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Cindicator Basic info[ ]

Name: Cindicator - The Wisdom of Crowds

Ticker: CND

CND Price Info -

What is Cindicator?[ ]

Cindicator is a Wisdom of Crowds platform, aimed at analyzing sentiments from the market, in order to increase market returns.

The Cindicator Token[ ]

The way to access this intelligence is through a crypto token called Cindicator (CND). Cindicator is a utility token. That means you need to use Cindicator tokens to access the project’s trading signals.

20% of its tokens are already being used to secure Cindicator’s prediction services. Compare that to other prediction coins such as Augur, Gnosis, and Stox, where 100% of their coin holdings are for speculation.

What makes Cindicator Different[ ]

What makes Cindicator so different from Gnosis, Augur, and Stox?

Tapping into Collective Wisdom

Aside from having an actual working product, Cindicator utilizes hybrid intelligence. Hybrid intelligence works in two parts.

The first part uses something called crowd intelligence…

Crowd intelligence is a method of making predictions of future events by polling a group of people and averaging their answers. The average opinion of the crowd is generally more accurate than that of a single expert.

How Does Cindicator Work?[ ]

Cindicator gathers data by polling 30,000 analysts through its Android app. These analysts answer questions about future events. (The analysts are paid proportionally from a reward fund based on the accuracy of their forecasts. The more accurate their predictions, the more they are paid.)

Cindicator then aggregates the polling data and runs it through the AI component, which sends trading signals to Cindicator token holders. The more tokens you own, the more (and better) information you receive.

To date, Cindicator has been correct 72.4% of the time across all of its predictions (according to its published forward test results).

How to Stake Cindicator Tokens[ ]

To access Cindicator’s data, you have to either spend (i.e., send tokens to Cindicator) or “stake” a certain amount of coins.

Staking Cindicator’s predictions: When you stake Cindicator tokens, you put them into a wallet that proves your ownership. So long as the coins stay in the wallet, you continue to receive trading signals.

Cindicator Packages[ ]

Cindicator offers four tiers for data access. They require as little as 5,000 tokens for the beginner package and as much as 1 million tokens for their “Cryptometer” Bot 2.0 package. (Trading bots automatically execute trades based on preset algorithms, indicators, or parameters.)

The four tiers of service are: Beginner, Trader, Expert, and Cryptometer.

Hence, the more tokens you use per package, the more services you receive.

1. Beginner Package:

5,000 tokens will cost you around $350 at current prices. That will get you access to the Beginner Package. This package gives you:

i. Community choice indicator: One crypto pick per week

ii. Market events probability indicators: A weekly prediction that can cover traditional markets, politics, or cryptos.

As an example, the Cindicator Bot sent an alert to Beginner traders on December 20, 2017 to buy Ripple (XRP) at 70 cents. It rallied to over $3.

2. Trader Package:

200,000 tokens will cost you around $15,000 at current prices. That will get you access to the Trader Package. The Trader Package includes everything from the Beginner Package plus the following:

i. Weekly support and resistance levels: Projected highs and lows of a selection of cryptos and traditional financial assets.

ii. ICO ranking: A ranking of upcoming ICOs from best to worst

iii. Price level indicators: Predictions on whether a crypto will reach a certain dollar value by a specific date

As an example, the Cindicator Bot sent an alert to traders on December 11, 2017 on Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX) before the market opened. VRX made 8.5% in just a few days.

3. Expert Package:

700,000 tokens will cost you around $52,500 at current prices. That will get you access to the Expert Package. The Expert Package includes everything from the Beginner and Trader Packages plus the following:

i. Price level indicators: Tracks a basket of the most popular stocks and indexes and predicts they will reach a certain dollar value by a specific date.

On December 14, 2017, the Cindicator Bot indicated Verify (CRED) as the highest-growth ICO on its list. Those who acted on the alert when it was sent made 20 times their money priced in U.S. dollars.

Cindicator Cryptometer Bot 2.0[ ]

1 million tokens will cost you around $75,000 at current prices. That will get you access to the Cryptometer Bot 2.0 Package. It includes everything from the Beginner, Trader, and Expert Packages, plus the following:

•The Cryptometer Bot generates 1–5 arbitrage trades each day. An arbitrage works by buying a token on one exchange (where the price is lower) and selling the exact amount of the same token on another exchange (where the price is higher).

