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DADI (Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet)

Dadi History[ ]

DADI (Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet) has been in operation since 2013 and has been used with over 200 brands worldwide including, Virgin, Empire, & Monocle.

Dadi Team[ ]

They have a strong core team ( of 18 full time staff whose prior experience include lead technical roles at Barclays Bank, the BBC, Airlock, Tesco, and Time Inc. The DADI global cloud platform is natural extension of their current business, focused on providing a variety of web services so clients can grow and scale their products at a fraction of the cost of competitors, like AWS.

What is Dadi Token / Technology[ ]

The DADI token is used to pay for usage of the web services suite with fees paid out to hosts, gateways, and the ecosystem infrastructure with a portion being burned to control infl ation. More information on hosts, gateways, and payment methods can be found in the white paper (

The platform utilizes a fog computing structure, a decentralized pool of devices connected to the internet —meaning no single authority can regulate how resources are distributed. A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) organizes the fog computing of DADI, which also prevents the need for consumers to pay ahead of time as they would with centralized cloud platforms.

The test-net is currently live and you can check it out the CDN and other DADI dApps at They are additionally powering asset delivery for one of its major clients. Full details of the network can be found at and the full development roadmap here: DADI looks poised to deliver a highly functional cloud platform and web services product with multiple use cases and active clients in testing.

Controversy[ ]

DADI has been accused of plagiarism and there is no denying it, section 3.6.4 of DADI’s whitepaper very poorly paraphrased a part of SONM’s own white paper. The issue was raised on r/cryptocurrency and was “crypto viral” soon after. DADI acknowledged the issue, showed how the details contained weren’t in line with the current development, and then updated the white paper accordingly.

The information utilized by DADI required citations and credit where credit was due, and they had overlooked this.

Hacking[ ]

Dadi was recently accused of being hacked in March 2018 and all participants in their ICO, had their information stolen by spammers. DADI never refuted such claims

Where to Buy Dadi Token[ ]




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