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Name: Agrello

Ticker: DLT

Price info: -

Token Basics[ ]


Total Supply: 86M Circulating Supply: 130.27M

ICO Details[ ]

Hard cap: 40M

Amt Raise: 30.1M

ICO Price: $0.43

Agrello Team[ ]

The Development team is anonymous for now (or we can’t find them), but it has been stated multiple times that they are made up of Lawyers, Engineers and Academics.

What is Agrello?[ ]

Agrello is building the infrastructure for Legally Binding Smart Contracts that can be used for various Enterprise Applications and Personal Legal Contracts - disrupting the entire legal industry.

The project is divided into 4 main components, and the business strategy is to sell these in parts to various industry applications solving key problems of bureaucracy in business relations. All these applications require the use of DLT tokens so the more the usage, the more the demand for DLT tokens.

These 4 components are:

1. Agrello ID

A fast, secure, scalable and reliable Identity Verification process using Veriff technology that is also used by UBER. It involves the user taking pictures of himself holding an identity card. What is novel is that automated image analysis to verify ID cards and human faces and video analysis is done simultaneously to make sure that the identity is authentically validated and chances of fraud are significantly minimised. This is a big disruptor for KYC (Know your Customer) verification processes especially in Crypto Industry, Exchanges, Fintech, Banks who spend a lot of time in manual verifications.

2. Digital Signatures

Once an Agrello ID has been validated and stored on the Blockchain, the user is able to digitally sign any contract, legal document or declaration. Currently a large number of Enterprises, from publishing industry to financial services, rely on signature with pen and paper. With digital signatures, the reduction in paperwork and efficiency gains could be significant for numerous businesses.

Further storage of these contract hashes on Agrello supported Blockchains (Currently Ethereum, with plans to support Neo, METAVERSE, Lisk and others) will ensure immutability and validation at any future date.

3. Enterprise Smart Contract Solutions

Agrello will use its Smart Contract Platform to design Smart Contracts for specific Industry Applications where rights and obligations are coded into machine language so alerts, automatic payments, and interface with oracles would be possible. These Oracles could interact with external world to take inputs such as stock prices, oil prices, weather, and all kinds of external inputs which could affect the state of the contract and hence its impact).

4. Contract Template Platform and Marketplace

The next phase of Agrello project is designed for creating a marketplace when lawyers and paralegals can design Smart Contract Templates for a variety of Business and Personal Applications for their local jurisdictions and in their local languages. These would have a human readable layer and a corresponding machine readable layer.


Why Agrello?[ ]

Agrello has created a new crowdfunding mechanism, ILP (Initial Loan Procurement), to replace ICOs. ILP is a unique fundraising method that is jointly developed by blockhive and law firm Oblicity, with Agrello providing the tech for identity, loan contracts and digital signature solution. ILP makes fundraising for businesses simpler, more comprehensive and legally sound, and allows participants to benefit from the direct success of the company. This method of fundraising also has potential for municipal entities to fund projects, because it is done in the form of loans and on a global scale.

The Blockhive ILP is supported by the Estonian government, making Agrello and its platform more bullish than ever. Estonia is a country making a major push into the crypto space, so the potential here is enormous.

For example, Estonia is the first country to offer an e-residency, founding a tech-based startup around this idea. The e-residency application is tokenized using a coin called estcoin, with future plans to tokenize government services.

AI technology is gaining steam in the crypto market, with SingularityNET and DeepBrain Chain as recent examples.

Agrello Partnerships & Clients[ ]

1. Veriff

Veriff is a facial recognition ID verifier, based in Estonia. They have partnered with Agrello to develop cryptographically secured, blockchain-based ID, which allows Agrello users to identify themselves and sign contract anywhere without having to undergo KYC.

Veriff’s solution allows users to identify themselves in minutes by providing a short recording of themselves presenting their passport/ID card/driver’s licence.The video is then analyzed, the documents verified for validity and compared to a government-provided database.

