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  • Last Updated: 2019-12-25
  • New version: 2.0.0.
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Collect Cubes

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Collect Cubes is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Alictus. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Alictus, with the latest current version being 2.0.0. which was officially released on 2019-12-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 176,279 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5431 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Move around and knock over 3D cube buildings. Bring all pieces to your core to level up.

Top Reviews

  • Needs some improvements

    By Bot172
    I was playing a different game and saw an advertisement for this game and I thought that it looked like fun. Also on the advertisement it showed a place where you could draw your own scoop and be creative so I thought, "Me and my sister could play this together!" When I downloaded it, I played the game and it was the same thing for 2 minutes. I got bored after 2 minutes and there were a bunch of advertisements and no scoop drawing activity. I thought that maybe the scoop-drawing would come up later so after 10 minutes of the same thing plus a bunch of the some advertisements, nothing. Please add something more to the game that would make it more interesting. I mean, I like the idea of using a scoop to collect tiny cubes but maybe you could program the game to have a shop so you can by colors and sizes for your scoop. Or maybe you could have a "See who can collect the most cubes" challenge with other players. Or you could do mazes or something like that and put it in the game. I'm just suggesting these things so that other players don't have to loose interest in this game in 5-10 minutes.
  • Good, but a thing is annoying

    By mathguy37
    I started recently and I already love it and got every skin in the game. I did not give 5 stars because of how many ads you put in your game. One ad for ALMOST EVERY LEVEL, OTHERS BEING EVERY 5TH LEVEL AND SOME OTHER RANDOM LEVELS. Please lower the amount of ads you put here, because the levels are short, meaning LIKE 8,000,000 ADS FOR LIKE I THINK 8,106,253 LEVELS. Also, something really cruel that could happen, ad thingies. Touching those gives you an UNSKIPPABLE AD. JUST DON’T HAVE THEM RESET THE WHOLE THING, AND HAVE THEM DISAPPEAR ONCE TOUCHED. Ok? Just don’t have them way too often, else it would make this game less fun IF YOU DECIDE ON DOING THESE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Oh and also pls let us make our own cup, I saw it in the ad for this game, but you did not let us make our own. Custom cups could work. Also, probably make it harder for better cups that people make (if that is even possible) or even a sandbox mode. (And also about the ads, being offline already removes ALL ADS, but I have connection on my IPad most of the time.)
  • Not good, try again.

    By kylee.payne
    I do not recommend this game because you just drag around your finger and there is to many ads. I get that games have ads, but this game has ads after every game you play. And I deleted it just 2 days ago and then redownloaded it because of what your ad said. It said that you can make scoops by yourself and this faucet thing squirts out a lot of blocks. It looked really fun at that point but then I started at level one and realized that it was the same. And it said in the preview that there were major updates and from the last time I played till now, there are 0 updates. Not cool. My friend had the game and then I downloaded it and it was going well and I liked it. But then a couple weeks into it, I asked what level she was on and I was on a higher level then her, and I said I had this game way shorter than you and she said I know it is just boring and I don’t really want to play it anymore and I said I know, but then I got to a really high level and realized that it is the same thing over and over again just different blocks. This is a not recommended game. I am sorry I had to give you a 1 star rate. Very disappointed.
  • Satisfying but same concept over and over again

    By It's are
    This game is so satisfying to me for some odd reason. I don’t know if it’s because of the colors or the pictures but I can play it for hours if I could. However, there are a couple of cons to this game. 1) there aren’t many challenge levels (the red objects that you can’t touch). Out of the 200 levels that I have played, I believe there were only like 20 challenge levels. There were more bonus levels than challenge levels. 2) many of the levels are repeat levels. They have the same design. 3) I have THOUSANDS of coins just sitting there. I can’t use them because I bought all of the skins already and there’s nothing you can use them for. It’s pointless having all those coins for nothing. 4) I have yet to see those levels with tons of cubes that drop into the rectangle. I’m on level 200+ guys! And I have yet to see a level with millions of cubes! 5) the game isn’t challenging at all. If you want a game that’s repetitive with no actual challenge or goal, this is the game for you.
  • Could Be Better

    By Rinaminalina
    Collecting Cubes is so much fun but after a while (5-10 minutes) it can get boring. All you do if take your finger and drag the scooper and all the ads are false. I downloaded this game thinking I could draw a scoop and make it better but NOPE. You stick to the same size scooper. After maybe 2 minutes of playing it I get bored and try to play something else. Now, of course there are games better than this and games that are way worser than this, but it wouldn’t be my go-to game. Now this game does have pros. It is quiet calming and satisfying and if I love unlocking new skins, but sooner or later, you can unlock all of them and not have as much fun unlocking them. I remember showing my friend the game and her saying after maybe 3-4 minutes she wanted to do something else because it was straight up BORING. I would definitely play something else than this but I mean, it’s fun..kind of. Now if for some reason you like collecting cubes than this is the perfect game for you but otherwise, I do no recommend downloading this game.
  • Okay I Guess

