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Name: Kickico

Ticker: KICK

Price Info:

What is KickCity coin - KICKCOIN?[ ]

KickCity aims to become the first blockchain-based social network in which the exchange of information and value occurs simultaneously. They plan to disrupt the social networking space the same way Steemit is currently disrupting mainstream blogging.

Event-Ticketing[ ]

Scalping, reselling, and forging of tickets are a serious problem–in the industry.

The KickCity platform cuts out the need for costly and unnecessary middlemen involved in the payment processing sector, connecting event organizers directly with attendees in a lossless manner. The cost savings are passed down to end users through promotional campaigns in which consumers are able to earn rewards by helping promote an event. The platform offers incentives to consumers to go through KickCity to purchase their tickets and refer friends. This provides substantial benefits to users: including price reductions, special offers, and loyalty rewards. These features provide a high degree of utility to event organizers who are able to save time, money, and effort in their marketing campaigns.

Loyalty program[ ]

KickCity’s rewards program is very beneficial to event organizers. Loyalty rewards are one of the great functions of the KCY token which provides value to both the consumer and event organizer.

Blockchain-based loyalty rewards programs provide several key advantages for merchants and end users. First, the cost of establishing and maintaining reward programs are very high. Building the payment infrastructure and managing these systems are not only costly, they are also challenging to administer. Ensuring each user is rewarded appropriately, effectively, and efficiently is a common problem faced by merchants today. This is an area in which the KCY token provides further value to event organizers.

KickCity is going to implement the rewards program in the form of a decentralized P2P promotion network.

Essentially, KickCity protocols allow for a reward-based event marketing system in which you earn points, or “kickbacks,” for referring people to an event on the platform. This provides value to the consumer as well as offering incentives for continued use of the platform. Additionally, event organizers interested in leveraging the community power of the platform can do so very easily. The community’s power and their ability to interact directly to exchange information establish the peer-to-peer marketing aspect of the platform. In this regard, the cost of promotional campaigns is greatly reduced, allowing for additional discounts to end-users.

The system would enable event organizers to use KickCity as a highly efficient, cost-effective promotional tool which passes on savings to consumers. In the long term, it is a potentially self-sustaining business model, thanks to their focus on building “communities of value.”

Competition[ ]

There is certainly competition in the blockchain-based event ticketing space: Aventus is a great example of that. The Aventus platform is equally strong in many regards. However, KCY claims to be is far more scalable.

The KCY token provides a highly scalable event planning, creation, and ticketing distribution service. Anybody can use KickCity to administer an event, but what truly creates value for the platform is its ability to take on mainstream accounts/ partnerships.

Technology[ ]

The KICK token is built on Bancor protocols which enable continuous liquidity and price-stability so that third-party platforms interested in using the services can do so without any confusion on price disparities. The model empowers existing businesses interested in leveraging blockchain technology to do so in a way that prevents the current issues associated within the ticketing industry.

The KICK token allows for existing event organizational platforms to create their own customizable tokens, meaning that they can create tokens which do not dampen their brand power.

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