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Basic Info[ ]

Name: Current - An Incentivized, Blockchain Enabled Multimedia Ecosystem

Ticker: (CRNC)

Project Type: Streaming Ecosystem

Project Description: Current consolidates the best content and features from the most popular media networks into an all-in-one personalized experience.

Token Symbol: CRNC


White paper:

Presale Date: February 7, 2018 (12:00AM CT) - February 21, 2018 (11:59PM CT)

Main Sale Date: March 14, 2018 (12:00AM CT) - April 4, 2018 (11:59PM CT)

Company: Current

Industry: Media Streaming

What is Curent Coin?[ ]

Current project creates a digital Token that rewards all users for their attention, data-and time spent during their media streaming experience. This platform will combine popular media networks such as SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, among-others, into one place. This generated Token can be used to purchase an extensive range of products, services, in-platform advertising and can also be traded.

Technology[ ]


This Platform puts together the content and features from the most used Media Networks, enabling an all-in-one media experience; consequently, it will be focused on incentivizing Social Media and Advertising. The system will use blockchain to provide a transparent distribution of contents, payments, goods and services; furthermore, it will also allow the platform to gather the information regarding the user behavior in a proper way.


The Protocol is designed to stimulate users to play media and reward them based on their time consumption, shared data and inputs within the ecosystem. Verifying the initializer, measuring the value of any given action of the system and then calculating the correct Token rewards to allocate them correctly, are the three steps by which the participants of the consumption cycle are rewarded. Consuming more than 30 seconds of play will trigger the initializer. From now on, consumption will be referred as “mining” throughout the paper.

Every mined Token will be distributed amongst the creator, curator, consumer and potential referrer, which will benefit all of the stakeholders.

Current [CRNC] Token[ ]

The utility Token used by Current is CRNC (pronounced “Currency”). This Token can be commercialized on participating trade, as well as it can be used as a cash substitute within the Current system; becoming the main currency inside the network and being used to pay premium services.

These services may cover online usage, Ad-free streaming, exclusive content and access to memberships that includes premium networks of Current partners. In the future, users will be able to buy physical goods and other services with tokens; likewise, CRNC could be sent between users within the platform. Moreover, the advertisers will function as stakeholders, who will be able to use the token and will also need to acquire them in order to promote campaigns within the Current network.

What Problems Does Current [CRNC] Solve?[ ]

More Convenient Streaming

Trough Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Current will have access to contents through multiple services, consolidating the information that is now segregated for the users; therefore, reducing the limitation of just having access to hosted content.

Reducing Ownership Barriers

CRNC eliminates any barriers to enter, allowing users to start earning tokens immediately, without needing to know how the cryptocurrency market works.

Best Recommendations

Content Based Filtering and Collaborative Filtering will be leveraged by Current’s recommendation algorithm, providing recommendation in two ways: one based on the user consumption history and another one based on what similar users listened to. The information will be contributed by all the services that users utilize within the network, which will make the gathered information richer than the other ones collected from the other platforms.

Current [CRNC] Team Overview[ ]

Dan Novaes | Co-Founder and CEO

Dan has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Bloomberg TV for his entrepreneurial achievements and amassed a following of 1,200,000. He's had two prior exits from companies generating tens of millions in revenue. Dan has been investing in the block chain space since 2013.

Kiran Panesar | Co-Founder and CTO

Kiran has built and overseen sites that provide secure, scalable web services for tens of thousands of concurrent users, handling over 1 billion requests per month. He’s passionate about bringing the same scalability to decentralized technology.

Nick McEvily | Co-Founder and CPO

With an extensive experience leading software and design teams for the last eight years, Nick manages product design and development at Current. He has spoken on blockchain technologies and is an avid Ethereum and Bitcoin investor.

Josh Moyer | Business and Marketing Manager Experienced across business development, UI/UX, research, paid marketing, growth and data analytics. Leveraging his unique skill set, he’s driven hundreds of thousands of downloads from the 13-24 year old demographic and facilitated partnerships with major influencers.

Sehamus Doheny | Curation Director

Seamus has years of experience in the media space as a music video producer for Tokio and an alumni of Atlantic Records & OWSLA. At Current he supervises artist partnerships, creates original content, and maintains the highest curatorial standard.

Steven Lee | Engineer

Steven is Lead iOS Developer at Current. He has performed research in using machine learning combined with predictive algorithms to analyze financial data. The use of his knowledge will help the algorithm to provide recommendations through Current.

Principal Advisors and Investors[ ]

Mark Cuban | Chairman 2929 Entertainment

Investor, Innovator and Philanthropist. Early in his career he sold his computer consultancy, MicroSolutions, to Compu Serve. As pioneer of digital media broadcast, he later launched and sold to Yahoo. Beyond that, 2929 Entertainment owns and manages AXS TV (previously HDNet). Current owner of Dallas Mavericks.

Dave Hoover| Co-founder Dev Bootcamp

With a background in Psychology, Dave’s been an engineer ever since he became interested in how technologists become competent and keep up with the constant change in the ecosystems. Minority owner of 3 acquired companies. Supports his 14 portfolio companies.

Galia Benartzi| Co-founder and Business Development Bancor Foundation

As a technology entrepreneur, she has been building software startups since 2005. She has been through multiple acquisitions, wind downs, venture capital financing and everything in between. She Co-founded Bancor, one of the top 5 ICO’s of 2017. Studied at Dartmouth College and Johns Hopkins University.

Daniel Hoffer| Founder Couchsurfing

Investor, advisor, and strategic general management expert with a passion for both consumer and SAAS, especially in the areas of online travel, marketplaces, and sharing economy, among others. Professional experience as a VC, Fortune 500 product executive, and founder/CEO.

Competition/Similar Coins[ ]

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Links[ ]



Twitter: Current_CRNC

Facebook: CurrentCRNC

Medium: current-crnc