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Name: Counterparty - Opening The Door To Innovation In Bitcoin

Ticker: XCP

Price Info: -

What is Counterparty [XCP] coin?[ ]

Counterparty is a protocol that ‘extends Bitcoin’s functionality’ by allowing developers to create layers upon the Bitcoin network to make it more scalable and accessible to the masses, including the creation of smart contracts in Bitcoin’s network. XCP coins can be used to pay for the execution of their smart contract codes, and holding it allows holders to vote on game-changing decisions.

Milestones[ ]

In January 2018, XCP has forked and launched XCPC (Counterparty Cash), which is a protocol that can be used to create new layers on top of the BitcoinCash network. Multi-Peer Multi-Asset (MPMA) sends will allow many assets to be sent to many peers in a single transaction. P2SH data encoding was also implemented.

XCP seeks to implement the following: a virtual machine, serialized tokens, atomic swaps, pico payments, and Lightning Network.

Listed Exchanges[ ]





Competition/ Similar Coins[ ]

Omni (OMNI)

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