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What is humaniq (HMQ) Coin?[ ]

The humaniq coin is designing a 'mobile bank' for the 'unbanked' population across the planet. This market size needs to be considered as it is in the billions of people needing access to banking services without any hope of obtaining them.

Conceived of as more than a coin, but rather as a strategic vision, the humaniq is a very ambitious plan.

Their approach is certainly achievable, and the facts of the size of their market speaks for itself.

Critique:[ ]

The approach is solid, at least as represented by the white paper and the work subsequent. The presentation for humaniq has a sufficiently robust level of social message, but it does not intrude on the practical message being brought forward. The plan of action for the humaniq crew is clear, easily followed, and already providing proof of concept with early successes.

Convert HMQ to USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

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