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Name: NXT - Decentralizing the Future with Blockchain

Ticker: NXT

Price Info - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nxt/

What is NXT coin?[ ]

NXT is a platform that focuses on improving the functionality of applications on the blockchain. They employ a toolset for their users to build any kind of application they want, using, for example, products for flight companies and voting systems.

History[ ]

For every 2 NXT in their wallet at the end of December 2017, you get a free IGNIS. This caused a huge price spike that resulted in each token being valued at about $1 ATH. ARDR, the improved version of NXT, became active on January 1st 2018.

Competition/ Similar Coins[ ]

Ethereum (ETH)

Stratis (STRAT)

Lisk (LSK)

Convert NXT to USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

Easily Calculate or Convert NXT to US Dollars(USD), Euro(EURO) or Great Britain(GBP) Pounds and other World currencies below.

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