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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-21
  • New version: 1.20.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Nike Adapt

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Nike Adapt is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Nike, Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nike, Inc, with the latest current version being 1.20.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3,795 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.57944 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The Adapt App gives you exclusive access to the latest and greatest features of your Nike Adapt footwear. 
 REMOTELY ADJUST YOUR FIT Tighten or loosen Nike Adapt footwear from your phone. The Adapt App allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments for each shoe to get the perfect fit. 
 PRESET AND CUSTOM MODES The first time you put on your shoes, the app will create two modes; one tuned for activity and the other relaxing. You can also create personalized fits with custom modes. 
 CONTROL THE FIT FROM YOUR WATCH Connect your Apple Watch to easily tighten or loosen the fit from your wrist. 
 ADD SIRI SHORTCUTS Instantly adjust your shoes using only your voice with five different Siri Shortcuts. 
 THEMED INTERFACE Every detail within the app matches the look and feel of the shoes you’re connected to. CUSTOMIZE THE LIGHTS
Choose from 24 iconic Nike single and dual colors, or turn off the lights when you don’t need them. CHOOSE LIGHT EFFECTS
Select pulsing, strobe or gradient light effects, and then set how long you want your shoes to glow. 
 CHECK YOUR CHARGE Know exactly how much power you have left, and get notified when you need to charge your shoes. 
 SECURELY CONNECT YOUR SHOES The Adapt App gives you a secure connection to your Nike Adapt shoes. Once your shoes are paired, only you can control your fit. 

 The Adapt App allows you to remotely adjust the fit of your Nike Adapt shoes and requires data like current fit, LED color and battery level to be transmitted from the shoes to the app. For more information, go to

Top Reviews

  • Bye Nike - Time for a new brand

    By Quick104
    I have to say Im pretty disappointed all the way around. Theres a few thing about the shoe itself that I dont like but there is one really big thing that really has me upset with Nike and thats the app... Its bad enough that you charge $350 for these shoes, I can live with that I guess - I mean I bought them right. But what really makes me feel like Nike took advantage of me is the fact that they hyped these features that the shoe and app were supposed to be capable of straight out of the box. At least thats what they lead me to believe because there was no fine print saying that the vast majority of the features would be coming to the app at a later date. You screwed this one up big time Nike! Without the features you said this shoe would have its just disappointing. You mean to tell me that you came up with this shoe design, went through all the development stages of it and on into production and couldnt come up with a decent app to pair with it? Isnt that what was supposed to set this shoe apart from the others and justify the price for the consumer? Ypu couldnt have waited to launch the shoe for a couple weeks, couple months, couple whatever longer so that when it dropped it really made an impact and set the bar? All Nike did here was take advantage of us kids that grew up poor and compensate for it now by paying crazy prices for shoes! I might be jumping the Nike ship cause this really has me disgusted.
  • Lights don’t stay on

    By A. Stepney
    Hello Nike I have to say I’m pretty disappointed the lights on the shoes do not stay on. To me the lights are one of the key features that sets the shoes apart. The fact they only stay on for 5-10 seconds at a time is extremely dissatisfying. I realize the purpose of the shoe is to play basketball. But a majority of people buy sneakers to wear casually because of the look and design. I think it would be really cool to have the option to turn on/off the lights at your own convenience. I called Nike about this issue and I was told the lights don’t stay on because the battery will drain. But the battery lasts for 10 days at a time. The sneakers should act like a cell phone. If I want to leave my lights on and risk the battery draining that should be my option as a consumer. Cell phone companies don’t tell you we won’t let you watch movies on your phone because the battery will die; it’s your choice. With the app allowing one to check the battery on the shoes it makes it easy to turn the lights off if the battery gets too low, and you can just charge the shoes more often. I just feel like I got bamboozled with this feature and it would great if Nike can add this to the app. Nike makes the best shoes in the world because of forward thinking and innovation. Keep it going and take a page from motel 6, “leave the lights on for us”. Thank you! Sincerely, Loyal Nike customer
  • Love the shoes, app needs some work

    By arn5282
    The shoe are the most wonderful things they have ever been on my feet. The nice snug fit of the adapt bb is a necessary key to every basketball players game. The traction on the shoe is one of the best on the market. Ok the other hand the app has been lackluster of some features that would complete the shoe as being more personalized for the player. A couple features that would be great would be the Addition of more complex lighting settings maybe have one button one color and the other a different color. And maybe a fading gradient setting. You have proven to us that you do have the ability to do it, because when you turn the shoe on it does show a rainbow effect that is changing from each color in the color selector. Another detail would be Apple Watch support. Having Siri being able to untie them was cool. But have to pull out you phone every time to do so is kinda a pain when you playing sports. So why not add a feature to a apple watch, which is labeled as a fitness watch aswell to be able to change my shoes fit while playing basketball. These are just a few of the things I’d like to see added to the app in the next update. But overall a great shoe to wear casually, to work out in, and play basketball in. Great job Nike!
  • Please don’t buy these shoes or use this app

