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Bitcoin trades today at a price of $3,655.53, on a volumn of $5,417,581,552.27 achieving a total market cap of $63,916,580,662.47. Predicting a 2019 price point is tricky considering the current market conditions. We expect it to not climb much further within 2019 considering the great bear market of 2019. Most of 2019 will probably be gloomy. However, a latent growth of 4x has been spotted through Technical analysis on the BTC/USD charts and with the new slew of institutional investors entering the crypto markets in 2019, the entire crypto market doing a 4x is not too out of place.
Optimistically, we expect a maximum growth in market cap of $63,916,580,662.47 x 4 for Bitcoin in 2019. For further coin price predictions, see a more detailed analysis.

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