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Name: CoinFi - All in-one decentralized market intelligence platform

Ticker: COFI

Price Info -

Basic Info[ ]

Project Type: Financial Intelligence

Project Description: Confi is an all in-one decentralized market intelligence platform that seeks to provide investors and traders the tools to thrive in the cryptocurrency market. It features in-house and crowdsourced analyst research, trading signals, and algorithms.


White paper:

Company: CoinFi

ConFi ICO Details[ ]

Public ICO launch: Jan 15 - Feb 4 (Pre-sale)

Public ICO end date: Feb 22

Token type: ERC-20

Token Distribution:

-16.7% is raised in a presale to early investors.

-33.3% is raised in a public token sale with the funds raised allocated to the company for the development of the product. -30% retained by company shareholders.

-20% retained by the CoinFi Foundation to incentivize partners and early adopters of the product.

Token Supply: ~300,000,000

Presale Min. Contribution: 1 ETH

Crowdsale Min. Contribution: 0.25 ETH

Maximum contribution: 25 ETH

Token role: Incentive for content creators and premium subscriptions

What is CoinFi?[ ]

CoinFi offers crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis, trading signals, trading algorithms, and market-moving news to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence needed to gain an edge. On their whitepaper, they claim to use a multitude of techniques to provide impactful buy/sell signals for cryptocurrency.

CoinFi project aims to consolidate all the necessary tools that investors and traders need to obtain an advantage over the crypto marketplace in one single platform. The rapidly growing world of cryptocurrencies, markets, businesses and derivatives creates an extremely large and difficult to navigate universe of data that makes it tedious and time-consuming for investors to find the right information at the right time to make decisions in such a volatile market.

Coinfi Financial Technology[ ]

CoinFi's technology platform offers trading signals, trading algorithms, automated trading bots and data feeds. The platform includes in-house tools developed by ex-Wall Street technologists, as well as a marketplace that provides access to crowdsourced trading signals. Users who contribute their trading signals will receive CoinFi tokens commensurate to the community's assessment of their value.

Content provided by a contributor, whether it’s research, analysis, a news tip, or a trading signal – is run through several layers of filtering to ensure that users can access the wisdom of the crowds while avoiding the noise.

What problems ConFi solve?[ ]

There is no simple solution for investors or traders to learn more about a specific coin or ICO. The information remains scattered across different platforms which makes it tedious to find quality content scattered across different platforms like Twitter, reddit, Telegram channels, etc. Besides that, it gives you different techniques, tools, signals to get the necessary advantage in the crypto market.

Coinfi Complete RoadMap[ ]

The CoinFi Roadmap in order of priority:

2018 Q1: Platform Launch

News and content aggregation overlaid on price charts per cryptocurrency

Obtain minute-level historical price data and market data feeds for cryptocurrencies

Develop editorial procedures, begin in-house compilation of news aggregation on existing cryptocurrencies

Search and filter functionality

User authentication and authorization

Social functionality including upvote/downvote and sharing

Prototype of machine learning algorithms for content classification, quality assurance, and fraud detection

2018 Q2: Personalization

Accept staked tokens for advanced functionality

Custom cryptocurrency portfolio dashboard

Custom newsfeed / watchlist

Custom email subscriptions for specific cryptocurrency newsfeeds

Allow user to follow others portfolios

2018 Q3: Launch premium subscription for content

Sentiment analysis of real-time news data per cryptocurrency

Accept community content contributions

2018Q4: Trading signals

Abnormal volatility detection

Abnormal price movement detection

Abnormal volume detection

Increased social mention detection

Best price exchange identification

Best currency pair identification

Source code release detection

Launch premium subscription for trading signals

Accept community contributed trading signals

2019 Q1: Trading algorithms

VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)

TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price)

BWAP (Block Weighted Average Price)


% of Volume

Target Close

Implementation Shortfall

Launch premium subscription for trading algorithms

Accept community contributed trading algorithms

2019 Q2: Auction framework

Develop auction platform

Private auctions

Dutch auction

Reverse auction

Build ability to leave reviews on vendor quality

Escrow service for auction payment

2019 Q3 Platform architecture for combining and customizing signals

Platform architecture for custom signals

UI/UX for developing custom signals

Drag and drop functionality to combine signals

Custom alerting

ConFi Team Overview[ ]

An overview of some of the most important team members:

Timothy Tam | Co-Founder: 10+ years in equities trading and hedge funds. Started his career in Goldman Sachs Asia, before working as a senior trader in two Asia hedge funds each with $1+ billion assets under management. In his last role he was cofounder of an Asia Long Short Hedge Fund that specialized in event trading.

Han Chang | Co-Founder: Master's in Computer Science from Boston University. Early Bitcoin investor, founded a Chinese Bitcoin exchange; previously at MIT Lincoln Labs, OkCupidLabs, and Lime Brokerage. 8+ years of professional experience developing web applications serving 10M+ users as well as writing black box equity trading algorithms.

Nate Tsang | Co-Founder: Holds a Juris Doctor from UAlberta Law. 7+ years of experience as a growth hacker in media startups as well as developing multiple web properties that have cumulatively grown from zero to 10M+ pageviews. Cofounder of a keyword intelligence platform for digital marketers, acquired in 2016.

Laplie Anderson | Lead Engineer: Bachelor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT. Experience at IBM and Lime Brokerage; served as lead developer / financial systems architect managing an engineering team that built low latency trading platforms at OpenBondX and Lime Brokerage. Expert in the design and architecture of trading systems.

Where and How to Buy Coinfi[ ]


CoinFi Competitors[ ]


Sharpe capital




Coinfi News and Milestones[ ]

CoinFi recently announced that they closed a $15 million ICO in march 2018 and their COFI coin is used primarily as remuneration for community members who provide insightful technical analysis for price growth. They believe that a rising asset coin will serve as a unified incentive for everyone who spends time in generating good crypto signals for the community.

Furthermore, it has a solid team with investment banking and equity trading background, who were cryptocurrency early adopters as well.

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