Scavenger Hunt Token

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What is Scavenger Hunt Token?[ ]

Scavenger Hunt Token adds location based services to the blockchain. Scavenger Hunt Token has build a platform where anyone can use their GPS location to find free crypto tokens while walking outside.

What problem does it solve?[ ]

People are spending more and more time indoors glued to consoles, headsets, phones, and TV. With Scavenger Hunt Token, we like to give people the opportunity to go out, meet new friends and reward them financially.

They recognized this problem at the same time as blockchain technology slowly starts taking over the world. With Scavenger Hunt Token we provide an interesting and educational, platform that engages users to discover the world around them by sharing location based information on a public ledger.

Users are rewarded for their participation with Ethereum ERC20 tokens. It’s a standard, most exchanges automatically support, so it can be globally traded for other assets. This means that active players who earn ST tokens can exchange them for Bitcoin or cash out — via exchange services (i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp and/or Kraken).

Scavenger Hunting[ ]

Scavenger Hunt Token has already released their first version of a web-app that proves that the current technology works. They have hidden approximately 20.450.880.000 ST tokens all over the world for you to find. Where the coins are hidden, is based on an algorithm that uses a one way key based on the GPS location and a pre-configured contract key. Multiple tokens are hidden at the same spot. The more tokens there are on a single spot, the lower the chance you can find them.

These chances are:

100.000 Tokens (0,000001%) 1.000 Tokens (0,001%) 500 Tokens (0,01%) 200 Tokens (0,1%) 50 Tokens (1%) 3 Tokens (10%)

To allow a healthy competition with others, three different types of coins can be discovered. While hunters are trying to get as much ST1, ST2 or ST3 tokens in their wallet, they keep the score by tracking the percentage of total coins owned by a single address. The owner that has acquired the highest percentage, makes that token the current winner. However other hunters are working hard to get their token to the first place! There is no technical difference between the three ST tokens, so everybody has the same chance of becoming the leader.

Scavenger Hunt Token News and Future[ ]

Looking into the future, Scavenger Hunt Token brings an interesting concept to the blockchain. They have a location based (GPS) token that allows the tracking and tracing of real-time objects on the blockchain. The technology allows attaching tokens to real-world object providing location based incentives for users. Think of a loyalty program where you will get 10.000 extra points if you visit a physical store within the next 24 hours. The ST technology makes this possible right now!

Conclusion[ ]

In other words, Scavenger Hunt Token provides an educational platform that allows users to place public information on a physical map. It brings an incentive to walk outside and explore the world, while being rewarded with spendable tokens. —Gotta find ’em all!