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Ticker: [STORM]

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What is STORM?[ ]

StormX is a gamified micro-tasks platform, and is quickly emerging as a leader in the freelance (“Gig economy”) marketplace. Their platform (and user portal), “Storm Play”, beautifully implements gamification components into their product, and helps match freelancers, Storm “Players”, with potential clients, “Storm Makers.” Storm Makers post tasks in the Storm Play mobile application, where players can accept and complete them. In return, they are rewarded with Storm To-kens (STORM). Similarly, Storm Players can then use their STORM to post tasks to the marketplace.

People worldwide can benefit by adopting the Storm Market model as a mechanism for commerce, as it makes it easy for Storm Makers and Storm Players to connect and interact with significantly reduced transaction costs.

The gamification model has long been acknowledged as a successful means of increasing user interest and engagement. However, before Storm Play, no one had ever successfully scaled the model. Currently, the Storm Play app (available on the Google Play Store) is used in nearly 190 countries, has more than 250,000 monthly active users, and over 1 million downloads. These en-gagements rates and user retention analytics are excellent, and a tremendously promising initial indicator of STORM’s future value. The StormX app is not yet available on Apple’s App Store.

History[ ]

Storm is a very recent token launched in the last week of December 2017.

Storm creates earning opportunities for people all around the world by letting members find ways to earn through microtasks. You can earn by playing videos, trying new products and services, by shopping or performing micro-tasks. They count on advisors like Bill Shihara from Bittrex, and Tom Bollich from Zynga. Their team has some great prior experience in blockchain tech.

The Storm Opportunity[ ]

StormX touts the following opportunities within the multi-trillion dollar “Freelancer economy.” Considering the following freelance workforce statistics:

1) 35% of Americans classify themselves as freelancers.

2) Every year, freelance work contributes over $1 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product.

3) Freelance work is the most popular employment method for women living in India; it affords them the opportunity to generate income while taking care of their children. Freelance work adds over $400 billion to the Indian GDP.

4) In the past three years, nearly 4 million people chose to leave their traditional jobs in pursuit of freelance opportunities.

5) Over 50% of freelancers who left their job said they made more money in the next year doing freelance work.

6) Nearly 80% said the opportunity to work for themselves is better than working for a corporate entity

7) Of the 65% who do not work as freelancers, over 50% said they would make the switch, if they could be guaranteed the same compensation as their current jobs.

Storm only accepts a 1% commission on all transactions (instead of the ridiculous 40% charged by their competitors), they offer an attractive value proposition (39% more income) to those who are still hesitant about becoming freelancers.

Uses of Storm Token[ ]

StormX’s ERC-20 token is classified as a utility token (not a security). Utility tokens must be inte-gral to platform usage, and without them, the platform cannot function. The more applications a utility token has within its ecosystem, the more value (and potential value) it has. STORM is used both to list and pay for services (a currency); they also give access to additional platform access privileges. The StormX team has made clear their intention to continue increasing what STORM gives access to - thereby increasing its overall value as the platform grows.

Since the supply of StormX tokens is fixed, they become increasingly difficult to ac-quire as more people join the platform. As more people want to earn or pay for tasks on the platform using STORM, they will have to do so with fewer available tokens. If the price of a service or task remains the same (designing a website, for example) but fewer tokens are available to pay for it, the price per token will increase to ensure the value of the service is respected.

The Storm Team[ ]

Simon Yu (CEO), Sean Zhong (CTO), and Arry Yu (COO) are the key management members, and have done an excellent job giving the budding project stability. The advisory board has already paid dividends for StormX. Without their help, STORM would not yet be listed on Binance, nor would they have the tremendous strategic partner-ships that are currently in place.

Note: Though relatively unknown to the general public, Steven Nerayoff is arguably the most influential advisor StormX has - their secret weapon. Though pure speculation, several reliable sources have confirmed that had Steven not been heavily involved with the ICO, the other advisors, such as Bill, Tom, Jeff, Charles, and Brian, would not be involved with the project.

Where to buy Storm?[ ]




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