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Nmae: MobileGo - Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform

Ticker: MGO

Price Info -

History[ ]

In July 2017, MobileGo launched a beta version of their GameCredits gaming store. Each game on the platform along with all in-game purchases could be bought with these credits. Since its release the token price has declined, but has now found a steady support zone.

What is Mobilego[ ]

MobileGo is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum, in development within the GameCredits (GAME) mobile store, which is an Android app that will host thousands of mobile games on demand. MGO is implemented as a means of creating solutions with smart contracts instead of only having GAME as a cryptocurrency.

The mobile gaming market has seen drastic growth over the years and with the rise of cryptocurrency, the decentralized mobile gaming market was inevitable. GameCredits was the first cryptocurrency to propose the concept back in 2015, however it did not truly gain prominence until the extraordinary $53M MobileGo ICO last year. Since then, there have been many copycats, money-grabs, and hopeless attempts at repeating MobileGo’s success. the issue with the mobile gaming-based cryptocurrencies is that they are too broad, competing for markets they will never be able to attain in any reasonable time frame, assuring them almost guaranteed bankruptcy in the process.

Competition/ Similar Coins[ ]

FirstBlood (1ST)

GameCredits (GAME)

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