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Name: Polyswarm

Ticker: NCT

Price info: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/polyswarm/

What is Polyswarm (NCT)?[ ]

Akin to mining for Bitcoin, cyber security programmers from around the world develop micro engines which "mine" for NCT a.k.a compete to best analyze malware (and other potentially cyber insecure) file samples and determine their threat, the winner/most accurate analysis gets a reward in PolySwarm Nectar token NCT (aka the "mining reward").

It's a two way marketplace- they provide the ability for anyone to submit files into this system, and the reward structure and architecture for cyber security experts around the world to develop and enact micro engines to obtain NCT rewards for their specialized knowledge.

The ultimate goal being a current, accurate, encompassing and decentralized anti-virus/cyber-security tool available to anyone. Potentially major anti-virus vendors themselves can source the PolySwarm marketplace for coverage that they are otherwise missing. Aka partnership potential.

NCT's Strengths[ ]

First mover advantage within a niche and useful concept. Competent team of established security experts. Go to their website. Read up. Not on any major exchange aside from Bitgur. Fresh out from token sale and currently valued at half it's ETH ICO price, and ~70% down from it's USD ICO value.

Where to buy Polyswarm (NCT)[ ]




You can buy NCT on the above exchanges in the NCT/BTC, NCT/ETH, NCT/USDT pairs.

Convert NCT to USD EUR GBP and Fiat[ ]

Easily Calculate or Convert NCT to US Dollars(USD), Euro(EURO) or Great Britain(GBP) Pounds and other World currencies below.

Our Crypto Converter makes this as easy as a breeze.