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Ticker: SEM

What is Semux?[ ]

Semux is an experimental high-performance blockchain platform that powers decentralized applications. It’s written purely in Java and powered by Semux BFT consensus algorithm.

Maximum total supply: 100,000,000 SEM

Consensus algorithm: Semux BFT

SEM is currently still in the release candidate testing phase which was launched in September 2017. The planned official launch is in Quarter One of 2018.

SEM’s first round of distribution was a Bitcointalk signature airdrop. During this time you were able to register a delegate within the wallet, which cost 1,000 coins. These coins were burned. Once you have a delegate you are able to “vote” which locks up your coins and if your delegate was a validator you were able to mine additional coins at that time. Every 9 hours a validator would be created until the top #100 is set, and anything past the top #100 would not be eligible.

The more votes you have (you can use your coins or others can vote for you as a delegate) the higher on the list you go to secure your spot as a Validator. This will entice others to hold their coins and reduce the amount in circulation - thus raising overall market value. Supply and demand. SEM is also planning a second round of distribution with a Bitcoin snapshot, but there’s no set date for this yet.

SEM currently has 3 developers working on the project.

Convert SEM to USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

Easily Calculate or Convert SEM to US Dollars(USD), Euro(EURO) or Great Britain(GBP) Pounds and other World currencies below.

Our Crypto Converter makes this as easy as a breeze.