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Name: UBIQ - Smart Contracts for an Automated World

Ticker: UBQ

Price Info: - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ubiq/

What is Ubiq?[ ]

Ubiq is a decentralized network that allows the creation and implementation of smart contracts and dApps. Inspired by Ethereum codebase, Ubiq is a decentralized global ledger and supercomputer, a powerful tool for developers to automate everyday tasks carried out by middlemen.

Criticisms[ ]

The ubiq network is based on the claim of an improved Ethereum code base. While it is true that all code can be improved, it is also true that there are very few barriers to adoption within software. The ubiq network has some very interesting features, a definite vision, and a sales effort to achieve that vision. This coin is in a very delicate space that will require that the core developers maintain a clearly distinct difference from the Ethereum network in order to maintain marketing presence. There are many pointers to success for this coin, however, the longer term prospects are not good as it will always be a race against adoption of the innovations within their competition, Ethereum.

Competition/ Similar Coins[ ]




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