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Ticker: STORJ

Price info:

Storj Team[ ]

Storj recently announced the hire of Ben Golub as executive chairman and interim CEO.

Golub is the former co-founder and CEO of Docker, the world’s leading software containerization platform (container technology allows developers to port applications across different operating systems).

Under Golub, Docker grew from a small, open-source project to a cloud leader with hundreds of customers, over 400 employees, 3,000 contributors, and 12 billion downloads. It also raised over $250 million.

Golub’s goals are to advance the Storj platform, drive revenue growth, and help the company scale its network to the exabyte range and beyond.

The news is exciting because is growing rapidly and Golub has the experience managing rapid growth.

Storj now have 70,000 customers spread across 150,000 storage nodes. That’s an 1,300% increase in customer count and 650% increase in node count.

Long term, Storj aims to be the storage layer for decentralized applications, providing economics, availability, and security properties that traditional cloud providers cannot.

Competition and Similar Coins[ ]


Vechain (VEN)

Factom (FCT)

Where to buy Storj[ ]



You can buy STORJ on the above exchanges in the STORJ/BTC, STORJ/ETH, STORJ/BNB (Binance) pairs.

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