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  • New version: 1.1.0
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KrogerRxSC is an iPhone and Android Medical App, made by GoodRx. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - GoodRx, with the latest current version being 1.1.0 which was officially released on 2020-03-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 118 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.80508 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Save up to 90% on your prescriptions with the Kroger Rx Savings Club. Kroger Rx Savings Club members can buy more over 50 common generic prescriptions for $6 or less! Some prescriptions are even FREE - that's right, $0! Our prices are so low, they may beat your insurance co-pay. Plus, there's no forms, no pre-approvals or paperwork required. Kroger RxSavings Club is a paid membership program. Your membership card is built right into the app - just show your pharmacist to save. Use the app to sign up, see past purchases, look up current prices and drug information and more. You can use your membership card to save at any of Kroger's family of stores across America. Unlock huge savings on your prescriptions with the Kroger Rx Savings Club.

Top Reviews

  • Great RX Program, App NEEDS much improvement!!!! Please FIX THE BUGS!!

    By WWPF Harvest
    If you don’t have medical insurance this RX program is a Godsend!!! If you do have medical insurance, it will save you a lot of money! I recently lost my health insurance due to increased costs. I take 10 prescriptions a month. The cost is around $200 a month. I’ve been using GoodRX as a discount program to offset the cost of my medications. My pharmacy told me about that Kroger discount program for $36 a year. The first month I saved well over $36 on my prescriptions therefore it paid for itself. I downloaded the app so I would have my prescription discount card before mine came in the mail. This way I could look up prescription costs. The app is very slow and definitely needs updating and debugging!!! Sometimes when you go to certain places in the app you cannot go back or return to where you were previously. Then you just have to close the app and wait for hours for it to reset. I only gave my review a two star because of the maneuverability of the app and the problems the app has. Please fix the problems. The biggest problem is when you open the drug list there’s no way to get out of it. You then have to close the app and wait for hours for the app to reset so you can open it and use the app again. Thank you in advance for fixing your app. Heidi
  • So far, not so good...

    By mooVinonup
    First, I spent a couple of hours researching and calculating to see if this would be a good deal for my husband’s prescriptions and we decided it would be a wonderful blessing as we are on a fixed income. I joined and my $36 fee was immediately deducted from my bank account. My problems are (1) in trying to transfer all of his Rx’s, the app won’t ‘pop up’ with the King Soopers I want to use even though it’s on the huge 43 page list of Kroger pharmacies. So there’s no way I can choose it to have his meds transferred. Also, (2) the app just wants me to join every time I open it even though I’ve already joined and have an existing account. And, as at least one other reviewer stated, (3) once you get on one page, there’s no way to get back to another page or where you were before! My husband has refills he will be needing very soon and it seems impossible at this point to transfer his Rx’s to our nearest King Soopers. These issues need fixed ASAP or I will be asking for my $36 to be refunded. We live in a rural area so it’s not easy to just run to the store to transfer. Help! Deb
  • Could be Better - but it is functional

    By PaulTXUS
    Just install the app on iOS and had no issue logging in or updating my settings. Drug lookup worked for the few Rx drugs I tried it with. The app works, but could be better. I suspect some of the low star reviews may be resolved by a better user-interface flow. For example when searching for a drug - probably a very common activity - why not make drug searching available on the screen without having to tap the top left icon where all functionality appears? Could be a banner below the title bar with 2 button areas - one for Kroger Pharmacy Search, and one for Drug lookup. When you select drug lookup provide a frame where you enter the name and the dosage - you could make it really easy by dynamically updating common dosages in a list view while we are typing in the Drug name - once you have enough of the name to be sure what we are looking for. Then once found, add a Favorite icon that when we tap it, the drug and dosage becomes one of our favorites and then the home page of the app could list our favorites along with other information such as refill date, Nr of refills remaining etc for each of our favorites. Lots of other ideas if you are interested in making the app great and get 5 starts from Kroger customers. You can email me directly. Thanks for listening :)
  • Decent

    By Taylor_gang7
    I would love to be able to see more from the app. Possibly, under purchases we could see more details on what your prescriptions were. It seems like it’s lagging behind. However, it does its purpose on showing me the amounts saved on my prescriptions.
  • Great savings

    By jasrez
    It’s definitely worth the money saving especially for myself. I have to see if it will be worth it for my family. BUT the app itself is worthless. It’s only function is to show you your card and then I have to log in every time, there is no way to add to Apple wallet which would be a basic help. Most importantly you cannot do anything on it, it’s hard to navigate to find prices, there is no way to refill (which I would think would be the point), my history never shows up. Considering Kroger has such a comprehensive grocery app one would think they would be on top of good chain on pharmacy app. At least on GoodRx I can save all my coupons and drugs. Kroger you are better than this!!
  • Not useful app

    By Filmaker99
    I am not reviewing the Rx plan. That has saved a great deal of money-I just requested refills, so I guess I will see what the amount is then. From my understanding-your first purchase is very low, but future purchases are more expensive. I’ll find out tomorrow. Now for the app. I find it useless. Yes you can search drugs and find out pricing. I want an app for my current meds, quick refill request and how much it will cost. I have to use another app for that and it’s even subpar. Get some lessons on Walgreens on how a pharmacy app should perform. I would love to know about my plan. When will it expire etc. just not a good, useful app at all
  • App is in need of work

    By Graceekeogh
    I think the app needs a user to be able to save the list of drugs they take. The user should be able to edit or delete the drug selected. It should also show the last time it was ordered. Need a way to log in with a finger print so that a password does not need to be typed. It takes to long if your at the pharmacy. I’m sure other users may have other suggestions.
  • Buggy app

    By Papa S222
    I used the app just fi e for awhile and am saving money on my prescriptions. However, it no longer works properly on my iPhone 6s. It starts and then goes away except it is running in the background. It also drains the battery. I can watch the percentage go down even after I have closed the app. It is nonfunctional for me at this point. This needs to be fixed for me to use it at this point.
  • Perfect!

    By Staylor6396
    Just joined today. The first use of this program and it paid for itself and saved an additional 100 dollars! I was really impressed! Love the Kroger pharmacy! The location I use on a regular basis has fantastic employees! Always very helpful and friendly!
  • Would some navigation buttons be that hard?

    By GaltsGulch82
    The app has no way of navigating it. Accidentally open the meds list oops, have to shut app down to get back to the Home Screen. Want to search multiple meds? Have to hit the top menu and start over every time. Also, don’t hit the wrong button while transferring prescriptions. Have to go to top menu and start the process from scratch. Great program absolutely horrible app!

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