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Ticker: POE

Price Info: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/poet/

What is Po.et Coin?[ ]

The Po.et project is all about 'proof of existence'. The concept is easily seized as a very good disintermediation layer for 'content creators', that will allow the production of 'smart content licensing' in ways not yet even imagined by the Po.et project itself.

Not quite in the vein of AdEx, but in a similar space, and pace, the Po.et project has some very interesting features for both the 'creator communities' as well as the 'consumption' side of the equation.

Po.et Team:[ ]

The Po.et team includes well known producers in the technical realm such as Konstantin Richter, who gets props for his SaaS work.

In reviewing the Po.et effort and team (which is really the WHOLE of the package, as without good humans, what do you have?), we have a very nicely sized group of tech heads who are well focused, and presumably well guided by proven producers in large project space in the past.

Market[ ]

The Po.et target market space is also very well defined and crying for a solution to any of the many problems besetting intellectual property globally. The Po.et approach is seemingly both well timed, and expansive. This last in that artists, and creators of all kinds (groups, companies, organizations, humans, space aliens) will all be able to develop smart licensing contract exactly suited to not only their specific needs, but also the specific property under license.

The design of the Po.et blockchain can easily be seen as a future 'expert witness' in both real court trials, as well as their content created counterparts that will presumably be licensed under Po.et contracts.

Website: https://po.et/

Convert POE to USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

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