    By Nicholas R5
    I’m sure you've thought of the chance your foot gets stuck inside. I received my adapts yesterday and after my left foot got laced in it has been stuck for more than 24 hours now. I had to call nike customer service multiple times, they just gave me the option to return the shoes (which are stuck on my feet). I have tried all the reset options multiple times, deleted and downloaded the app, and unpaired / repaired the shoes countless times. After the software update today I was hoping my left foot would be freed but now the shoe has become even less responsive and the lights do not turn on when I click them. I’ve been waiting 36 hours now for an email back which they said had “priority”. At this point I just want permission to cut the trap shoe off my foot and receive the 350$ back, But after all the time I’ve waited for a response I doubt I will purchase Nike again. This is single-handedly the worst experience I have ever had with a product I have paid for. Please save yourself the chance of receiving a defect with no compensation or customer service and steer clear away from these shoes and this app.
  • Eh...

    By brucey.buckets
    It’s a great shoe, and I love how you can have different colors and tightness options. But, I still believe you haven’t reached the full potential for these shoes. For example, why isn’t there an option for having the lights on the shoe last more than 5 seconds? It would be great if the app implemented a feature where the colors of the shoe can stay on for your desired amount of time. In addition, allowing two different colors for the two buttons at the same time would also be a great addition. I know this is possible because once you reset the shoe, it goes through a cycle where different colors are displayed on the buttons. And, the buttons are different colors simultaneously. Lastly, another great addition would be breathing” lights. For instance, there should be a feature where the lights are dim, then get bright, then dim again and the cycle continues. All in all, this is a great shoe and app, but it hasn’t reached its full potential.
  • Innovation and impressive b-ball shoe!

    By iRichi3
    Note to Nike: Please allow us to keep the lights on (if we choose) with the app. Review: so I bought a pair of these on the resale market. I love them, I’m a sneaker fan and a basketball player and everything about the Adapt BB’s peaked my interest. I am thoroughly impressed with the design, fit (obviously), cushion, box, and implementation. They fit well, I got my normal size 12, though I can squeeze into an 11.5 (but they are usually tight unless it’s a wide shoe like a Lebron). However, they fit well, like others have said, they fit and feel like a slightly heavier Kobe model! To Nike: as others have said, can you please implement (later on down the road), a feature with the app to keep the lights (on the buttons) on? This would be fun to have occasionally and would remind me even more of this shoes older cousin (the Nike Mag). Maybe the app could allow you to make the lights, low-medium-or high to save battery? Lastly, the feature for (game fit, casual fit, and whatever else fit) presets will be welcomed. For the first ever EARL b-ball shoe you guys knocked it out of the park though. Thanks and congrats Nike. I am scared to update them through the app because they are working fine. I’m going to wait a couple months until they push out an update that I know has no issues!
  • App feature missing, but still great shoe

    By footballfan2387
    UPDATE: Per Nike’s response, the ability to save modes is coming. Would have liked to see all advertised features available at launch, especially since they had Modes in the apps at the Owner’s HQ demo this weekend, but still deserves updated rating. The shoes are a real breakthrough. They are surprisingly light, look good, have quality packaging and quickly get as tight as you could want and stay tight - One of the most advertised features of this shoe is missing from the app! You are NOT able to save different profiles as stated repeatedly by Nike. Notice the picture of the app in the App Store does NOT match the pictures in all the Nike marketing. The actual app only has 3 tabs at the bottom, not 4. Missing is the “modes” tab, which is how you WOULD set and save all of those promised profiles. Nice $350 Bait and Switch, Nike.
  • How to pair if having difficulty

    By LuvSumSonic
    I myself was like the countless many who couldn't get their sneakers to register via Bluetooth on their phone. What finally worked was (even with a case on) holding the phone with either the lightning port side or top of the phone side directly against the shoe light circles almost like standing it on its head or feet. This has proven to be the trick as just holding it near or by the side of the sneaker just doesn't respond to Bluetooth. Hope this helps! One side note, you can change color but it will not stay on. I realize this would drain battery but at least give us a timer for like 15 or 20 min to keep the colored lights on!
  • Once I was able to reset the shoe, it became awesome !

    By Awesomeness 321671
    From when I received the adapts, it took a few days to want to sit and figure out why I couldn’t connect app the shoes. I wouldn’t wear them until I figured it out, yes I tried them on, but wouldn’t officially wear or ball at all. Once I was able to reset and sync up everything, I say it has been and awesome and fun experience without question. FYI to NiKe if you ever read this, your instruction manual should have reset directions as well or at least your site! App has been awesome and very response to this day!! Thank you
  • Nike BB Not as good as I hoped

    By Gaddyboy05
    The Design is very well put together but the shoe still lacks comfortability. I’ve tried the shoes on at Allstar week before purchasing them to be sure I got the right fit. However my pair fits a lot snugged than the ones I tried on. I try to loosen them with the app but it’s frustrating they they try to auto tighten them as their worn. Nike developers please put a feature that disables some of your wears don’t like for the shoes to fit so tight cutting off blood circulation. I also agree that the lights should have a option to stay on as other suggested. Hopefully these will in the next development. I’m currently looking for a buyer to purchase my pair because they are just too uncomfortable.

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