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Ticker: UP

Price info: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/uptoken/

What is UpToken?[ ]

UpToken is soon to be a beneficiary of the 'cross chain technology'. This firm is marketing an ATM network named CoinMe and is using an ICO to fund its expansion. The UpToken ICO is coincident with the rising awareness of 'cross chain swaps', a critical back end support required to make cryptocurrencies seamless in the daily retail marketplace.

Business model[ ]

UpToken has a very interesting business model. The nature of the business of UpToken is that it will completely depend on performance, not only at the machine level, but with customer service, and network performance. More than most blockchain firms, UpToken will be hardware dependent for success. From the installations to the use characteristics, the business will depend on the machines in the field, and the network connecting them.

The above noted potential liability may also be a very powerful business asset should the network be successfully well constructed. A form of a 'proprietary distributed hardware platform', the ATM network should be able to be leveraged into new business models over time. This is to say nothing of the statistical history of 'machines in the field' types of businesses of the past when ROI could reach staggering returns.

The key element for UpToken will be, as noted, the performance of the machines in harmony with the network. This will have to include their connections to various blockchains, and that is where the fortuitous timing of cross chain atomic swaps and other innovations may provide the fuel for UpToken.

Website: https://uptoken.org/

Convert UP to USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

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