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Ticker: CTR

What is Centra Coin?[ ]

With a core context of a multiple coin wallet, Centra stands out in the 'crypto to card payment system' space in several ways. First possessing a central vision that encompasses all coins and token types, second a diverse, skills complementary development team, and third, extending the vision all the way to a consumer purchases platform.

Ambitions[ ]

Centra is focused not only on providing the plastic card you will need to spend your cryptos in the real world, but also on defeating the 'real time constraint' on multiple cryptocurrencies types.

The issue in a nutshell is that the concurrency factor in blockchain processing, necessary to eliminate double spending, causes latency for 'real time' transactions that defeats the purpose. In other words, if it takes the blockchain 10/ten minutes to validate your having the coins to spend, you would probably abandon the purchase. Thus the speed of processing allowed by technology and centralized debit card systems is inherently incompatible with current blockchain processing speeds and needs. Centra has a technical approach that promises to eliminate this obstacle without increasing risks.

Further, the management and vision team at Centra have realized that in order to be 'money' cryptocurrencies must be able to be exchanged for goods. Taking that, they create a cryptocurrency alternative to fiat based on-line sales sites such as Ebay, and Amazon. A necessary and vital step in the infrastructure build-out for CryptoSpace.

The challenges the development team faces are well described, and are within technical grasp. The Centra development plan, as provided, shows a carefully structured approach to incremental roll out based on previously established success.

Website: https://www.centra.tech/

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