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Ticker: FUN


Why Funfair (FUN) token?[ ]

Unlike other non-mined 'coins', the Funfair Fun token does not skirt Securities issues as their tokens have an immediate use, inside their online casinos. Noting that gambling is going to continue, and Funfair does have a reputation already established as an effective online gaming entertainment provider, the concept should be seen as a 'captive loyalty token' more than a cryptocurrency per se, though as 'captive tokens' they will be spendable in any of the supported sites, but note all the supported sites are gambling oriented.

Critique:[ ]

The concept of FunFair is to provide support for online casino gaming across the Ethereum blockchain. The white paper includes a description, albeit at high level, of their technology innovations, and they do look very promising. The approach certainly will work for speed, and there are not any apparent flaws in the design for the 'social' part of their support system for developers and casino creators. Bear in mind that FunFair is not going to be building and running online casinos, they are going to be building the online casino tools. Their issue about the speed of transactions is accurately placed in how the ethereum blockchain works, and it has a better than even chance of working and dominating the niche.

Their rewards and payouts concept is also very well considered, and seemingly well adapted to developing cryptocurrency world in action.

A non mined coin, the FUN coin will have 40% (almost), reserved for founders and advisors.

The FUN coin will have consumption of the currency over time in the system, its costs, and payouts.

Convert FUN to USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

Easily Calculate or Convert FUN to US Dollars, Euro or Great Britain Pounds other World currencies below.

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