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Name: GIFTO - “gifting protocol.”

Ticker: GTO

Price info: -

What is GIFTO?[ ]

GIFTO is a platform that allows users to create, curate, buy, sell, and trade digital gifts across any platform.

GIFTO Technology:[ ]

The GIFTO platform uses the Ethereum-based ERC721 standard to ensure each digital item is unique. That allows content creators to make one-of-a- kind gifts that fans can buy.

Gifts can be as simple as a virtual lipstick, handbags, or dresses. Or they can involve complex animations of virtual Lamborghinis, flying unicorns, or cascading rose petals. The permutations are endless.

To use the GIFTO platform, you need the GTO token

Potential Users of GIFTO[ ]

Asia Innovations Group (AIG) which is behind the GIFTO project, owns a series of online gaming (not gambling) and live streaming platforms, including Uplive.

AIG already has as an installed user base of 100 million users…

Of those 100 million, 20 million use the “closed” diamond token on Uplive, Uplive users send over 25 million gifts per month.

Uplive is in the process of switching all its users from the internal diamond currency to the GIFTO token. That means GTO usage is on track to hit 25 million transactions per month.

Currently, GIFTO is testing a closed version of the system with its Uplive users and are weeks away from introducing the “open” version on Uplive. Eventually, AIG expects to roll the coin out to all 100 million users.

GIFTO is also testing the token on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. That will give GIFTO access to the 4.3 billion users of those platforms, too.

Power of “Gamification”[ ]

Andy Tian leads the GIFTO project. Andy was responsible for rolling out Google’s Android software in China. He also built a popular gaming company in China that was bought out by Zynga.

Zynga is the $700 million-per-year gaming studio that was behind Facebook’s megahit Farmville. Andy ran Zynga’s China operations for three years.

In June 2013, Andy Tian left Zynga to start AIG. In four short years, AIG has grown into a $100 million-plus business with over 100 million users and 300 employees across the globe. AIG intends to use gamification to drive rapid adoption of the GIFTO token.

Recent News and Developments[ ]

Gifto recently partnered with Nebulas in 2018. Nebulas is like Google for the blockchain and performs searches across blockchains, decentralized applications, and smart contracts.

The partnership will rank, categorize, and measure the value of millions of blockchain virtual items on the Gifto protocol network. This will give Uplive users an easy framework for discovering and sharing virtual gifts.

Update 2:

As of April 2018, Gifto is working on a wallet. It’s the first step to getting Uplive’s current userbase of over 30 million to start using GIFTO.

The GIFTO wallet will be a real-life application of crypto tokens to purchase goods and services on a large commercial platform.

The wallet is testing in-house right now with over 400 participants.

Release is expected before the end of the second quarter.

Gifto also entered into two key strategic partnerships for the security of its platform.

The first is with DATA, a company that offers data authentication technology. DATA can detect malicious nodes in the Gifto ecosystem and prevent them from generating fake virtual gifts.

The second partnership is with DATx, a decentralized advertising ecosystem with anti-fraud monitoring technology.

Gifto’s goal for 2018 is simple: Create the largest consumer application of blockchain technology measured by actual user data.

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