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Name: Waltonchain


Price Info: - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/waltonchain/

Specifications[ ]

Waltonchain’s chips weigh a hundredth of a gram and are on the nanometer scale. The hardware is planned to begin mass production in 2019.

• Walton Chain will have different side chains, each focused on specific industries.

• Block times are 60 seconds.

• 225 transactions per block.

• The consensus mechanism is PoST (Proof of Stake & Trust).

• Masternodes: minimum 5000 WTC – details about the masternodes are to be released in 2018.

• There is a total Supply of 100 million WTC.

• Max Supply is 70 million WTC with the remaining 30 million left to be mined in the course of many years.

• Circulating supply consists of around 25 million tokens.

• ERC20 token that will be replaced by the actual Walton Coin with the exchange rate of 1:1 when the genesis block is mined (Q1 2018).

Use Cases/ Areas of Implementations of Waltonchain[ ]

According to the whitepaper, there are 4 main areas of implementations:

1. Production

As a product is produced, an RFID tag is generated. This product will be recorded at each child node in the production process.

2. Warehousing

The product is stored in a warehouse after production, which is tracked by the RFID tag, such as when it checked in or out and its location in the warehouse.

3. Logistics

We can track the status of a product during transportation which is very useful when multiple forms of transportation are used.

4. Commerce

We can track product information in the store such as consumer preferences and purchase information, which creates a feedback loop to the first stage in this process: production.

The WaltonChain (WTC) Team[ ]

Waltonchain has an impressive, highly qualified and growing team that is working full time on the project.

The background of the team consists of members responsible for technical implementation of the product as well as business management and retail.

Team members:[ ]

1. Kim Sukki (Chief Scientist) – Doctor of Engineering, former Vice-president at Samsung Electronics

2. Do Sanghyuk (Founder) – Director of the Korea Standard Products Association Xu Fangcheng – Supply chain management director at Septowves Group Ltd

3. You can see the full team here:

or on their website:

Partnerships[ ]

WTC’s new partners, some of which are global market leaders are:

• Silictec

• Kaltendin

• BC Technology

• Z-link

• Sungkyun Technologies

• CardCube

• Sinolink Securities

• Tanyu

• ICO365


• Fujian Soonbox Logistics

• Sosobtc

• Blocknews.io

• ChainB

• Zhgtrade.com

• Fuyao Group

Government partnerships[ ]

Jinhu provincial Government – Contracted to build IoT based air purification systems - https://www.waltonchain.org/news-detail?id=000000005f18edbf015f198371340006

Fujian Government – Contracted to research and develop concepts to improve China’s Maritime industries. - http://tech.china.com/article/20170827/2017082753050.html

Multinational Blockchain Incubator – Contracted to lead a blockchain incubator meant to create a sort of multinational Silicon Valley of blockchain technology - https://twitter.com/Waltonchain/status/932657405480935424

Roadmap[ ]

• Alpha Testing: Oct 31st – November 10th 2017

• RFID + Blockchain Off-Chain Demo: November 2017

• Beta/Public Testing: Early December 2017 (In Progress)

• Genesis Block/Parent Chain operational: January 2018

• Converting from an ERC20 to WTC tokens: January 2018

• Operational Release of Master Nodes: Feb 2018

Listed Exchanges[ ]

Binance – around 68%

Coinnest – around 30%

Kucoin – 0.6%

Hitbtc – 0.3%

Plus some minor exhanges, WaltonChain is not currently found on any big exchanges.

Controversy[ ]

In Feb 2018, Walton Chain team where allegedly caught on Twitter trying to fake hype for their give-away, resulting in posting a winning message on their twitter. This led to a price loss of almost 90% in coming days. The company has since come out to refute the claims, saying that it was the fault of an intern who participated in the giveaway that had access to the Company's Twitter handle.

Convert WTC to USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

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