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Basic Info[ ]


Ticker: TOMO

Price Info -

What is Tomo Coin?[ ]

Tomochain is a scalable blockchain 3.0 protocol that provides an efficient infrastructure for dApps, token issuance and integration. Tomochain is powered by Tomocoin and it is created by the co-founder of Nem and is currently partnered with Neo.

TOMO offers a unique solution to challenge Ethereum’s scaling problems. TomoChain is a blockchain with integrated smart contract capabilities, like Ethereum, but was designed to solve scaling difficulties. It is a financial system that is “more secure, transparent, efficient, inclusive, and equitable for everyone.” This means that they have a scalable infrastructure, easy token integration, auditable and transparent trustworthiness, privacy, zero fee micropayments, and many other perks.

Tomochain will also enable zero-fee atomic cross-chain transfers between the ethereum between Ethereum and TomoChain and they are also exploring the possibility of transfers between other blockchains like NEO. Current on testnet, the Tomochain alpha mainnet will launch by Q2 of 2018 and it aims to support 1000–2000 Tx/s with minimal fees based on its consensus design and horizontal scaling.

TOMO Mainnet[ ]

With the launch of the beta mainnet in August 2018, Tomochain will support all Ethereum smart contracts, masternodes, and pave the way for the transition to proof-of-stake in 2019.

Tomochain History[ ]

It was founded by a veteran in the crypto industry. The Tomocoin team understands the importance of marketing and social networks for building a lasting cryptocurrency. Despite having just finished their ICO in March 2018, Tomocoin has over 18,000 members on their telegram channel, a functioning social media app on the app store, and a decentralized exchange and other ICO/dapps at work on the Tomochain network.

Where and How to Buy Tomochain[ ]


Tomochain COMPETITION[ ]

Neo (NEO)

Cardano (ADA)

Komodo (KMD)

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