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  • New version: 1.4.0
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Immortal Taoists-idle Games

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Immortal Taoists-idle Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SINGAPORE AZURE TIMES PTE.LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SINGAPORE AZURE TIMES PTE.LTD, with the latest current version being 1.4.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 16,108 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.75068 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

'Immortal Taoists' The real immortal-cultivation idle game that you've never played before! Start from a young cultivator and discover your path to immortality, search for ancient ruins and fight against eternal demons, the first chapter of your personal cultivation novel begins here. Adventure now, become a novel protagonist and live a fantasy life! =======Game Features======= ■Unparalleled Kungfu Skills In this game, you will learn many different kinds of unparalleled Kungfu techniques, and a myriad of elemental, psychic and physical spells! ■Great Treasures In the Universe of Cultivation, spiritual energy fills the lands which teem with mystical treasures, rare herbs, magical talismans and even the fabled immortality elixir! Take what you find and craft powerful equipment, and refine powerful elixirs. ■Fortunate Destinies Do you want to be like the heroes in Wuxia novels? Live out your fantasy, whether seeking artifacts in the deep mountains, or cultivating in the temple's peaceful serenity, there are countless good fortunes to be discovered! Even a seemingly poor beggar could be an ageless hermit waiting to offer you immortality with powerful spells. Make your choices and discover your destiny. ■Martial Sects You can experience the many different Martial Sects in the world, make your choice and discover the stories of different sects. It doesn’t matter whether you are good or evil, a cultivators ultimate goal is to reach immortality regardless of means. ■Find your companion The path of a cultivator can be a lonesome one, so wouldn't it be wonderful to find a life long companion? Someone who is always with you and walks the path of cultivation by your side. It is very difficult for those who walk this path find true love, so please treasure the strings of fate that bring people together. Your immortal destiny is here, let's cultivate together! Check our facebook page/discord to get more rewards and guides! Facebook: Dicord:

Top Reviews

  • Not bad

    By A2k49
    It’s pay to win, I mean they do provide a avenue for success without paying but in all honesty it’s not realistic whatsoever I mean come on you need one hundred of each material type to get a rank 3 cauldron and furnace. Making a breakthrough is pointless cause it only in rewards your life essence by one. Also the further into cultivation you get the more you need pills. This is where your forced to pay oily chase the chances of being able to produce the amount of pills you need to keep up with your character are quite low. I mean you need fourteen ensoulment pills to get to 100% success rate for a breakthrough. Also if you are anything below 100% the chances of breaking through are quite low if even possible. The alliance I made is falling behind in the ranks we were ranked 7th now we are 10th why are we falling behind chase my members aren’t willing to devote their spirit jades to gaining alliance XP. Which by the way the benefits provided through the alliance are pointless cause they aren’t there. Also to do anything for your alliance is unrealistic cause as the leader I personally need to acquire a bunch of resources I could use for myself just to do any of the available events the alliance provides.
  • Amazing Game

    By just a regular gorilla
    This is very good game that I would definitely recommend to all who likes the genre of Taoism. This game provides the gamer with a fun experience, and even if you don’t like Taoism I’d still recommend the game to you as it is a good way to past time and offers a competitive but fun atmosphere. I started this game 5 days ago and have been hooked since, but one thing I’ve noticed is the micro transactions in the game are a little excessive. And the rates are ridiculously high, obtaining spirit jade is nearly impossible for me currently. I don’t if this will change later on, but if you spend money on the game you would definitely rise to the top in no time. Normally I won’t play pay to win games, but this game doesn’t give me that vibe. But i feel like the game needs to lower the prices of spirit jade or add more spirit jade on the bundles, because the price is not really worth it. And it’s very difficult to play the game without not spending money. But all in all this is a great game that I’d recommend.
  • Magical Fun!!

    By nameguesser_budget
    The game has a nice graphic design, and has many amazing options! The game has also fantastic art and an awesome gameplay! This is an amazing game for people who like farming games, magical games, and supernatural religious games! I like the feature how in order to rank up at Ensoulment+, you need to do challenges, trade with Sect’s Chiefs and much more awesome features! This is a perfect game for me, as I like magical and supernatural game, but this game is above the amount of awesomeness I have ever witnessed! There may be bugs such as when trying to use a SS Pack (10K SS, 5K SS, ETC.) it may say “Insufficient Items”, which I find really annoying, but that bug being there, there is still many other things to do such as battling, competing, robbing, cultivating, and getting sutras! Things such as getting blessings from stronger and higher ascended immortals is also included. So I highly suggest this game, and hope it will become a even more popular game than it is at this state.
  • It’s a scam