Here’s a published sample of some arbitrage opportunities you would have had access to over the first two weeks:

• An opportunity to make 13.7% on BitcoinCash (BCH) as it traded higher on Poloniex compared to Bitfinex.

• An opportunity to make 14.1% on Ripple (XRP) as it traded higher on Kraken compared to Poloniex.

• An opportunity to make 152.9% on Neo (NEO) as it traded higher on Bittrex compared to Bitfinex.

Cindicator says you should expect to make 1–3% per day with Cryptometer Bot.

During its first two weeks, five trades could have made you 5% or more. The Neo trade was notable. A flash crash on Bitfinex on November 29, 2017 caused Neo to plunge.

There’s no way you could manually find such an opportunity. But Cryptometer Bot 2.0 users had a full five minutes—an eternity for cryptocurrency arbitrage —to make over 150%.

If you can make 1% per day with Cryptometer Bot 2.0, that’s 3,678% annualized.

Cindicator Marketing[ ]

Cindicator in 2018, will launch a global marketing campaign that will put its market-beating trading signals in front of every major hedge fund in the world.

Cindicator says the strategy includes reaching larger audiences through finance, tech and business media… increasing online marketing… and working with opinion leaders and influential bloggers.

Why Hold the Cindicator Token?[ ]

The way you access Cindicator’s signals is by proving you own a certain number of tokens.

To keep getting the information, you have to maintain your ownership. This effectively shrinks the pool of available tokens. To date, more than 20% of CND tokens have been removed from the market via staking.

The total token count is capped at 2 billion. (There are 1.4 billion actually in the market; 5% of the tokens have gone to rewarding contributors and the rest are held by Cindicator under a two-year vesting schedule.)

That means there can never be more than 2,000 users of Cindicator’s most valuable product, Cryptometer Bot 2.0 (It costs 1 million tokens. 1 million x 2,000 = 2 billion).

Cindicator Competition[ ]

20% of Cindicator tokens are already being used to secure Cindicator’s prediction services. However other prediction coins such as Augur, Gnosis, and Stox, has 100% of their coin holdings purely for speculation. This is largely because none of these projects have a live service yet, though they’ve been trading since October 2015, May 2017, and August 2017, respectively.

Where to Buy Cindicator Coin[ ]

You can buy CND in the following exchanges with Bitcoin. It is usually delimited in the CND/BTC pairs, CND/ETH, CND/BNB.





Future of Cindicator[ ]

Cindicator recently released its roadmap for 2018. For the quarter, Cindicator is looking to add 13 new hires to its current team of 31 full- time employees and 23 advisers and consultants.

The team is also readying the release of the next version of the arbitrage bot, Cryptometer 2.0. The Cindicator bot is adding a new question category based on specific event dates and is making improvements to its app to give forecasters more tools to track their progress and history.

Finally, Cindicator has begun its 2018 global marketing strategy. Already, it has increased the number of analysts from 38,000 to 72,000 in January. It aims to have over 100,000 analysts by the end of the first quarter.

Neural Network[ ]

Cindicator is a project that combines crowd intelligence with artificial intelligence to make predictions about markets. It recently announced that it has deployed its first fully functioning neural network.

The neural network incorporates Cindicator’s various machine learning methods to improve the overall accuracy of its signals.

Cindicator News and Developments[ ]

Cindicator released its stats for January 2018. There was a total of 226 indicators with 171 closed during the month. Out of the indicators, 64% were for cryptos while 36% were for at.

Overall, the accuracy of indicators in January stood at 62.6%. While 10% lower than December 2017, it was an impressive result considering the volatility during the month.

Update 2:

In the last six months, it has increased its number of analysts from roughly 20,000 to over 83,000 today. And its added a 12-person public relations and marketing department.

With that the number of predictions has exploded. There were 404,393 in March 2018 alone. That’s a nearly thirtyfold increase from last July.

And more people than ever are holding Cindicator tokens. There were roughly 4,000 after the token sale. Today, it’s over 15,000.

Looking forward, Cindicator’s focus for 2018 is on the creation of professional analytics decision tools for the crypto economy. Plus, it aims to capture a significant share of the international predictive analytics market.

So far, Cindicator’s growth has been organic. But its expected to ramp up with the new public relations and marketing department.

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