Origin trail

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Origin Trail Basic info[ ]

Name: Origin Trail

Ticker: TRAC

What is Origin Trial (TRAC)[ ]

OriginTrail is a protocol for building a supply chain based blockchains. Supply chains are estimated to be one of the biggest industries that benefit from the efficiency, incorruptibility, and transparency of the blockchain.

Uniqueness[ ]

While supply chain blockchains like Vechain, Wabi, and Modum already exists, they are platforms with a narrow field of focus.

Vechain is focused on luxury goods while Wabi and Modum are focused on counterfeit goods and pharmaceutical respectively. The global supply chain of the world encompasses countless types of goods and OriginTrail allows organizations to build their own supply chain based blockchain with the specification that they require.

Another advantage of OriginTrail is its ability to utilize different blockchains for fingerprinting which provides flexibility and ensures the longevity of the protocol by not having blockchain lock-in to one single platform. This could include Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA, Neo and even WTC & VET (making the data of said projects interoperable).

History[ ]

OriginTrail finished their ICO in Jan 2018 and raised $15 million dollars.

Partners[ ]

They are partnered with big retail companies such as Walmart (Walmart 2017 Food Safety Innovation Spark Award), Yimishiji (one of China’s largest online food stores), and is apart of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance which include members such as UPS, SAP, Salesforce, FedEx, Uber, JD Logistics, Daimler, etc.

Having been in development since 2013, this project has a working pilot and will have master nodes in the future.

Competitors and Similar Coins[ ]




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