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Nmae: CIVIC - Identity Verification on the Blockchain

Ticker: - CVC

Price Info - https://www.coinmarketcap/currencies/civic

What is CIVIC?[ ]

Using decentralized programing and biometrics, Civic enables personal identity verification. You don't need an account, and there's no third party involved.

The team of CVC[ ]

CEO Vinny Lingham is an experienced entrepreneur. Born in South Africa, He’s founded Gyft, and has had years of experience. CTO Jonathan Smith has 15 years in banking and technology.

Public opinion and criticisms[ ]

Investors and traders love Civic because of one big reason - if The team do everything right, and blockchain does eventually take over The world, Then Civic has a great chance of being The verification company of The future.

Civic is a unique blockchain company that is beginning to use Their identity protection technology services to partner with successful companies such as BitGo.

Where to buy[ ]





Competition/ Similar Coins[ ]




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