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Basic info[ ]

Name: BitClave - Get Paid For Analytics and Watching Ads

Ticker: CAT

Price Info -

What is Bitclave (CAT)?[ ]

BitClave seeks to remove middlemen from advertising businesses by rewarding consumers who opt in for the service. Consumers will have control over their own data and will be able choose whether they’re rewarded for advertising and analytics services through the use of smart contracts.

Consumer data is a huge business, and ButClave looks to be ahead of the Competition/ similar coins in this area.

BitClave is offering a decentralized search engine that eliminates any third party advertising intermediaries with the goal of establishing a strong, more efficient relationship between businesses and consumers.

BitClave champions the cause of “taking the Internet back” from the current tech oligarchy and bringing it to the people all in one cohesive platform.

Projects[ ]

BitClave is a new token, having very recently finished their ICO platform. the company has just released their alpha version.

BitClave’s Active Search Ecosystem has changed the way consumer data is collected by businesses looking to promote their products. Consumers will control how much of their personal data a business can see using their new search engine, and those consumers will be compensated for viewing promotions. This gives businesses a more effective tool to pinpoint their customer base as well.

They’ve released their BASE platform alpha version, though it’s still under active development and is publicly available for testing through their GitHub.

Bitclave Technology - Search[ ]

In a BitClave search world, businesses would be able to reach their target audience with an extremely high degree of specificity. This hyper-focused targeting would allow businesses to get more bang for their advertising buck, as well as start showing consumers highly relevant ads. For example, if you’re a yoga studio, you’d essentially be able to find anyone who does yoga and send them your advertisements.

While this functionality can be somewhat carried out using traditional PPC (pay-per-click) methods, it still leads to a lot of waste. Businesses end up shooting a blunderbuss load of ads at a general audience and hope for the best. The BitClave system would be much more accurate.

The BitClave system would use a form of incentivized search, where people would only see ads if they have a stated interest in seeing them. This way, not only are a business’s target audiences easier to reach, they’re also warmed up and that much closer to making a purchase.

Since the cost of essentially making a sale is much lower under the BitClave system, businesses would be able to bring more value in the form of trial offers, samples, and discounts. These incentives would also receive a higher response rate, further powering the relationship between business and consumer.

Where to Buy BitClave (CAT) Coin[ ]

You can buy CAT in the following exchanges with Bitcoin. It is usually delimited in the CAT/BTC pairs, CAT/ETH.





Competition and Similar Coins[ ]

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Convert Bitclave CAT To USD EUR GBP Fiat[ ]

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