predatory Ads

    By JamesBondJames
    I should start by saying that this game is actually really innovative and cute to play. It’s fun and quirky which is stuff that u look for in quarantine games. HOWEVER, the ads are absolutely the worst money grabber I’ve ever seen in my entire life existence. There is a 30 second ad that plays every time u win or lose WITHOUT FAIL. During the game itself they have double stacked banner ads, a level of ridiculousness I have never seen before. On top of all of this they include voluntary ads to get extra game bonus points. In total if u include everything that’s 5 ads per play. 5️⃣. I got to level 10 before rage quitting on behalf of being berated with the same Kim Kardashian ad 3 times in a row. At the minimum even if I completed every single level on my first try they already played me 50 + ads. Bye 👋
  • It’s ok 😔

    By 2&;$5&382!&;!583&
    Ok so I have had this game for over 2 months and I would say for the most part it’s pretty fun but there are some thing that could be better. 1. The coins you collect have no purpose there is no store to spend them at and there’s really no reason for them. 2. The ads they are very annoying but I found something that could help them if you turn off you WiFi or cellular data the ads will not play. 3. I wish the game had more to it like store to spend the coins at or different endings other than the roller coaster 🎢 or the stairs with the little doors up to the chest. Other than that it is a fun game to play when your bored
  • Pretty bad, but...

    By yaygirl💎
    Ok so most of the reviews say it’s glitchy and then ask if it’s just you. Don’t ask that the game has a glitch so it will glitch out. Also, I have collected more than 5,000 coins but you can’t spend them. There is no store for coins. What’s the point of coins if you can’t use them? Also this game needs a redo button for the levels because sometimes I don’t do my best and I can do better and I want to try again but I am forced to continue. Please fix this along with that big glitch. I do like this game, but it needs improvements. Please please please please read the reviews. They are so helpful. Thanks for your time! I would not get this game if you don’t enjoy glitches. 🦠 Be very careful of Corona Virus!! Stay safe!!
  • good but has flaws

    By Omg I'm a dude
    so i’ve been addicted to this game recently. it’s pretty easy and the levels are really fun. it’s just on some of the later levels when you are able to jump on a huge man that is the equivalent of two small people , it doesn’t always work in the end. like if i get to the end and the huge man is one of the people that go through the doors , i don’t always get to the treasure chest bc the man only goes through one door but he is the size of two people. and on the levels with the city as like the background , sometimes the buildings get in the way and you can’t see what’s coming up and you can’t tell if you need to jump. also i agree with everyone else that if we are going to collect coins , there should be a store available. like there could be different types of people you can purchase or backgrounds or something. other than those things , this game is great and i highly recommend.
  • Cute game, frustrating to play

    By gamereviewer1742617
    Overall the game has a cute style and well thought out levels, however it is absolutely impossible to play. There isn’t even an introductory level and even level one is hard. This is because the gravity on the jumps is wayyy to high and if you miss even one person in the whole level you can’t beat that level. However, my biggest problem with the game is that there isn’t a restart button. Sometimes you know you’re not going to be able to get past a certain obstacle but there’s no restart level button so you just have to wait until you hit the obstacle instead of getting to restart the level. I would say overall the game is good for just starting out but needs some improvements because it’s practically unplayable.
  • Very great game but....

    By Roblox user name: Sara1545
    This is a very great game overall but lately I’ve been having a lot of bugs by the game glitching itself as when I’m trying to jump onto the pads it will glitch me to where I am all the way at the finish line and another bug is that it will just completely kicked me out of the game I have deleted almost all my games and that’s like the only game I have left and it’s still glitches and I would like to know why. Also very very good game it’s also very entertaining when you’re bored and have nothing to do during quarantine😂

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