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Name: LBRY Credits - Censorship-Resistant Art Marketplace on the Blockchain

Ticker: LBC

Price Info: -

Website: -

What is LBRY Credits Coin?[ ]

LBRY is an ad-free digital content platform. Like a decentralized youtube that allows you to buy/sell content, or give it away for free. LBRY takes a step in the right direction when it comes to censorship-resistance.

LBRY is the first digital decentralized marketplace with a focus on digital goods controlled by the market’s participants themselves. This means that content creators are responsible for their content. LBRY is censorship resistant, allowing everyone to create and sell whatever they want with a focus on movies, books, and games.

Importance of the LBRY Coin[ ]

With the blockchain connection comes costs, and therefore tokens/coins. These are internal to the LBRY network and are used to pay for the gas to deliver the content as well as pay for storage and processing for the namespace. Thus instantly monetized, the decentralized network becomes a Youtube competition without censorship. This will be a very large draw for this service.

LBRY Technology[ ]

LBRY is a fully decentralized network built with electron, has a javascript interface app, and C++ namespace blockchain. The organization has chosen the perfect languages for each of the aspects of the combined service. The C++ namespace coding will allow for the tightest possible code base providing for both speed of execution, and cost savings in operational gas. While the javascript interface and electron network support provide for ease of continuing updates, bug fixes, and expansion.

The LBRY API offers many openings for additional services, including metrics, analytics, and other support, or leveraging opportunities as the service grows over the years. It would be expected that new forms of social media will arise through the use of this API.

That LBRY is a user fulfilling service, that requires content from its users, suggests the growth rate can be predictably plotted once certain user thresholds are achieved. This will assist in load and growth planning for LBRY.

Milestones[ ]

LBRY has been gaining popularity lately. Over 150,000 pieces of content are currently available on the platform, including movies and LBRY originals. In February 2018, LBRY attended Bitcoin Super Conference, represented by Jeremy Kauffman, LBC’s founder and CEO.

Through the end of Q1 2018, YouTube Sync program re-launches with Partner Program to build on its current list of creators and create incentives to bring on even more. They will also launch their Android app in alpha, and release their technical whitepaper draft.

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Competition/ Similar Coins[ ]

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