    By worst flight ever
    I genuinely enjoyed playing this game until you get to a certain cultivation base and the only way to move any higher is by paying to level up. I thought that since it’s a free game that you wouldn’t have to pay just to het higher levels. I can’t even hit ensoulment stage because it cost jade pendants?!? If it’s a pay to play game than just market it as a pay to play game. Otherwise the game will fall apart once everybody hits that “level cap” you should make it an option to want to pay for I game stuff you shouldn’t make it a necessity in order to continue leveling. And the drop rates for herbs in adventure is so low that you have to go thru a dungeon 100 times just to even think of getting one flower that you need for refining. I honestly loved this game until you snuck this into it. Maybe fix your game and than I’ll be back otherwise. As a developing game designer I have no sympathy nor do I have any will to play this game ever again until this issue gets resolved. At least other games have the gall to let you know it’s a pay to play or pay to win game. You just hide it by saying by pointing people directly to the spend money every time they open the game
  • A dream come through

    By pokea 20
    This game is like a dream come through to me. As I spend most of my free time reading online novels lien novel full, boxnovel, wuxiaworld, etc on Taoist . Which I got very interest into. So when I saw this game I decided to start it off. Although the game I kind of slow and require patience just like a cultivator gathering Qi to make break though the the next level I still like and got into. There are something’s that I find confusing about the game but I figure them out or will figure them out later as I progress into the game. Right now my goal in the game is to get a beast egg without spending any money on the game as I am not in a position financially where I can invest money in games but I will try my best to go as far as I can in this game. Thanks for developing this game and I hope that there is more improvement and event to the games as it progresses over time and both me and the game improve.
  • Alright

    By Ravage lover
    It’s definitely a great game without a doubt however at a certain point it obviously becomes more pay to win than anything because once you hit ensoulment you can no longer use spirit stones to buy your pills. It’s becomes more pay to win unless you use all of the time you have to slowly level up your alchemy to level 3 to make the pills and I have been waiting for 4 days just to hit level 3. At this point of not being able to proceed in my adventures or cultivation I’m starting to think I should just delete it. The body refinement only boosts you so much, that you still can’t continue to attack anything. So unless you wanna blow your money on spirt jade or on some $14 micro transaction you may as well find a different game. AFK arena is as pay to win but this game is more fun.
  • Pretty good game

    By Aithusa24
    This game is actually much more addicting than I initially expected. It does get slow after playing for a while, but it still makes me come back everyday. It does have some minor flaws that don’t really affect gameplay, but it would be nice if they could fix some them in future updates. Some mistranslation here and there and the chat censors words that are not even remotely curses (i.e. the word “apples” is turned into “a***les”). Also the text for the description of some items and other things laps onto other text in the same item description. Besides those, I haven’t really found any major issues with the game and these aren’t even that bad. It’s safe to say that if there are any bugs in this game, they aren’t bad enough to interrupt your game. Overall, great game, few issues, very fun and addictive. Would definitely recommend 👍
  • Don’t get this game

    By Omeazy13
    I spent so much time trying to create my character and upgrade to the path I wanted but they implemented a ridiculous path of ascension by immortal beast that keeps popping up no matter how many time I deny it and the one time I accidentally accept it I try to contact the support line and they tell nothing can be done I spent money and time in this game for no reason trying to ascend by physical body all thrown out the window because this game can’t take a hint when I don’t want to ascend by immortal beast it absolutely baffles me that there is no support line capable of helping my situation when it was caused by the developers idea to constantly berate the player with this nonsensical path of ascension if I wanted to ascend that way I would have done it within the 1st 20times it asked but because I accidentally pressed the wrong button and tried to go back to what I was actually trying to click on I have just wasted months of effort so no I do not recommend this ridiculous game with absolutely no courtesy for the players who support it
  • Better than I thought it would be

    By PrinceDagu
    Click everything. There is little guidance in how everything in the game works so it takes a little time to figure how to do everything, the discord channel helps a lot, but a basic tutorial in game would have saved me a lot of time. The fighting in the game is just two black silhouettes where the enemy silhouettes are very limited and often not an image of what you’re actually fighting, irritating to me but decent nonetheless. I’m f2p so my gameplay is slow going, but I can still get spirit jades through ads so as long as you take a little time and luck you can still buy some things to improve your character. If you do plan to spend money, $30 on becoming a Censor might be a good bet for auto completing things.
  • Surprised

    By Monk is
    Honestly idk what I was expecting, but a game about cultivation where you can (so far) get everything you need on f2p but speed it up on p2p (just like a lazy grandchild of an immortal) and just slowly watch as you go from getting stomped by 1 group, to stomping them after 1 core upgrade is amazing. If I had to change something it would be during tribulations, give a more or less arrow option for the medicinal pills so I don’t need to use 8-20 at a time when I don’t feel that 100% success is needed. Anyways, if you just want a game you can idle away, this one (after getting started) only needs 5-10 minutes of attention per day for a slow and steady rate, or upwards of 3-4 hours if you wanna go as fast as possible

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