The Veriff solution is recognized as a valid form of identification by European authorities, and is used by several banks as well as Uber.

2. Rivetz

Rivetz is a leading provider of decentralised mobile security solutions.They have partnered with Agrello to develop a hardware-based cybersecurity solution for digital identities.Thanks to the extra security provided by Rivetz,Agrello can confidently expand their client base to include enterprise customers who have a higher level of risk in their operations.

Rivetz aims to play a critical role in automating security and enabling the controls that users need to benefit from modern devices.

Rivetz is partnered with the DHS in America, and has several other‘3-letter name partners’ that have yet to be disclosed due to NDAs.

3. ViewFin

Viewfin is a Chinese visionary fintech company, which has created a blockchain platform - Metaverse.

The strategic partnership between Viewfin and Agrello will allow the two projects to pool resources and knowledge to develop a shared digital identity engine.

The joint identity module, co-developed by Agrello and Metaverse, will be implemented on all platforms Agrello operates on. Metaverse is currently valued at $159M USD

4. Blockhive

Blockhive will be launching their ILP (Initial Loan Procurement) with Agrello. ILP is a new crowdfunding mechanism

5. InCap

Under the partnership, Agrello will implement smart agreement prototype to automate INCAP’s labor management processes. Read about it here.

6. Cashaa

Cashaa is a next generation banking platform. The partnership aims to offer borderless financial products.

Agrello will bring efficiency gains to decentralized trading on Cashaa’s existing FX platform, as well as enabling expansion into other areas such as insurance and micro-financing.

Cashaa’s global FX platform is in working beta with over 12, 700 registered users.

7. Lexit:

Lexit is an Estonian startup developing network-based Mergers & Acquisitions solutions.Agrello will bring ID and Digital Signatures for Lexit

8. Estonian Government;

“We have a very close connection with Estonian e-residency, which is currently in a great need for something like that. There is no official partnership yet, but we have received their requirements.“

The Agrello Team Re-Visited[ ]

The team is comprised of PhDs and lawyers, and has grown to about 30 members over 2017.

Among them are two dozen engineers and a highly active business development team who onboard new clients and partners on a monthly basis. (Agrello’s words)


1. Hando Rand, Project Lead and Co-Founder:

As a legal researcher at Tallinn University of Technology, Hando’s early passion to bring law and technology together inspired him to gather a team that would realize Agrello’s vision.

Hando manages strategy and coordinates public relations.

2. Sergey Brezetskiy, CTO:

CTO and blockchain expert with a PhD from Lodz University of Technology.

3. Addi Rull, Sales & Development:

A lawyer by profession. With expertise in Data protection law, Copyright law and Intellectual property valuation. Addi is actively involved atTallinn University of Technology, defining the future of law and technologies that focus on smart contracts and applied AI.

4. Teddi Rull, Sales & Development:

Teddi is best known for his entrepreneurial experience gained as founding member at Valtech and as a lawyer atWhite & Case international law firm.

5. Margus Poola, Development & Finances:

His experience in finance and accounting make him the perfect addition to the team as CFO in charge of product quality.

Advisors to Agrello:

6. Paul Kolhaas, Team Member at Consesys -

7. GraceTorrellas, Founder of Giveth -

8. Hikaru Kusaka, Founder of Blockhive -

9. AntonVedeshin, CTO & Founder at 3DPrinterOS -

Red flags of the Agrello project[ ]

Team is relatively unknown, but has over 30 members.

Github is not very active, with the last commit happening months ago -

The team has commented on this and given a reason; “A Github is not publicly available for security reasons. Strategically, we have decided not to be 100% open-source in order to protect our pilot projects, clients and community. We will only open source once code is fully tested.”

The team also had a falling out with Alex Norta who requested to leave the project. His reason can be found here

Where to buy Agrello[ ]





You can buy DLT on the above exchanges in the DLT/BTC, DLT/ETH, DLT/BNB (Binance) pairs.

Links:[ ]



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