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KOMODO - Transparent Icos On The Blockchain

Acroymn – KMD

Price Info - www.coinmarketcap/currencies/komodo

What Is Komodo Coin?[ ]

Komodo is a decentralized ICO (Initial Coin Offering) platform. Since many ICOs have received a bad rep lately due to a great number of Them being scams, Komodo seeks to solve this issue with a platform where ICOs can be launched in a transparent and trustless manner. Supported by Jumblr, Komodo's technology guarantees complete privacy for all ICO parties.

The Kmd Team[ ]

Komodo is one of a kind. The ambitious team is, however, unknown to most of us. The main developer goes by The handle Jl777. This could be a setback for investors.

Technology[ ]

Monaize will be Komodo's first ICO and it will be on sale November 10th 2017. It plans to bridge The gap between electronic banking for small businesses and freelancers, and cryptocurrencies.

Komodo offers a product that was yet to be created. For mass adoption to be achieved, investors need to feel like They can trust The system.

Listed Exchanges[ ]




Competition/ Similar Coins[ ]

Ethereum (ETH)

Qtum (QTUM)

Neo (NEO)

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