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Loopring Basic Info[ ]

Name: Loopring - Decentralized Exchange and Open Protocol

Ticker: [LRC]

Price Info - https://www.coinmarketcap.com/currencies/loopring/

What is Loopring Coin?[ ]

Loopring is a fairly new token that aims to solve decentralized exchanging in a slightly different way than other projects. Essentially they will allow any platform that uses smart contracts to trade across exchanges in a very flexible way.

Loopring Technology[ ]

Loopring is an open protocol for building decentralized exchanges. It has an execution system which pools the liquidity of cryptocurrencies and trades across token exchanges. It doesn’t require users to send tokens to exchanges, instead tokens stay in their blockchain addresses during the whole transaction and Loopring takes care of the rest, acting as a decentralized middleman.

Loopring Milestones[ ]

In February 2018, Loopring launched their open-source ring- mining software. By the end of April in same year, they will also be launching an open-source wallet to trade with Loopring Protocol.

In Jan 2018 Loopring released its roadmap for 2018. Daniel Wang, founder of Loopring, attended the Bitcoin Super Conference in Texas in February and has very recently been interviewed by China Daily USA newspaper, as well as MIT Technology review. The current price per

Future[ ]

In the near future they plan to provide RLT tokens holders with sustainable loyalty rewards, present animated 3D designs with visual and sound effects, and introduce a voting system to manage key parameters of the project.

Where to buy Loopring[ ]

You can buy LRC on the above exchanges in the LRC/BTC, LRC/ETH, LRC/BNB (Binance) pairs.




Competition and Similar Coins to Loopring[ ]

Waves (WAVES)

Bitshares (BTS)

0x (ZRX)

Convert LRC to USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

Easily Calculate or Convert Loopring - LRC to US Dollars, Euro or Great Britain Pounds other World currencies below.

Our Crypto Converter makes this as easy as a breeze.