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Name: POWER LEDGER - P2p Electricity Surplus Trading On The Blockchain

Ticker: [POWR]

Price Info - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/power-ledger/

What is Power Ledger?[ ]

Power Ledger is a blockchain-based P2P energy trading platform that allows users to trade their energy surplus through the trustless network without a middleman. It launched in May 2016 and has been very active with conferences and partnerships.

Power Ledger is building a trustless, transparent, interoperable energy-trading platform. It will connect with both the current power system and with rapidly growing alternative energy sources, like solar and wind power.

In Dec 2017 POWR was launched on Changelly, has partnered up with BCPG to bring renewable energy to Thailand, has made it as finalist on the Talent Unleashed Awards, and was listed on Kucoin.

Partnerships and Milestones[ ]

In Jan 2018, Power Ledger signed an MOU with power company BCPG. BCPG is one of the largest private power producers in Thailand and has 182 megawatts of installed solar power capacity. In their first project together, they will establish a microgrid development in Bangkok. It will cover six to 10 multistory apartments.

Power Ledger also signed an MOU with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. It’s part of a larger project to create a Smart Park in Rayong. Power Ledger will facilitate the peer-to-peer energy trading.

The company already has several successful partnerships and pilot projects:

1. Busselton, Western Australia: Power Ledger’s pilot enabled a community to buy, sell, and trade energy on the Power Ledger platform. Power Ledger completely bypassed the traditional energy grid. A review of the project showed the average home in the community saved 600 Australian dollars (US$481) per year.

2. Origin Energy: One of Australia’s largest utility providers. In a pilot program between Origin and Power Ledger, Origin will explore the benefits and challenges of peer-to-peer energy trading.

3. The Australian Government: The Australian government granted Power Ledger 8 million Australian dollars for a project in Fremantle, Australia. The project will test the use of blockchain-powered distributed energy.

Over 2018, Power Ledger will be looking to strengthen existing relationships and form new ones. It intends to start distributing POWR tokens from its growth pool that will incentivize use of the platform.

It’s also looking for new areas for deployment. It recently partnered with the Clean Energy Blockchain Network to identify opportunities in North America.

They are also in talks for projects in India and Tasmania.

Also exciting is that Power Ledger is one of three finalists for Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge. They will get to showcase their product this upcoming October on Necker Island.

Power Ledger is quickly becoming one of the leading blockchain energy projects in the space.

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