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Basic Info[ ]

Name: AiGang

Ticker: AIX

What is AiGang?[ ]

The AiGang network focuses on providing insurance to the Internet of Things ecosystem via the employment of smart contracts and Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Utilising the AIX token, AiGang aims to automate—remove any third party from—the insurance industry through the popularity-gaining platform of IoT.

Each member will receive the AiGang AIX token reward in return for taking either a bear or a bull stand on a particular insurance market and/or product. Utilising a proof-of-stake algorithm, AiGang can store a reputation score for each member on its blockchain.

For this, in addition to the token ownership, prediction market, insurance pool mechanics, and the users’ proportion of the total number of AIX token will be taken into account.

Their experienced team is another plus point here.

Editor's note: More information is needed here.

Convert AIX To USD/EUR/GBP/Fiat[ ]

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