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Social Wallet (WIRE) - Integrating Cryptocurrency Into Social Networks

Social wallet Overview[ ]

Name: Social Wallet

Project Type: Finance Services

Project Description: Social Wallet will enable the transfer of cryptocurrency through social media networks.

Token Symbol: WIRE


White paper:

Presale or whitelist:

Token Sale Dates: Feb 7th – Apr 27th (Separated into 6 Rounds)

Token Type: PYVX

Token Technology: XEVAN Algorithm (Xevan hash combine dual X17 di?culty with a 128 bits extension)

Industry: Payment Transfer (Banking)

Country: USA

What is Social Wallet (WIRE)[ ]

This project is looking to combine the enormous number of users in social media-networks with the disrupting innovation, in financial terms, of blockchain technology by the development of the Social Wallet, which will allow cryptocurrency to be efficiently, easily and securely transferred over current social network.

Features[ ]

Transfer Process

As mentioned before, Social Wallet will allow cryptocurrency transfers, without a require set up for the recipient, between social network users.

The receiver will have receive their token through their personal Social Wallet; if the user isn’t signed up, a prompted message will appear which will guide the user through an easy sign up process.

Social Wallet Initiative

Social Wallet remark their belief in the power of blockchain to change how humanity lives and their commitment to be part of the change; with this propose in mind, they create the Social Wallet Initiative, with which SW is aiming to use their reach on social media to educate the world. Within their plan, they will send free cryptocurrency to people who can positively turn around their life with them. These stories will be spread massively through social media, using SW resources, so people can hear real life examples of blockchain power.

Social Wallet Debit Card

SW Debit Card is aiming to increase the utility of SW network, using it, token holders will be able to transfers token into any desired currency and to spend it to buy goods and services. They are partnering with debit card providers who will ensure transaction to be fast as well as complies with Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customers regulations. The sign up process will be one time and easy to setup.

The Earn Program

Through linking you social account to SW platform users will be enrolled in with the earn programs, in which, they will receive rewards as WIRE token, for linking, sharing and commenting SW posts, increasing, at the same time, the brand awareness and recognition, falling into a WIN/WIN situation.

Technology[ ]

Masternodes and Staking

WIRE fosters a decentralized and worldwide network by utilizing staking and masternode implementation. Token holders can earn network rewards (token minting) by keeping their wallets open and staking or by using 35,000 WIRE tokens for collateral and creation of a masternode.

True Privacy

Zerocoin and Coin mixing were integrated into WIRE by the development team to reach high Security and Privacy level, two of the main project priorities, hence allowing anonymous sending.

Seesaw Reward Balance

The Block reward size of both, masternodes and staking nodes, is adjusted dynamically by the Seesaw Reward Balance System, technology which was previous developed by the PIVX team and that keeps the balance between the uses of these two systems.

Instant Sending

The network of decentralized masternodes enable the confirmation of the trans-action to happens in seconds, eliminating the need of the normal 2.5 minute confirmation period.

Weakness[ ]

WIRE token will be hard to sell in secondary exchanges, since the company a?rmed they will not support or facilitate secondary trading, this may lead to liquidity problems.

Threats[ ]

People might refuse to link their social network account with cryptocurrency, because a lot of the users perceive crypto world as sketchy. Since the Final Platform is still under development, the future proposed features may change overtime, failing to meet user expectations. The Roadmap is general and it doesn’t provide with meaningful information about the process. There are some competitor, such a SEND, with similar features, this can segregate the number.

Team Overview[ ]

Jack Brown | CEO

Jack is a Co-Founder and CEO of Social Wallet Inc. He is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in launching startups. His first startup began in the 90’s when he founded SportsLinkReview which was a sports fan appreciation site. His most recent startup experience was as founder and CEO of PartnerShipPlus, a startup that partnered with vocational rehabilitation facilities to help disabled people return to work. He has a BS in Business with a double major in Marketing and Finance from Florida Southern College.

Luke Shepard | CIO and Lead Developer

Luke is a Co-Founder and CIO of Social Wallet. He is also the Lead Developer and sole creator of the social network integration technology. Luke is a full stack developer who has created software for many companies like British Telecoms and Vodafone. The monitoring platform he developed is presently used by over 100 different companies. His area of expertise is .NET framework with preference for C# programming language. He also is proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and super set languages like Typescript.

David Hunter | COO

David is a Co-Founder and COO of Social Wallet Inc. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. David has managed multi-million-dollar projects for Fortune 50 companies. He is also a real estate and cryptocurrency investor. David worked as a project manager for a community coin and helped with rebranding and restructuring of the project. The project has seen an increased value of over 1000% since last summer.

Competitors and similar coins[ ]


Social send coin (SEND)

Conclusions[ ]

The idea of sending cryptocurrency through social media will take the benefits of blockchain technology to approximately 2.7 billion users, this will be valuable to both, the market, which will be widely expanded, and the users, who are going to start being part of this disruptive financial technology. The ease of use is probably the winner feature of SW because it is what is going to enable that social networks user’s pay attention to the platform.

When comparing with Reddcoin, one of the early adopter of transfer cryptocurrency through social network, Social Wallet stands due to its feature “Zero Knowledge Recipient”, which means that an user can receive a cryptocurrency without even heard about this technology before and when linking this characteristics with the ease of set up, users will choose SW without even looking to the competitor because it is going to be as easy as sending money through Venmo or PayPal, but faster and cheaper.

Where to buy Social wallet (WIRE)[ ]

You can buy WIRE on the above exchanges in the WIRE/BTC, WIRE/ETH, WIRE/BNB (Binance) pairs.

Convert WIRE to USD EUR GBP and Fiat[ ]

Easily Calculate or Convert WIRE to US Dollars(USD), Euro(EURO) or Great Britain(GBP) Pounds and other World currencies below.

Our Crypto Converter makes this as easy as a breeze.

WIRE Whitepaper[ ]

Useful Links[ ]

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