    By knoball
    For one, there are ads after every level. And the ads for this game are false advertising. Sure, it is satisfying, but the levels stage no challenge at all. And even some of the challenges in the levels aren’t even hard. But watch out, if they’re red, BOOM! It will break your scoop and make you start over again. You can’t draw your scoop, there are no levels where there are so many cubes that make you want to skip it. Oh, and the skip button. So let’s say you’re playing a hard level, (which would never happen) and you need to skip it, so you start the level, and when you have 5 cubes left to pick up, boom, the skip button appears. And you have to collect every single cube, but in the ads, if you have like 40 cubes left, boom, they just all become yellow. And the skin feature. So I only have 2 skins, the default and the blue and purple shiny one. But the only way you can get skins is pay 1000 coins, or watch an ad. And you can only watch ad to obtain special skins, so if you want an original skin, you better have 1000 coins at the ready.
  • Great game, but some glitches

    By CuteKoala1999
    You throw down your backpack coming home from school, looking tired. Now you think, “I should go and play Collect Cubes!” And you run to get your phone/tablet and play the game. When your scooping the cubes, you get a glitch. And you just say “UGH!” Sometimes you might get angry enough to bang your tablet. Now, I broke my tablet screen because I accidentally dropped it, not slamming it because I was mad. Thank God I didn’t break my tablet just by slamming it, or otherwise I’ll get it trouble. And, thank my dad because we ordered a new screen and case. But, it said my dad has to fix it for 2 HOURS!! Wouldn’t that be boring? True, sure, yes, that’ll be boring. But I just watch other stuff, like my dads laptop, TV, or my brothers tablet. Just try to stay away from glitches, and try not to say “UGH!” ‘Cause you might slam it on accident or even on purpose! Dear, Kaitlin-The 7 year old, or almost 8 year old (My birthday is March 15) 😊👋
  • Good and Bad

    By Sallyb713
    I absolutely love this game. I only wish that they would add the ”draw a scoop” feature, which was shown in the advertisement for the game, which convinced me to get it. False advertising is illegal. Also, there are so many bonus levels, which has been addressed before in other reviews. I feel like the company did this to either make there a way to get coins or to make up for the missing ” draw a scoop” feature. A couple more points I need to address. The game is a little laggy, not unlike other mobile games. This is due to too much motion and things happening t once. Another point is that there are way too many advertisements. I understand that companies need to advertise to keep the game free, but there are just too many ads. This can lead to someone not wanting to play the game, including myself. Please, company that created this game, all I ask of you is to add the draw a scoop feature. Thank you! P.S, sorry for taking your time.
  • This game is awful!!!!!!!!

    By Delaney Bowman
    I downloaded this game because of the adds I saw for it. It’s nothing like the adds! I know I shouldn’t have trust a game by its adds, but fake marketing is not ok! For an instance, you never get to the point where it drops something huge on the stage and you have to pick it all up. Then, the time in the add when they go so deep into the cubes that when they bring it back, it collects all of them, NEVER HAPPENS!! You have to pick up every single block, and even if you get to the big levels, that never happens! And the add where they “draw the scoop” however they want and however big they want it, that’s also a lie! This entire game also has waaaaay to many adds. I was gettin an add after every level! And once you get a the scoops, there is literally nothing to do with the game! Also the Challenge Levels are awful! That’s the only time you actually get a bigger scoop, and it’s to big and clumsy to pick up all the left behind cubes after your first scoop. People that like this game, I’m not hating on you, but I THINK THIS GAME IS AWFUL FAKE MARKETING SCAM!!!!!
  • Good game but many problems

    By nyan_cat2323
    This game is fun and requires no WiFi I like to play it when I’m bored but it is definitely not my first choice because on the ads (and the ads are everywhere!) it shows that once you get some cubes all of the cubes come to you, I actually like how they don’t do that but my main problem is that you have false advertised that players can draw the size of their scoop, I have been playing this app for a while and I am on level 70, I have not seen this feature yet and I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon. 😒 I also downloaded the app because the way the cubes moved when there was a lot of cubes, but so far even if the structures were 3D they had nowhere close to enough blocks to create that effect. Even then most of the levels are just 2D pixel art where all you do is swipe in circles. The Ads are showing a whole other game and your game is very slow and boring, but I do enjoy the idea.

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