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Name: Aragon Network

Ticker: ANT

Price info:

What is Aragon Network?[ ]

Aragon believes we’ve evolved so much as a society, yet our governance structures are hundreds of years old. Aragon wants to change the way we govern, putting an end to nation-states and corporations as we know them today.

Aragon Network's The Architect[ ]

At the end of March, Aragon released a beta codenamed “The Architect.” It’s the most powerful way to create and manage any type of decentralized organization. What’s neat is that you can expand its functionality by installing additional new apps.

Recent News and Developments[ ]

To spur development of its network, Aragon recently launched Aragon Nest. Done in conjunction with Placeholder Capital, it’s a grants program to support the development of the ecosystem. The program is designed to attract talent to research and build the necessary tooling for developing solutions around Aragon and Ethereum. Aragon Nest is now taking submissions.

Aragon also announced Aragon Labs, a partnership with other Ethereum ecosystem projects. The goal is to enable experimental research and development efforts. Aragon hopes to be the leader in decentralized autonomous organization governance.

Right now, Aragon has total cash on its balance sheet of $151 million. Meanwhile, it trades at a valuation of $94 million, a 38% discount to its cash value.

Where to buy Aragon (ANT)[ ]




You can buy ANT on the above exchanges in the ANT/BTC, ANT/ETH pairs.

Convert ANT to USD EUR GBP and Fiat[ ]

Easily Calculate or Convert ANT to US Dollars(USD), Euro(EURO) or Great Britain(GBP) Pounds and other World currencies below.

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